Hedge Connect Review: Scam Project Puts You at Risk

Hedge Connect Review: Scam Project Puts You at Risk

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Since the concept of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) became the talk of town, nearly all startups in the Cryptocurrency industry have adapted the concept to raise funds for their projects. But not all ICOs are good. In fact, most of them don’t present any unique ideas on the table, and thus buying their tokens would result in a loss. At this point, you might be wondering whether Hedge Connect is a good place to buy token and invest in.

Before you jump in, ask yourself what Hedge Connect has to offer that others are not offering. And secondly, you have to analyze and figure out if the token which they are trying to sell the public will have any real value 2 months from now.

Above everything else, you should go through the whitepaper (not the roadmap) to see whether or not it is making sense to you.

The point is, there are a lot of factors to consider in your analysis for any particular coin offering. After all, most of them implement a ponzi-scheme style of operation. Unless you’re an expert, it’s hard to find out the truth.

Luckily, we have analyzed Hedge Connect on your behalf. We have put together facts for you to make an informed decision from.

So if you were wondering whether or not to go for the coin which Hedge Connect is offering, this review already has answers for you.

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Hedge Connect Review

Every other project launching an ICO will praise their coin by telling you why you should be the early bad by investing in their coins because in the next 3 months, the value of the coin in question will rise significantly.

hedge connect review

But the truth is that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to buying these tokens. As you can see, there are literally hundreds of coins on offer at the moment.

There is no shortage on which tokens to buy. That makes the whole market chaotic because people can’t establish which coins are worth it and which ones are just a waste of time and money.

The point is, we don’t see any real value in the Hedge Connect token. The truth is that this is a valueless coin. There is no way the value of this coin will increase 6 months down the line because the Hedge Connect website has already proved that they are following a ponzi-scheme business model.

The truth is that in the next 6 months or 1 year, there will be no Hedge Connect at all.

We know that those assertions will make some people angry. But as always, our goal is to speak the truth here. We will support our assertions with facts and informed opinions.

What exactly is Hedge Connect?

According to the website, investors are supposed to make money by staking and lending.

Staking is basically when Hedge Connect asks you to download their wallet and keep your coins in it so that it can generate daily interest.

On the other hand, they claim that when you participate in the lending program, they’ll somehow trade with their specially designed robot to make daily interest which is distributed evenly among members.

Staking and lending is basically two concepts which are very synonymous with ponzi schemes. To be honest with you, anything that leads you into these two directions should be avoided at all cost.

There is no trading. We have always been warned against storing our coins in an online wallet especially if that wallet does not have any reputation yet.

The more we navigate around the Hedge Connect website, the more we find ourselves asking many questions. We don’t believe that any form of staking in this website will make you any money. Equally, we don’t believe that these guys will trade your money for profits. Plain and simple. Nothing is guaranteed.

ICO: The other aspect of Hedge Connect website

They are supposed to launch an ICO on January 20th, 2018. They are targeting 25 million coins. We have no idea what the name of this coin is. There is no whitepaper from which this information can be found. What we have on the site is a sketch showing their supposed roadmap for 2018.

hedge connect ico

Remember, a whitepaper is supposed to highlight what this ICO is all about, how money is going to be generated as well as how risks will be handled or mitigated.

Unfortunately, Hedge Connect does not have one in place. The coin hasn’t been abbreviated yet. But they are already asking investors to prepare purchasing any amount they’d like to acquire.

Clearly something is not right. It is a waste of money and huge gamble to buy a coin that is backed by nothing and has no value absolutely.

To be honest with you, this is taking a joke too far. You do not expect investors to crowdfund an idea that has not shown any signs of potential success.

As we mentioned earlier, there are so many ICOs on the internet right now. The coins which they asking people to invest in have no value currently. In fact, none of the coins that were launched 3 months ago (for example), have ever generated any profit for their investors.

What is currently being seen on the internet is a direct copy-cat of what has already failed initially. The world only knows Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, IOTA and other popular Cryptocurrencies (which are actually listed with major exchanges).

Now, the rest of the coins which you here about are high-risk coins to invest in. They have no real value. They are not backed by anything. But the operators of their respective websites are collecting money anyway.

Ownership and partnership

Hedge Connect does not mention anything to do with the founders. We currently don’t know who owns the website. It is not even clear whether this website is backed by any credible corporation out there.

This is a pattern that is typically followed by shady ponzi scheme websites.

Now, naturally, this would raise red flags and even prompt us to look them up on Sometimes it’s good to run this background check just to see whether the operator of a site has something to hide.

It should not surprise you that Hedge Connect does not owner listed there as the domain is privately registered.

That’s a big red flag. It is a confirmation that our analysis above is in line with the ugly truth which most people don’t know yet.

For us, investing in any Cryptocurrency project that doesn’t have any owner or company backing is a big no. We wouldn’t advice anyone to commit their money here. It would be disastrous.

Our best advice for you

Do not be fooled by this website when they claim that they have diversified revenue streams and that you can always earn money with them as a result of performing certain action.

Whether you’re lending, staking or trading, don’t expect a coin from this shady website. Ownership verification is a must. Corporate backing is a must too.

The only affiliation that Hedge Connect is claiming to have is with an entity called Bitcoin Diamond. We do not know the nature of this partnership. Furthermore, we have not been able to verify this partnership yet. It seems suspicious to us when they claim that they are affiliated with Bitcoin Diamond or any other entity on the web. The best thing to do is this: stick to these companies if you want to invest in Cryptos. 

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One Reply to “Hedge Connect Review: Scam Project Puts You at Risk”

  1. HEDGECONNECT — Have successfully finished their ICO.

    HEDGECONNECT, has been a stand-out platform, from the recent barrage of Crypto ICOs. Their ICO went smoothly, with all 10 rounds selling out, with some rounds selling out in as little as 2 Minutes. Their transparency with their investment Plans, and, also their Customer Support has been second to none in this particular space of Crypto, and has been quite refreshing.

    HEDCONNECT, has already showed the ability to adapt, and change in the Crypto space if needed. Most notably, with changing Lending to Staking, which, several other Platforms have done too. But, HEDGECONNECT went one step further, and removed the Affiliate Program, which shows a desire to make the Platform sustainable for the long-term

    The HEDGECONNECT Team have done a great job in bringing some light to this area of Crypto, which has seen some dark days recently, and they are positioning themselves, to no doubt be the top Cryptocurrency investment Platform of 2018.

    Join the revolution!

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