HBSwiss Scam Disclosed!

HBSwiss Scam Disclosed!

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Do you feel that there is real dearth of genuine trading opportunities? Do you feel this urge to unearth the scams and go with the genuine systems only? Well we are all set to help you discriminate among the scam and the genuine trading systems. Recently we came across HBSwiss that claims to be a profit generating auto trading system by Hans Berger. Our review has some exclusive revelations regarding this system that will convince you to refrain from making this choice.

Revealing the real face of HBSwiss

HBSwiss makes this claim that it can be used by beginners and professionals alike. We investigated this aspect and realized that HBSwiss does not offer any third party proof. This is why we do not consider the profitability claim to be valid. We had a look at the video of HBSwiss and realized the fact that it offers no significance. The video starts with Hans Berger telling the story of his success. He talks about his skills regarding the financial market that led him to become the member of the stock trading team. Berger tries to convince you through his video that HBSwiss is the result of the genius efforts on his part and his friend Herman Bastian who apparently claims to be super-fast quantum computer expert.

However, we are not convinced that HBSwiss can place the financial market trades with a high degree of accuracy. We strongly feel that the video is of a fictitious nature because neither Berger could give a walkthrough of the algorithm nor could he give a convincing explanation regarding how the algorithm has been used by the system.

In fact we felt that this system got more deceitful as we explored the things further. The website has a separate tab for how the system works. Apparently HBSwiss has defined the system to be unbelievably simple. You are lured to open an account with HBSwiss because they claim the fact that you will not be paying any fees whatsoever.

However, we feel that there is this trick here. The website states that you have to activate your account. We are of the opinion that HBSwiss team is talking between the lines here. They say that you have to select a broker. Now here they have not revealed the fact that you will make a deposit to the broker. Moreover, the names of the brokers have also not been revealed here. Thus there is a possibility that the brokers are not regulated.

HBSwiss Scam

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When you make a deposit to the unregulated brokers, then we feel that you are in for financial losses. Secondly, we feel that the process of earning with HBSwiss is not as simple as showcased by this system.

We strongly recommend the fact that you should not be eager to give in your email address. The reason is that this is just a trick to pull you in.

HBSwiss Scam Review

We want to convince you that there are no free copies being distributed. HBSwiss just wants to grab you in. Now we felt that the FAQ section was also missing from the website for the unregistered users. Now we claim this to be a major glitch and something that cannot be ignored by any means at all. We feel that the unregistered users need to have the access to all the essential features of the system.

We were shocked to find out the fact that HBSwiss does not have an email address on the respective website. We feel that there is no way to establish a communication with the system when the email is not there. This is a major scam alert. To make matters worse we could not even figure out the live chat support facility. This means that you do not stand a chance to put up questions to the system at run-time.

We also figured out that there is no educational material available for the unregistered users. This means that this system has no plans to offer you any knowledge regarding this system or binary trading. Moreover, we found that HBSwiss lacks social media presence. At least the website is not integrated with the social media platforms. This again puts a question mark on the credibility of this system.

We also feel that the website of HBSwiss lacks a convincing touch. For example, we felt that the About us page is missing which is quite essential to establish the credibility of the system. The Contact us page is also missing. The website does not list down the essential features of the system. All these are red flags which we do not want you to ignore by any means at all. Moreover, we came to know that HBSwiss fails to offer a demo as well. It is not quite possible for you to understand the working of a system without the demo.

Scam Personalities behind HBSwiss

Hans Berger appears to be the key imposter here. He showcases himself as the founder of HBSwiss Company. However we investigated this fact and came across the truth. When you search the internet the only information you get about this person are the scam reviews.

HBSwiss Scammer

We also found some testimonials on the website of HBSwiss. However, the people giving the testimonials appear be fictitious characters as well because there is no way to link back to them. Therefore, you cannot go by the opinion of these people

HBSwiss Scam

Verdict: HBSwiss is a Scam!
                                                Scam website:

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  1. The guy in the picture and videos is not really a scammer, he’s just an actor. I feel really sorry for him. Things must really not be going well in his life if he feels the need to accept a contract from an obvious criminal enterprise like this.

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