Hashperium Review: Shameful Bitcoin Mining Scam

Hashperium Review: Shameful Bitcoin Mining Scam

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Hashperium is less than 2 weeks old (as at the time of writing this review), and yet they are suggesting that they are the best Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform on the internet. They even mention that they have 30 years of experience collectively, yet we know that Cryptocurrencies just came the other day. We do not agree with a lot of things that this website is telling its audience.

Hashperium has refused to give us identifying information concerning the site admin and members who are involved in this operation. Their About us page is equally vague on this issue. Instead of telling us the names of the people involved and how they got started, their milestones etc, the website is only making use of generic information.

This is a sign that no form of Cryptocurrency mining is happening behind the curtains. It shows that this site doesn’t have any goal in mind. The only aim is to fleece investors of their money by masquerading like a legit Bitcoin cloud mining platform.

We have actually figured out many reasons as to why this platform does not mine Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. You can allegedly make 11% per day. This translates to tripling your investments in the first and subsequent months.

Just think for a second. These scammers are claiming that they can manage to give you 11% daily returns. How do they plan to do this? You should probably find out in this honest review.

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Hashperium Review

It would be hard to believe that Hashperium is not a ponzi scheme. The generic site template is commonly used with ponzi schemes that masquerade as legit Bitcoin mining platforms. That template is also very common on high yield investment program sites. You cannot convince us otherwise.

hashperium review

If real mining truly happens here, we’d like to see concrete evidence concerning the same. This is a scam and not a real mining company. That is how we see it. Unless Hashperium is able to come out to disapprove our opinion with facts, we will maintain that assertion.

But why exactly are we stating that Hashperium is just another ponzi scheme and a scam? Because it is not possible to achieve 11% per day with Bitcoin mining. This is definitely something you can achieve every month, but not on a daily basis.

So we have to ask ourselves why this website is promising returns that cannot be achieved. They know very well that this is not true. However, the site admin is ignoring the truth and preaching something that misleads anyway. How can they convince us that they are not scammers?

Hashperium is freely giving away 135GH/s

You can laugh hard at this statement because no legit Bitcoin mining company has ever distributed free hashing power ever. In fact, the closest thing we have seen is a legit Bitcoin mining site giving discounts and not free hashing power.

We therefore have to doubt this promise. It is most definitely meant to lure you into the trap. Most people love free things, and scammers know that those who are not careful will warm up to the fake offer.

You should also understand that the reason why Hashperium is a scam ponzi scheme is because they are accepting any amount of Bitcoins. These guys don’t want to leave anything to chance. They plan to sucker everything regardless of whether you have more or less money.

So don’t believe for a second that they are generous and that they want to provide everyone with the opportunity to mine Bitcoins.

You can send your Bitcoins at your own risk. We already know that these people are anonymous. That lays a perfect ground for scamming you. It is why they don’t have any minimum or maximum deposit requirements. These scammers just went a notch higher to target everyone who is interested in Bitcoin mining.

A ponzi scheme hiding behind Cryptocurrencies

They are allegedly providing referral commissions as well. This program runs up to 3 levels deep. Compensation is 6, 2,1. You must understand that this is the main ”economic activity” on this site. Since they are not mining any Bitcoin, you can be sure that these scammers are only depending on new deposits to pay out the alleged profits.

We have seen and heard that scam ponzi schemes in this category simply issue test payouts to new members so they can gain trust. Once the victim sends a lot of Bitcoins, they simply take the money and disappear. You will never trace them since their details have been hidden from public view.

You should also realize that Hashperium is only 2 weeks old. It follows the same pattern that scam websites in this niche are following. You cannot mistake it for something legit based on their awkward presentation. Also, if you play around with their Bitcoin profitability calculator, you will see that projected revenue does not make sense at all. Those figures are clearly made up.

Claims that Hashperium owns worldwide data centers

The allegations are that these people own their data centers in Iceland, Russia and China. Why do scammers choose these locations for their lies? Hashperium doesn’t produce a single proof to show that they have their data centers in these locations. This information was just mentioned. No maps, pictures or anything. That is why we strongly believe that they are not mining any Bitcoins but instead collecting funds from unsuspecting members of the public and keeping it.

Our best advice for you

Just look at the site and you will know that they are not legitimate. The person owning is is completely hidden from public scrutiny. They don’t even have a track record yet. Their alleged 30-years of experience cannot be verified. Nearly everything that is said in this site is a lie. Hashperium is not very persuading. You must think twice before investing in this platform. This is a big rip off. Luckily, a few legit Cryptocurrency cloud mining platforms have surfaced and proved that they are consistent in delivering returns and definitely not scam. Check them out.

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