Top Crypto Exchange Platforms: The Best Options

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Top Crypto Exchange Platforms: The Best Options

Crypto Exchange Platforms offer an advantage every investor and trader needs. Finding the right crypto exchange is another story. Most claim to be effective, fast, and pocket-friendly. To find out the best exchanges, you need a reliable opinion. We have used these crypto exchanges and found them to be amongst the best.

Here’s our list of the most credible crypto exchange platforms the industry has to offer.

#1. Bitsgap

Bitsgap is one of the best Crypto Exchanges that also offers a crypto trading bot. The platform offers 30 different exchanges on the same platform. Some of the features include Arbitrage Trading and Trading Signals.

Bitsgap Crypto Exchange Platform

Joining Bitsgap is straightforward and It won’t take less than five minutes. With an affordable plan, it’s the best for all classes of investors. Why don’t you give it a try today or use the 14-day free trial?

There are three packages to choose from, Basic, Advanced, and Pro. With a demo account on offer, you can test your strategies risk-free. Try it today and see the results for yourself.

#2. Pionex

Pionex Crypto Exchange Platform

Try SMARD today, it is a bot designed for crypto traders and investors which uses advanced algorithms to profit from market fluctuations. No programming or trading knowledge is required to start. The algorithm relies on momentum effect strategies to systematically identify market winners. Below are the key reasons why everyone loves    1. You get up to 5% average monthly return on your starting capital.    2. The 10% monthly service fee is charged from your profits only. They don't make money unless you do!      3. You can start with as little as $1000 in your exchange account, meaning that you just need to connect your existing exchange (or open a new one) with Smard and begin trading right away!    4. No upfront payments for the service.    5. It's a smart way of investing in your favourite crypto coins - btc/altcoins, hurdling them while at the same time growing their values through auto-trading instead of just buy and forget.   Operating through API keys, SMARD ensures secure connections without requiring fund transfers to third parties. No upfront payment or card linking is needed. Try Smard today and see the real potential of your crypto portfolio, no upfront fees to pay!

Click Here To Sign Up Now


This is one of the few crypto exchanges that comply with industry regulations. The platform complies with both American and Asian regulations. It makes it the perfect go-to for crypto exchange services across the globe.

It comes with an easy and straightforward UI. You can make consistent profits with Pionex thanks to their advanced bots. The bots are designed for enduring and patient traders. A newbie will likely make 10 percent in profits. You can expect 30 to 50 percent profit without exposing great risks.

About Pionex

Pionex is a Singapore-based platform and is owned by BitUniverse. This means that the platform is completely regulated. A regulated platform offers peace of mind to traders and all users in general. You rest assured knowing that there’s an oversight. And this is one of the biggest selling points of Pionex.

Here’s a thorough review of this one of a kind Crypto exchange platform

With crypto becoming a huge market, traders are now turning to crypto bots to achieve profits. These bots offer technological solutions to trading. And this brings increased demand for automated trading bots. Pionex is a pioneer for automatic crypto trading bots. The platform offers 12 bots in total and all have distinct features.

It was launched in 2019 and offered free built-in bots. Members have to pay a small trading fee which is normal with any trading platform. With 12 bots to choose from, members have a wide array of options. These bots work with different algorithms as they target different market conditions.

Available Pionex Trading Bots

With over 10 bots to choose from, you will never go wrong with any one of them. These bots cover all markets and use different algorithms. You just have to check which one favors your investment and trading conditions

Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) Bot

With this bot, traders set a returning buy at intervals. Traders make purchases based on time as opposed to prices. There are 5-time intervals available with this bot. They include 10 minutes, one hour, a day, one week, and a month.

Grid Bot

The bot holds a special place with Pionex as it’s the first bot offered by the platform. Grid bot looks to profit from normal market movements. It works by buying low and selling high within a specified range.

Infinity Grid Bots

The bot has no upper range limit making it a perfect option for when the market goes sideways.

Leveraged Grid Bot

By combining the original Grid Bot with marginal loans, it amplifies results. Members increase their chances of winning as the bot trades 24/7. Leverage available starts from 1.2X to a maximum of 3X.

Leveraged Reversed Grid Bot

The above bot adds leverage to super-charge results. It works the same way as leverage grid bot to increase chances of winning.

Margin Grid Bot

Traders can lend out their BTC or USDT and add additional yields from the transaction. With this bot, members also earn from the grid bot strategy.

Reverse Grid Bot

The bot helps to increase your asset holdings as prices fall. It sells crypto coins when prices reach high and average back into position when prices retreat. The bot helps compliment the grid strategy and helps traders increase coin holdings.

Smart Trade Bot

It allows traders to get into a market trend and eventually collect profit without exposure. Your account won’t have to face excessive risks.

Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot

You can profit from arbitrage trades thanks to Crypto perpetuity. The bot targets earnings from 15 to 50 percent thanks to the low-risk arbitrage strategy.

Trailing Buy Bot

Most traders consider this bot as the best for buying the dips. The bot continues buying your position as prices fall. It will stop buying once the bottom is reached.

Trailing Sell Bot

For those who want to avoid selling too early in a pumping market, this is the bot of choice. Thanks to trailing stops, traders limit the potential losses if the market shifts suddenly.


The bot is an excellent feature for buying and selling large quantities of Crypto. You won’t have to influence the market price with this bot strategy. Most whales use this strategy when loading or unloading large quantities of digital assets.

Features of Pionex

Low Trading Fees

Pionex offers the lowest trading fees which is a big plus for investors. There’s no crypto investment platform that can match the low fees.

Pionex Mobile apps

The platform makes it possible to trade on the move. Their platform is compatible with all mobile devices, Android and IOS. The apps come with an aesthetically appealing design with a simple-to-use interface.

Set myself mode

Traders can set their preferred trading parameters. You can change lower and upper limits. It makes it a perfect option for those with more trading experience.

Advantages of Pionex

Arbitrage Bots

Also known as the funding fee bot, this is one of the fantastic tools on Pionex. Users receive money while having short positions on futures.

Copy setting and easy to use bots

The platform allows you to follow top traders, thanks to the copy bot settings. AI setting is available for long-term prospects making Pionex a reliable platform.

Low fees

Pionex offers bots free of charge with low transaction commissions. The commissions start at 0.05 percent compared to other exchanges with 0.1 to 0.25 percent.

Support staff

You get a platform that is readily available to answer your queries. The platform can help recover losses which is a great advantage to users.

Variety of transactions

Pionex offers futures, leverage, and margin coins just like any other crypto exchange platform. Members can use Spot market-based grid bots for these transactions.


It lacks a neutral bot.

Most platforms offer neutral bots, which set the pace for exchange. Pionex lacks a neutral bot which can at times be challenging to newbies.

Our Experience with Pionex

Grid Trading Bot User-experience

Our setup using Grid Trading Bot

Grid Trading Bot setup

Infinity Grid Bot User-experience

Infinity Grid Bot Personal Experience

Dollar-cost Averaging Bot

Dollar-cost Averaging Bot

#3. Binance

Binance Crypto Exchange Platform

Binance is one of the best crypto exchange platforms when it comes to scalability. It’s also one of the most trusted crypto exchange platforms the industry has to offer. Users can buy and sell Crypto using a wide array of payment options.

The platform only works with verified partners making all transactions secure. It also accepts a wide range of currencies, making it easier to buy crypto. The platform also offers institutional services such as asset management, family offices, and hedge funds.

The full review well documents what to expect with Binance Crypto Exchange platform.

Advantages of Binance

Easy withdrawal

Most users will attest to withdrawing funds being straightforward with Binance. Other platforms might take a while to confirm these transactions.

Low transaction fees

The platform offers fast transactions at low fees. There’s a cap of 0.1 percent on all traders. With multiple fiat currencies and payment methods, it makes it ideal for interested parties.

Popular among crypto pundits

Binance is one of the leading crypto exchange platforms. You have to mention it in any conversation relating to crypto exchange.


There’s a security assurance in all transactions. This makes Binance one of the go-to crypto exchange platforms. All transactions are protected using security software and service protection.


You can’t deposit using traditional payment methods. Some customers have reported long delays and have no phone contact.

Binance Features

Asset Conversion

With this function, members can convert assets directly to their coin wallets. You won’t need to convert them via spot markets. Some of the supported assets for conversion include Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and others.

Binance Future Battles

The function was recently launched with great success. It has great interest, especially from retail traders. The feature allows traders to battle it out against one another for points. With this battle, the reward is offered to the trader with consistent head-to-head wins.

Cross Collateral

Members can collateralize their crypto assets and borrow against other digital assets. It helps users have a flexible way of maintaining their trading habits.

Price protection

It’s a new feature that protects investors from losing huge amounts of assets. The feature protects members from extreme market conditions. It protects users from stop loss and takes profit orders.

Our Experience with Binance

Note however that I am not a financial adviser and I am just saying these results are based on my personal experience. Crypto assets have the potential to have huge up and down swings within a short period of time and you must consider if you understand the risks involved before investing. 

On Binance Earn, there are two sections which you can choose: the guaranteed and high yield.

Binance Crypto Investment platform option

In the guaranteed section, your principal money is guaranteed to be returned to you at the end of the staking period regardless of whether you redeem early or not. You can choose a variety of different products from this section such as the locked staking, Launchpool/Launchpad, BNB vault, Savings, ETH 2.0 Staking, etc.

In the high yield section, there’s a chance you will lose some of your money invested especially in the liquid swap section and especially if you don’t know what you are doing in this section.

The other part of the high yield section which is the DeFi section, has a relatively high yield and there’s little or no risk of losing what you invested, so it can be considered a safe investment vehicle on Binance Earn.

Overall, Binance is a great place for beginner and active crypto investors and traders. The platform offers rock-bottom fees and a wide selection of trading options. You also get to learn more about crypto for free.

Our Verdict

These are our top recommended crypto exchanges. As we find more platforms, we will add them. In the meantime, the above two are our favorite crypto exchange platforms.

Use one of the two Crypto Exchange Platforms and enjoy top-notch crypto services.

Which is better, Pionex or Binance?

It depends on the particular model you want to choose for crypto investment. For those who trade, Pionex is a better option, for Coin Staking, Binance has a reputable plan

Are funds safe with Pionex and Binance?

Yes, funds are safe with both of these platforms. Both are regulated and follow a strict code of investing and trading

Can I use both of these platforms at a go?

There's no reason why you can't have both Pionex and Binance for your crypto investment. It helps broaden your horizon.

How do I register with these platforms

You have to click on the links and start the sign-up process. It's easy, and the process takes less than ten minutes to complete. Here are the signup links:

How do I Deposit/Withdraw Cryptocurrency?

With a Binance account, there's a wallet where you can deposit and withdraw funds. Pionex supports the deposit and withdrawal of chainlinks.

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