Hour LTC Review: Just a Basic Scam with Pathetic Title

Hour LTC Review: Just a Basic Scam with Pathetic Title

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This review proves that HOUR LTC LTD is an investment scam that you must never associated yourself with. Based on what we have seen, we are fully convinced that this investment scam will take you nowhere in terms of investments. There is no evidence to suggest that the things they claim to do are the main business activities behind the company’s operations. Let’s see how it goes.


Hour LTC claims that they are an international investment company that is based in London and is involved in Crypto Trading consulting, Crypto mining, stock trading, real estate, investment brokerage and debt and anti-crisis management. Their main clients are private individuals as well as corporate that want solutions in these areas.

Hour LTC also claims that they have employed a wide network of freelance financial managers, traders, consultants, and other independent contractors who work hand in hand to make the operations of this company successful.

They also claim that their team is made up of a group of former employees who used to work for brokerage houses around the world. All they want you to do is trust them that they will professionally manage your funds. They’ve allegedly been operating offline in the UK and that now they have decided to take their business on the internet where they can give everyone a chance to invest with their team.

Notice how this group of financial managers, traders and consultants are anonymous. Their previous places of work cannot be confirmed, yet they claim affiliations with various brokers around the world. This information does not add up because it is a lie.

Hour LTC is associated with one woman called Diaz Selina who seems to be the owner of the company as he owns 75% of the shares. He is the director of Hour LTC which claims to be based in 22 Upper Ground, London, United Kingdom, SE1 9RQ. 

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The company is registered under the category of financial management services, and was incorporated in September 2017.

That is such a long time, and we were even hoping to find a track record of their performance since they are claiming that they are experienced and professional fund managers. Is there any data that suggests that this group of people have been successfully managing funds of their clients? Absolutely not. So, how can we trust them if this information is lacking?

hour ltc

Apparently, there is no way we can trust them if we do not have data showing us how they have performed in the last couple of months. Moreover, it is questionable that only one person is associated with this company instead of a couple of persons. If indeed this company has a number of people working for it, they should have mentioned at least 3 or 4 people who are actively operating in the management level.

This is probably a classic example of basic ponzi scheme. The design of the website does not inspire any confidence. It does not reflect a serious company that can truly invest your funds in a meaningful way. Instead, it looks like a basic cheap or even free web template which the owner of this site just decided to use because they were tight on cash.

You do not have to wonder how on earth such a ”serious company” can host a cheap website like this one. This is probably a scam that wants to take your money and disappear.

Why you should not lose money to Hour LTC

All of you will agree that Hour LTC is a scam based on what the unsatisfactory presentation and the promises which they are making when it comes to describing their investment plans.

Poor choice of colors as well as lack of facts and proof to support their claims make them look like scammers. Indeed if this was a serious company, they would have paid attention to these details. But since they are scammers who want quick bucks, there is no need spending money on these areas. After all, we have seen similar scams and even reviewed them here before.

They operate for less than 6 months before going under. This one won’t be an exception because clearly there is no business activity going on here. How will the company sustain itself if it is not participating in any actual business activity? How will they pay out funds to their members (if at all they are paying people who join them)? These questions can’t be answered simply because Hour LTC is a scam.

Dishonest investment plans

There are 6 ridiculous investment plans offered by Hour LTC in total. The cheapest plan promises 5% hourly for 40 hours. The most expensive plan to join promises 1000% in 7 days. Something is clearly wrong with the way these plans are presented. Those figures don’t make sense, plus there must be proof of performance to support these claims and promises. That has not been presented so far.

We cannot just accept claims as facts. Moreover, those figures are utterly ridiculous. No one has ever made 1000% returns in a week. 5% hourly ROI is equally impossible. This is definitely a ploy to convince you so that you can deposit some money into their bank accounts. But clearly we are not seeing any genuine business activity going on here.

Unregulated fund management company

Now, think of it. This company is actually providing fund management services to the masses yet they have not applied for the relevant license that regulators normally issue out to such businesses.

Are they ignorant of the fact that the law requires them to seek a license before ever soliciting funds from members of the public? It is not likely.

So the issue here is that this is a basic scam that is even illegally operating in the UK. It is just a matter of time before things go south.

Our best advice for you

Hour LTC is a scam that has nothing for you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to ignore them. The best opportunities in the Cryptocurrency investment segment will present themselves in form of mining of altcoins or trading them yourself. 

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