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Share This! is a new Bitcoin cloud mining operation that is promising to generate profits for their clients through adapting to changes in technology, using ASIC miners and embracing security of the platform through advanced protection against security threats. Since Hashpowerfactory is quite new to this industry, there are not so many reviews about it on the internet. So we thought this would be a good chance for us to write about it and inform you whether this is a legit cloud mining opportunity or a scam.

On the Hashpowerfactory website, they tell us that they are based out of 58 Union Terrace London, United Kingdom. E15 6NY. It appears that many similar operations are based out of the UK as it’s hard to find Bitcoin cloud mining operations that are based outside the UK.

They tell is that Hash Power Factory has always been in the forefront to provide best in class and innovative Bitcoin mining services across the globe. They also claim that they have equipment that are highly efficient in the task. The system is also designed to let clients choose their preferred mining pool so that they can boost their profitability with the system.

So, the question is, what makes Hash Power Factory from hundreds of similar operations on the internet? If you are wondering, keep reading this review.

Hash Power Factory Review

We see that the company was incorporated on 10 of August 2018. This is a brand new site and company as well. As we published this review, we did some investigations on the internet to try and see if it was really popular. But it seems that the masses haven’t discovered it yet. Does this mean that Hash Power Factory is a bad platform for mining Crypto currencies? Not necessarily. However, when a platform is popular and is backed up user reviews, we can easily determine whether the platform is genuine, mediocre or scam.

Hash Power Factory

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So far, we have not heard that Hash Power Factory scammed anyone. On the same note, we have not heard of any payouts yet. This could be due to the fact that it’s still a new company. We may have to give it some time in order for payouts to start coming (if they are indeed genuine).

One thing that has caught our attention on the Hash Power Factory website is there investment plans. The site claims that we can earn a monthly interest of 21% all the way to 90% depending on how much we are willing to invest. Hash Power Factory tells us that they are using the latest technology which is increasing efficiency in their mining operations.

The minimum investment is 0.0086 BTC. But this can be increased to 1.7 BTC if you choose to go for the 90% monthly return plan. Although this plan seems to be too good to be true, there isn’t much information about people who utilized it and made profits with it. Again, we are just confirming that Hash Power Factory is very new, and this may be the reason as to why there are no reviews concerning these investment plans.

Also, contacts are supposed to run for 2 good years. This is something unusual as many Crypto currency cloud mining operations have yearly contracts as opposed to 2 years contracts. This is quite a generous move for them. This is one of the features that make Hash Power Factory quite unique. If you prefer a 2 year contract and are wondering where to get this from, Hash Power Factory may be the right company for your needs. These legit Crypto currency cloud mining operations are only giving 1 year contracts and that may not be appropriate for every one out there.

A registered UK company

To convey a sense of security and trust, Hash Power Factory decided to incorporate their entity in the UK. While this is not necessarily a sign that their operations are legit, at least the owner of the company is doing what they can to pay their taxes within their area of jurisdiction. By registering this corporation, they are also telling the government what kind of operations their services are involved in.

The company claims that their mission is to get rid of poverty around the world. This is quite a radical statement because it is not very practical to get rid of poverty around the world. We feel that this statement is quite disillusioned. Perhaps they would have said that they are looking to change lives with their innovative product. That would have been practical and realistic. But anyways, we are not going to judge them based on their mission statement. Let’s concentrate on what they are offering.

The company is listing someone known as Gallagher Adam as their director. This information can be retrieved from companies house records. He is not known in the Crypto mining circles. But this does not mean we shouldn’t give them a chance. Every day new opportunities emerge in the Crypto currency mining space. New people join the industry. The same applies to new companies that join the industry with revolutionary ideas.

Should you invest with Hash Power Factory?

This is quite a tricky one because as it is right now, the site is not well known in the Crypto mining circles. They are still building on their reputation. Most people will be a little bit hesitant if they can’t find more information about a website on the internet. Hash Power Factory is quite new for that matter. But it doesn’t hurt giving them a chance to see whether payouts will come.

After all, investing is all about taking risks. If you are afraid of risks, then rest assured that you will never make money to become rich. But if you are always experimenting and taking calculated risks in some of your investments, you will reach a point where you have so much surplus if money in your life.

Our best advice for you

Although Hash Power Factory is still a young operation, you should give them a chance. But if you’re not sure, you can mine with these entities instead.

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17 Replies to “ Review: Will they Scam You?”

  1. I’ve been reinvesting with HPF after buying 7 of their smallest contracts when they first appeared. I spent about $600 at the time and have just been flipping the BTC I have earned. I haven’t tried to withdraw as if I find it’s a scam I have no recourse and I only made the one time investment. I’ve had no trouble reinvesting and am now at the point where I earn enough for a new mini contract every 4 days. I will continue this practice until HPF disapopears or my first contract expires in Aug 2020 (after BTC halving) at which time I’ll try to withdraw the minimum .01 BTC each day and discover if I’ve been scammed or am independently wealthy LOL

      1. Well I wasn’t going to withdraw anything for 2 years and until 3 weeks I had followed my plan and at this time I own 62 “Mini” contracts and am earning a new one every 2 days now. There has been no problem converting my revenue earnings into new contracts and at this rate I will have about 1000 Minis earning .06 BTC each day when my first one expires August 2020. Anyway 3 weeks ago I had internet troubles and by the time things were resolved I had accumulated over the .01 BTC in earnings that is required for a withdrawal. What the h*** I put in for a withdrawal and promptly got an email saying they were having trouble with their payment system LOL I figured it was nice they replied but as suspected I was going to get burned. 10 days later I recieved a notice from Coinbase that .09 BTC had been deposited in my account WTF????? Yes HPF did charge me .001 % but they actually paid me what I requested. I couldn’t have been more shocked. I will try to withdraw 10% of monthly earnings from now on until the site disappears or I have so much BTC I don’t care anymore. I only buy Mini contracts because I have done the math and if people invested with me and I bought the latest ASIC miners that are real and available I could make a nice profit doing what I hope HPF is actually doing. I’ll post each month my results of the withdrawal but as of now they are real and paying.

        1. H***o David,
          So what are you saying, would you recommend that it’s safe to mine with HPF?
          I’ve just been scammed by Genes-mining, and now I’m afraid to take risks, but i know that I’ll never recover what I’ve lost without taking another risk…

  2. Hi, i joined HPF 3 days ago and everything looks ok my acct show the daily profit as per contract. In about a week i will make a new contract for the second option then if everything is good x sure i will get the maxi

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