HertzCar Review: Is Car Leasing A Risky Investment

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HertzCar Review: Is Car Leasing A Risky Investment

HertzCar is a leasing investment ruse targeting most of Asia and East Africa. Here’s our candid review detailing the risk points of the project.

Chinese scammers are at it again, this time, using the famous Hertz brand name to con naïve investors. It all starts with the platform claiming to offer huge ROI for leasing services in the region.

HertzCar Leasing scam Exposed

Investors are urged to sign up and deposit funds to invest in many of Hertz’s leasing cars. The funds depend on the car you invest in examples being AMG models, BMW, and Ferraris. According to the platform, you earn with every trip made by these cars.

Of course, the owners don’t even have cars, only an app that gives false information on leasing. Investors also get the call to action button to sign up as many times and invest in a wide fleet of car brands.

Those who have eventually signed up are ruing the decision after the platform failed to release withdrawals. And did we mention there’s a subscription fee to pay before joining HertzCar? That’s why we have to stay away from this project altogether.

The platform promises daily ROI margins for a period extending 720 days. There’s a minimum number of vesting days set to 90 days where investors earn a minimum of $70. Please note the platform requires USDT in funding.

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A Closer Look at HertzCar Leasing Project

There’s not much to go on when it comes to the actual project. After signing up, investors get a fleet of cars to choose from. The amount is visible with investors having to pay 70 USDT for a BWM 340i Sedan model.

Other cars offer a higher range with the scammers claiming you’ll get paid daily for the leasing. With the brand name, the leasing project seems to have taken off after several investors in different countries joined.

And this is where we have to expose the project’s dubious ways, including using a logo that doesn’t belong to them. We also expect the real Hertz Company to release a press statement condemning such acts of fraud.

Who’s behind Hertzcar Leasing project?

Those who have signed up don’t have a clue about what’s happening with the project, and this is why we have to expose it. With the app in place, investors fail to realize there’s a target on their back by these Chinese scammers.

The target is their crypto wallets as the app has heavy coding that tries to gain backdoor access to crypto wallets. That’s why the platform insists that users must have crypto wallets and deposit funds via Crypto.

We’ve seen such apps before however, HertzCar is the first of its kind targeting leasing services. We can equate this project to dozens of other failed click-a-button items where investors get a call to leasing cars by accepting links.

The platform has been targeting Kenyans and Pakistanis in general with a few victims from North America. Canada has had its fair shake of the deal after several consumers reported the app to authorities.

You need to understand what happens in such projects, and that’s why we’re clearing the air.

How HertzCar Defrauds Investors

According to the app, clicking the button apparently leases the car of choice to an unknown client. And with this action, clients generate revenue with members sharing the percentage with the app.

That shouldn’t make sense but it does to some and plenty of investors have signed up. We have to expose the platform for failing to offer much in terms of authenticity. What we have is a call to action button that sets off false profit margins.

Thanks to having access to the app’s code, these Chinese scammers will increase your account balance with every click. This makes the project seem viable to most investors and they spend all day clicking on such buttons.

When the time comes to withdraw funds, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform will demand additional fees as they want to process your withdrawal. Of course, this is a ruse to take more funds from you.

Investors are loss for words when the platform either kicks them out or blocks access to their wallets. At this point, no one knows who to blame as such click apps usually end up defrauding investors and leaving a huge mess.

We have proof that HertzCar is part of a Chinese syndicate that rose to prominence in 2021. There has been a surge of such scams in the Crypto MLM world ever since. A few leasing scams were spotted earlier and exposed.

Other similar products to HertzCar

These include NV Processor and SMD which were leasing scams claiming to offer data chips for electric cars. Every time users clicked a button, the chip would activate and the car would drive for a certain range.

Clearly, these are Ponzi schemes designed to fool naïve investors out of their hard-earned USDT.

What’s next for HertzCar?

As we publish this review, it’s clear the website is still running. The number of downloads of the app have swindled which means the owners are planning an exit strategy. And they always have an exit strategy once sign up numbers dwindle.

What these scammers have done is stretch the project as much as possible. Those who deposited fewer funds had 90 days to add more funds or lose the entire pool. Without them adding more funds or paying the withdrawal fee, they eventually get kicked out.

For those who add funds in the hopes of processing withdrawals, woe unto them. It gives the scammers reason to kick you out as they know you want out of the project. After sending the withdrawal amount, the project stalls.

You start receiving excuses as to why the platform hasn’t managed to release funds. These includes issues with ‘your’ wallet address. We’ve seen this before and it’s a sign of worse things to come for all investors.

Referral program

And the most disturbing aspect of it all is the affiliate program in place. The platform is using members to entice other investors to sign up. With a promise of making high bonuses, investors hurriedly invite close family and friends.

The platform does little marketing as it fails to offer much in terms of authenticity. These owners let members do all the heavy lifting as they watch and laugh at the end result. You need to be wary of such projects in the future.

HertzCar is a risky leasing platform that makes no sense. It targets investors who want to get rich quick by simply clicking a button. That’s why we have to expose the platform or risk having an avalanche of victims.

Complaints and Reviews HertzCar

Customers who were kicked out in Kenya have started complaining to the Communication Authority. HertzCar is a remote project which means it’s nearly impossible to net those aligned with the project.

Before investing in such projects, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out whether a project is legit or not before signing up. It’s the only way to stay safe or, you can request a review from us.

Is legit?

There’s no way HertzCar is a legit leasing company, the platform deceives investors into clicking buttons to earn. We have exposed such apps before and believe its only time before this one goes under.

Verdict HertzCar

Stay away as we’ve confirmed, HertzCar is a car leasing scam.

You can instead earn passive income by signing up with tested projects backed by experts.

Please leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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