Hour Paid Review: Dirty Cheap Scam It Is

Hour Paid Review: Dirty Cheap Scam It Is

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Hour Paid is a site whose popularity is growing at a faster rate. For that reason, people have began sending us emails asking if Hour Paid is a legitimate investment program. And instead of giving our feedback to a select few, we have decided to publish this Hour Paid review here so that everyone can know whether or not this website can be trusted.

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Hour Paid Review

What exactly is HourPaid? It’s a platform that promises to invest Cryptocurrencies for its users so that they can earn an hourly return on a daily basis.

The site has investments and returns that are short term in nature since the longest investment plan to pay off is supposed to take 120 hours.

hourpaid review

The business model which they are using plus the returns promised by this site makes it qualify in the category of high yield investment programs.

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Now, a lot of high yield investment programs have cropped up in the Cryptocurrency space and most of them are pure dirty scams.

It would be a big mistake to think that Hour Paid is no exception.

The site claims that the business was launched in early 2017 as a ”finance company”. The phrase finance company is quite vague here. We don’t know what that means.

The company’s location is in the UK, and they are claiming that the website has since registered some 21k members and that over 20,000 accounts are active to this date.

The problem with these numbers is that they cannot be verified. So we do not know whether this is true or just a marketing ploy to lure in more visitors.

The site also claims that they have since paid out over $14 million to its members ever since they launched it last year. This is a short space of time for someone to pay out that much.

Furthermore, this amount of payout is quite big. We wonder how Hour Paid was not able to make headlines in the global financial news sources. It’s an amount of money that would have given them global exposure and prominence. But this has not happened so far. It seems shady.


The plan which you shall choose will determine how much you are supposed to earn on a given day. The first plan requires a minimum of $5, and can give you anywhere between 0.9-1% per hour. Guess what? This investment is supposed to expire in 120 hours.

The plan has a maximum deposit threshold of $5,000. The second plan has a minimum deposit requirement of $300 onward. It can allegedly make you 4% hour returns for 72 hours.

The last plan will cost you $1000 upwards. It is supposed to yield 15-20% per hour for 24 hours. All plans come with instant withdrawal feature.

The fact of the matter is that these returns are just too high. They should be attracting a lot of people to this site. Most people want to hear that a site is offering attractive returns so that they can jump in before it’s too late.

So the question is: can this site be trusted? Are these returns sustainable in the long run?

To help us know whether or not Hour Paid is genuine, we will assess it based on a number of questions that have to be asked in our scam testing criteria.

The first testing criteria has to be the promised return on investments. The site has an abnormal interest rate which they claim will be paid out if you invest with them.

20% hour return is quite ridiculous. By the way, even government bonds which are considered very safe don’t produce this much. So we definitely need to ask ourselves where exactly this money is coming from. It is unusual for someone to say that they can generate 20% hour return on your investment. It’s unheard of.

What does the site do in order to generate more money for its members?

We have read their about us page where they claim that the site’s activities are mainly related to investing in Cryptocurrencies through the help of their ”expert traders”.

But we have also noticed that the said investment markets were not mentioned at all. We do not know whether or not this is to cover up an illegal activity. Or we could say that these people don’t invest client money into any of these markets at all.

The site’s ownership details

Hour Paid does not disclose the ownership of this site. We know next to nothing about them. At this point in time, it makes a lot of sense to go through their about us page once more to check if by any chance this information is published there.

Apparently, this page is shallow and lacks information about ownership of the site. Instead, the page gives a general description of what Cryptocurrency investments are and how to sign up on the site to get started with them. That’s all.

Therefore, as it currently is, we cannot tell who owns the site or even where they are located from. But we are supposed to trust them with our money away.

Do they have a registered physical address?

Hour Paid has a physical location in London — if the address given on the site is anything to go by.

A physical address is among the many indicators that a business is legal. But at the same time, it’s hard to tell if this address is real. We have not visited the said address to confirm whether Hour Paid is located in that address.

hourpaid address


We fail to understand how HourPaid can have so many investors opening an account with them and not telling us what their experience has been since they first bought an investment plan.

It’s amazing to see that there are literally thousands of active members yet they are all silent on this matter.

We do not think that this is even possible. Something looks suspicious here. Either the numbers have been cooked or the investors in question have chosen to keep this a secret. We know that the first scenario is the truth we are dealing with here. We can no longer doubt the fact that the alleged registered user accounts are false. This site just lied to us that they have thousands of users when the truth is that they only have a handful of victims who tried it and got scammed. They somehow decided to shut up because complaining will never make them recover what they have lost.

Note: There are conflicting reports on the exact year when the site was first launched. The site claims that Hour Paid was launched in 2016. But official reports can confirm that the site was actually registered in February 2017. Who is lying?

You be the judge now. But the fact remains that we have caught so many lies and red flags on this site that we are not even willing to trust anything else they say.

Our best advice for you

Hour Paid is one of those dirty and cheap scams literally in the internet. The so-called investment programs don’t exist. And even if they do, chances are that this is a ponzi scheme website. The owner will most likely collect your money and disappear when they have had enough. To be safe, explore these investment options.

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