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Hashshiny is a new company that claims to mine various Crypto currencies while rewarding every new user with a bonus upon sign up. The domain was privately registered in July 2018. This is the standard for most sites that claim to conduct legit mining operations. It kills trust since building confidence from the people they target can be extremely difficult if the person in charge is anonymous.

We also don’t know about the location of this mining company yet. The site has a few Chinese character markings, and this might suggest that the admin is possibly running this operation from China.

There are many promises made by this website, and as you all know, these promises can be misleading and deceiving if you invest with the site without first conducting due diligence. We do not know about the owner or company that is behind But at least we can analyze the product and its features to help you make an informed decision. But if you are in a hurry our advice is that you should pick any of these Crypto currency cloud mining companies. They are highly recommended.

Hashshiny Review

There are 4 cloud mining plans in this site. Each of these plans come with different features. One of the most distinguishing feature has to be in the pricing of each plan. The most basic plan will allow investors to pay as little as $1 for 10 GH/s or the same amount per 100 KH/s. The last plan which is known as Blake 256 R14 allows users to invest $5 for 10 GH/s. Notice how users get the same amount of hash power even if they pay more with this plan. This can be confusing, but if we look at the features of each one of these plans carefully, we find that maintenance fees also vary.

For instance, the basic plan offers the same amount of hash power for $1 but maintenance fee is $0.0015 while those who spend $5 on the ultimate plan will get the same hash power but daily maintenance fee for 10 GH/s will be $0.003.

In addition to this, new users are entitled to receiving Get 10 GH/S +100 KH/S +10 SOL/S +10 GH/S of Hash Rate for free. They claim that each user can choose which pool they want to mine with, which is quite evident in the plans which they are offering. The ability to choose a pool can be advantageous when you want to target a pool that is deemed to be more profitable than the others. That flexibility should be a standard feature in all legit Crypto currency cloud mining sites.

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Also, Hashshiny tells us that each of the contracts which they are offering will run for 2 years before expiry. Again, this is a good feature but it’s hard to say whether Hashshiny will stick to this rule or change it later on. Most Crypto currency cloud mining sites start with 2 year contracts only to change this to1 year contracts instead. So the greatest fear that participants of Hashshiny can have is whether the lengths of the contracts will change along the way.


Other significant promises which directly influence our returns include the condition of mining equipment and the experience of the people running this operation. Hashshiny claims on their site that their operators have a vast amount of experience in this industry and are using the latest ASIC miners and GPUs. These promises cannot be verified as truth though. Saying is one thing but verifying what you say is quite another. We cannot be so sure whether Hashshiny has invested in these equipment or not. Equally, we cannot verify the alleged man power for the reason that even the website owner is anonymous. So their employees too are anonymous. Nothing is known about them. This has been the norm in this industry, and it’s about time the operators started considering the prospects of building credibility by letting others know who they are and what type of experience they have.

Customer reviews

There are a couple of glowing reviews on the Hashshiny and it might look like their customers are only reviewing Hashshiny on their site and not in an external platform like an online platform or blog.

The question that everyone is asking is why exactly are these reviews and testimonials not in other places around the internet? Many of the alleged customers would have actually created a discussion about Hashshiny in those forums. But nothing of this sort exists.

So we may be forced to believe that these testimonials are probably fake. They were not written by real users of Hashshiny.

Is Hashshiny a scam?

That question is difficult to answer because it does not have a clear yes or no answer. However, we can say that there are a few things that this site needs to fix in order for the user to trust them.

The first thing they need to work on is their level of transparency. If they want more business, the owner should come out of the closet and sell the service without fear of concealing their name or face.

Secondly, they claim to have invested in the latest mining hardware. But how many sites actually make these claims even when they do not mine BTC? There needs to be something else that sets Hashshiny apart from the rest. Claiming that you have invested in mining hardware is not enough in this day and era where competition is very high.

And third, they need to work on getting some real testimonials and reviews instead of editing their own. This is a sign that the site has not served any customers before. But again they are a year old, and they should have gotten a few customers by now.

If they can work on these 3 things, Hashshiny can easily scoop a 5 star. But as it currently stands, they only deserve a 2 star.

Our best advice for you

If you want to mine Crypto currencies, avoid sites that are ambiguous and mysterious. Go with sites whose owners are transparent and upfront with everything.

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12 Replies to “ Review: Scam or Real Mining Company?”

    1. I did a half-year investigation on and I think is credible. I successfully got my withdrawal from them, although this company is small, It is indeed trustworthy.
      But made me very disappointed, and I found they will only pay for the latest users. And the functionality of their website is very imperfect, like a failed copy. I guess they might have commissioned a poorly skilled programmer to copy the website and steal the company name of to defraud the user’s investment. Fortunately, I have not lost too much, and their website is closed now.

      1. Hola, actualmente invierto en hashshiny, pero no me queda claro que tanta ganancia estoy teniendo, ya que me parece que el fee por cada 10gh es muy alto, tu que piensas?

  1. Hola me gustaría saber cómo funciona eso de las comisiones por mantenimiento porque desde hace una semana mi índice diario de ganancias ha estado bajando espero me puedan ayudar

  2. I have been a hashiny member for about three months or so nothing seems out of the ordinary as of yet. Appears that most if not all of the 636 reviews are located on yotpo. I actually have an account that is small so I will let you know how it goes here sometime in September (near my birthday). hopefully I will have solid news.

  3. bakit yung hashshiny ko di humagana o hindi nag ma mining? bumili pa namn ako ng plan nila ngayon lang. sana may mag relpy sa comment ko thank you

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