Hedge Track Trader Review – Scam Elements Intact!

Hedge Track Trader Review – Scam Elements Intact!

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It is certainly suspicious when an Expert Advisor developer is pitching a product while promising how you will free yourself from debts, pay your bills without concern, travel to any destination and free up your time for other things simply because they have the magic.

The reason why they are telling you the good life and associating it with their expert advisor is because they want you to imagine how such a life would feel like so that you can act on emotions rather than reason.

The same old trick is being used to promote Hedge Track Trader, a Forex expert advisor that promises to make over 400% return on investment in record 12 months.

While still at it, I also realized that Hedge Track Trader was an over-priced Forex robot. A license costs $497 while many other Forex expert advisors are cheaper and backed up by up-to-date myfxbook results.

Instead of going for Hedge Track Trader, you’d do better with these Forex products.

Basically, this system quadruples your money in no time. The website of the Hedge Track Trader EA even says that if you invested and made 5% return on investment, you lost money because you had the chance to make over 400%, yet you only chose to make 5% instead.

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Sounds convincing. But that is also where the problem lies in. We will therefore tackle these issues one by one, in the most objective way possible.

Hedge Track Trader EA: We believe it isn’t the real deal

So this Hedge Track Trader thing is supposed to change your life if you get it. Unfortunately, we were able to detect a number of shortcomings from the website of the Hedge Track Trader.

First off, this website seems to know the kind of problem that traders face. It mentions the fact that most traders get coned in the process of trying to find a genuine system for trading.

And then it proceeds to offer a solution. Now the solution is the Hedge Track Trader itself.

The Hedge Track Trader system will literally change things for you — according to the sales page.

But we object these claims because of the following reasons:

Trading style

From its name, we can deduce that it applies hedging style of trading. This style is not preferred by most expert advisors because it comes with a significant risk.

I do not know of a safer way to apply hedging on a live account. Probably it’s the reason why many problems have faced this expert advisor as you will see later on.

The owner of Hedge Track Trader

You can bet that this man by the name Glen Martin is not real.

owner of hedge track trader

First things first. He is not real. This is a creation of skilled salesmen on the internet. The name Glen Martin is a fictitious character, and the aim is to hide the identity of the real persons behind this website.

Investment matters are sophisticated things, and usually involve huge risks. Very few are willing to take responsibility. The other 90% simply don’t want to be responsible for what they say. These are the people who will sell you magic systems and promise you +400% annual returns for doing nothing.

They will sell you snake oil with the intention of making money. The customer is then likely to lose money in the process. And when this happens, guess what? It will be impossible to recover your lost funds simply because you were dealing with a fake personality in the name of Glen Martin.

I have proof that he does not exist, and has never worked at Wall Street.

He would have mentioned the exact firm that hired him at Wall Street if indeed he wanted to do a better job as far as building a resume is concerned. This never happened.

Secondly, there’s no grain of evidence to suggest that a person named Glen Martin ever got involved in trading. A Google background check does not reveal that this person has a trading profile either.

We are therefore dealing with a fictitious character. You can rest assured that Hedge Fund Trader is nothing more than a robot that randomly opens and closes trades in losses.

MyFxbook results for Hedge Track Trader: They claim these results are verified, but there is a problem

While investigations show that Hedge Fund Trader was linked to myfxbook platform as early as 2015, there is no proof that these results are still being tracked.

They stopped tracking these results on February 24th, 2016. This is several months down the line with no verifiable results, yet the website still makes ridiculous claims that Hedge Fund Trader makes 400% yearly return on investment. That is simply not the truth.

We need to know what happened between March 2016 up to now.

But since this information is not given to us (because the owner does not care to track these results), we can presume that Hedge Fund Trader somehow crashed or stopped performing.

It’s the truth that many traders overlook. Thankfully, we raised it here, and what we are saying is very simple. If Hedge Fund Trader doesn’t have up-to-date myfxbook results, then it is not worth your investments.

Here’s what caught our attention most

If you look at the table below, you will see the supposed trading history of this robot.

hedge track trader results fabricated

Let’s take a currency pair like EURAUD for example. According to the results on 02/ 09/ 2016, the pair was able to move by 196 pips in 12 hours.

Then on 2/8/2016, the EURGBP only moved by 30 pips in 10 hours.

There are many more examples of unrealistically acquired pips. And if you have traded Forex before, you will be suspicious of this table. Perhaps it was edited and while doing so, they forgot to make it real.

There is no way that a pair like the EURAUD will move by a whooping 196 pips in 12 hours. In the same way, EURGBP can never move by only 30 pips in 10 hours. That’s next to impossible.

Yet you can see that we have these results on the table. What can you make of this? Well, in my opinion, these results are fabricated.

Pressure sales tactics used to promote Hedge Track Trader

This style of selling makes everyone uncomfortable. Hedge Track Trader claims that limited copies are available, and that you must take advantage of the sale before the window of opportunity closes.

The fact is that Hedge Track Trader is a digital product, and thus it will never run out of stock. Unsuspecting buyers are being pressured anyway because the vendor wants to close deals as fast as possible.

Our best advice for you

Hedge Fund Trader is not my cup of tea because the sales page resembles the many infamous get-rich-quick schemes on the internet. In fact, the website over promises yet it does not indicate with any evidence that it can deliver those results.

We would have appreciated up-to-date myfxbook results. These are not available, and that’s the most unfortunate thing for a robot that goes for $400+.

Also, the promise that you will change your life with Hedge Track Trader must not be taken too seriously. There is just too much hype surrounding this system. They even use stock photos to create the impression that this robot really rocks.

Last but not least, Hedge Fund Trader is not an institutional trading tool. There is no evidence that banking institutions have a hand in this. The profile of Glen Martin cannot be verified with facts. He is just a fictitious character who wants to make you ‘rich’. Avoid

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