Hi-Tech Trader Review: Is this a Scam?

Hi-Tech Trader Review: Is this a Scam?

Hi-Tech Trader is a company that claims only to be working on the MT4 platform. The platform is an automatic trading system that allegedly is compatible with several brokers in the market. It is easy to set, but unfortunately, we do not have much faith in this system.

The trading EA will allegedly help you generate income without making any losses every month. It will additionally help you discover the most profitable days; hence you won’t waste your time. 

Advantages of Autopilot robots

Since inception, binary trading has become one of the best trading routes for investors. You need to find out which are the best binary trading robots to go for.

How do experts choose the autopilot robots?

  • Accuracy of trading

The best automated trading robot has to show accuracy when it comes to performance and trading results.

With the recommended trading robots, tests were conducted and the results favored the highlighted robots.

These robots did hit a target of over 80 percent in ROI and have been doing so consistently meaning the robots are effective.

  • Is it easy to use the robot?

Ease of use should be the first consideration when choosing a reliable automated trading robots. You want a robot you understand.

And this ensures the traders have a better chance of enforcing their strategies and increase the overall performance.

  • Is the robot transparent?

Transparency also plays an integral part in deciding the best robot to go for. You must choose a transparent robot that gives accurate data.

Please check and confirm if the data provided by the robot is accurate and matches the market’s values.

  • Dependable

Traders will prefer a dependable robot that doesn’t lag or face any issues during live trading sessions.

These experts tested the resolve of these robots in placing multiple bets and the resounding performance ensured the robots got the thumbs up.

  • Outstanding customer support

For those new to trading, customer support is essential and is highly valued by traders. You want a reliable support team that’s available 24/7.

With the selected trading robots, you get the best in terms of support.

  • Trading performance

Again, we have to mention how trading performance affects how the market works. You need to get the best out of trading to win.

Moreover, the system will also notify you when to stay in the market to profit investors fully. You will need to send the platform MT4 account number for them to activate the account. Then traders will receive a notification of their license activation. 

The founder of the company further states that his team has worked tirelessly to ensure the software is fully functional. The results that the system avail, according to the owner, is awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, there is no method available to prove that this statement is true. 

Hi-Tech Trader has not provided their performance report for us to attest to their alleged success. It additionally claims that the software will eventually become the best in the market. Sadly, there is no translation of their traffic. 

The company has an Alexa ranking of 5,990,849. It is shallow, and in case the company still desires to be among the best Forex trading software firms, then they need to ensure they are legit. 

Hi-Tech Trader Review

The company is the bragging of having a top-notch team that has designed the best system in the market. Unfortunately, they do not credit them. The firm has not done much when it comes to winning the trust of their clients.

They want them to believe in their word blindly without any proof. Furthermore, the company also claims that the bot was designed after very many years of effort. A quick search on will show you that the platform was developed in March 2018. 

The company features much information regarding Forex trading. The platform allegedly will have minimal risks and uses the strategy of low rewarding. You do not have to invest in many funds. The software is fully automated, and there is no need for engaging directly. 

Hi-Tech Trader Review, Hi-Tech Trader Platform

The platform claims that they are continually upgrading their software to ensure that you have the best experience in trading. The upgraded version is free of charge, and you will get a notification when they are ready. The platform features a graph that acts as its live trading result. 

To view their real-time data, you will need to click on the graph. The trading software has three packages available. The price of the system is $97 for a lifetime copy; this is for their starter account. 

It has one real and demo account available. You will upgrade it for free and support. The professional report costs $122; it comes with two practical and two demo accounts. The advance account has three real accounts and three demo account available it costs $129. 

Investors need to send their MT4 account number and payment ID to the company through email. You can only trade the EURUSD currency pair. 

How Hi-Tech Trader Works

Hi-Tech Trader is a company that makes bold claims of not encountering any losses in the market. The platform does not disclose the trading strategy that it utilizes. The methodology that they use while trading remains a mystery. 

On their platform, they only state that they do not use averaging or scalping method. You need to be very cautious with systems that only promise you excellent outcomes while their mode of operation is shady.

There is a lot of missing info with this company. Their withdrawal and deposit method are not apparent. We do not know the way that you can use to deposit funds. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this company is not known. 

The company founder is Bryan Ferry. He allegedly can know the assets that will decline and incline in price. It relies on the tipping point to generate signals. The founder supposedly has 20 years of experience in forex trading. 

Is this data verifiable? Does the owner avail data that can prove he is indeed knowledgeable in this field? These are some of the questions that you should be asking yourself. The platform claims that it relies entirely on the AI to generate their outcome. 

The company allegedly sends its customers weekly alerts. Hence, you will never miss the signals. Unfortunately, we do not know how profitable these signals are or how many clients have been able to achieve profit by using them. 

Hi-Tech Trader claims that traders will have the ability to analyze the bot and AI stocks. Through analyzing these reports, you will increase the ability to trade successfully. 

Contact Support and Regulation

Hi-Tech Trader states that their support is available around the clock, and you are free to contact them. However, they do not work during the weekend. The platform does not state their location. It features a google map that is not functional. 

It is not a good move on their part, and it shows a lack of professionalism. The person responsible for this company should have seen the error by now unless they did this intentionally. The developer of the website seems to have been in haste, and it creates distrust. 

You can only contact the support via email, which is not a convenient method in case you need your issue to be resolved faster. The support is rude to its clients. After some raising complaints about the system not working, the company was not pleased. 

Instead of resolving the issue professionally, it hulled insults to the customers. Calling the accusation nonsense claims and claiming the account has been working correctly, and this is not a wise move on their part. 

They are not regulated by any financial watchdog in the universe. Hi-Tech Trader is an illegal venture, and you should approach with caution. Their FAQ page answers only a few questions, and it is evident that they have a weak customer support system.

Investors review

The only real feedback that we managed to come across online is negative. There is one investor who claims that he purchased the trading software, but up to date, no copy was sent. After consulting the support, they sent the software to him, but it was not working. 

The support has not responded to his query after sending endless mail to the support. If this is how the platform operates, they should not be trusted, and it would be best to stay away from the venture. 

Final verdict

The platform avails their trading results of the FX Blue trading account. It shows that their winning rate is too high. The results are not trustworthy; it would be best that they used the MyFXbook account. Hi-Tech Trader has negative reviews from those that have engaged with them in the past, which is a significant drawdown. 

You should not turn a blind eye into such matters. They are an insight that you should take seriously. In that regard, look for better forex trading software in the market that can generate your real-time profits.

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