Hedger Mining Review: Crypto Mining Insurance Scam

Hedger Mining Review: Crypto Mining Insurance Scam

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Hegder Mining is owned and operated by Hedger Tech, a website that claims to be backed by a leading fintech company whose mission is to offer a Management ecosystem where they offer hedge fund, smart insurance (or insurance of Crypto currencies), smart loans (short term loans against Crypto currencies) and Hedge insurance like Futures and options in the Crypto currency markets.

It must be noted that none of these claims have been approved or verified, and hence we cannot blindly believe what the company behind Hedger Mining is telling us concerning their activities.

Hedger Mining claims that they will hedge our Crypto currency mining contracts and shield us from the fluctuating prices in the Crypto currency market place. But the question is this: is there a system that can really shield investors from the fluctuating prices of Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies? This is not realistic at all and as you continue reading this review, you will see that the assumption behind this website’s marketing materials is just a load of bullshit.

They also claim that payouts will be issued immediately after mining contracts have been opened with any of their 37 mining partners. Nowhere on the Hedger Mining website were these partners introduced or mentioned.

The idea behind this site’s operation is questionable. They claim that they can insure mining pools as well. The 37 cloud mining platforms which they claim to have partnered with are anonymous, which begs the question of why exactly is Hedger Mining not transparent if they mean what they are saying.

There are several red flags on this website and as you can see, we poorly rated their other website Hedger Tech because it was showing signs of a ponzi scheme. This one too is not any different. There is no way you can shield yourself from the fluctuations that are experienced in the Crypto currency markets. Investors get paid at the current rate, and there is simply no realistic way to use some sort of insurance that will guarantee stability in value. So this idea alone creates the impression that Hedger Mining is a scam.

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If you want to mine from a genuine platform, click here and take note that you will be paid based on the current exchange rate. Don’t believe fake stories from scammers who claim they can insure Crypto currency investments. This is not possible in the real economic world.

Hedger Mining Review

The website wants us to know that apart from mining of Crypto currencies, they are also offering a coin known as ”Hedger”. This is supposed to be a P2P token which is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. They also want us to know that they have 24/7 customer support through email and live chat.

The site is also promoting a few exchanges where Hedger coin has allegedly been listed at. We have not confirmed whether this coin has been truly listed with these exchanges.

Hedger Mining

It is also not quite clear whether investors will be paid in dollars or through their Hedger coin. But since we have reviewed similar programs before and found that nearly all of them make payouts in their respective coins, there is no guessing about what form payments will be released in. It is quite obvious that these scammers will make payments in their Hedger coin.

Hedger Coin only has a small value within the ecosystem of the Hegder Mining platform. Outside this ecosystem, it does not have any value. It literally has zero value. Now, the thing is that Hedger Tech has negotiated with a few exchanges to list their coins in an attempt to pump it to investors who will be deceived to believe that the value of this ”insurance coin” will rise. When investors start buying on the promise of a specific ROI, which is then paid in Hedger Coin, they will soon realize that the coin cannot be sold outside the ecosystem of this scam.

This is called the dumping phase where investors are left with nowhere to sell the coins. In the meantime, the scammers running Hedger Mining will have packed their belongings and exited the site.

We have seen these types of operations before. They were common in the middle of 2017 and in the better part of 2018, scammers used this idea to swindle thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims. Hedger Mining is not any different.

Is mining happening?

There is zero evidence of mining. The site does not provide any concrete evidence of mining activities other than making unsubstantiated claims that they are mining and insuring coins through their Hedger Mining platform.

There are 3 types of mining pools which are allegedly being offered by this site. These are F2 pool, Ant Pool and Hedger Mining pool. The first two have allegedly been sold out and only Hedger Mining pool is available for joining. You can rest assured that this kind of thing is not profitable for the simple reason that you cannot insure Crypto currency investments due to their volatile nature.

Not regulated

There is reference to SEC regulations on the website of Hedger Mining where the site claims that they are abiding by the regulations of SEC. They claim that the SEC requires their customers to agree to the company’s terms and conditions and by doing so, the company will be abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the SEC.

One thing you should know is that there is no licensing number anywhere on the website which shows that they are regulated by the SEC.

The problem is that many investors don’t know this. They don’t know that it is easy to determine which investments platforms have been registered with the SEC and which ones haven’t. This site is therefore a scam because while they claim to abide by the regulations of the financial services regulator, they are not providing any evidence to suggest that this is the case.

Our best advice for you

This is not real mining of Crypto currencies. Real mining can be found on these credible platforms.

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