Hour Promise Review: Scam Will Soon Collapse

Hour Promise Review: Scam Will Soon Collapse

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Does deserve your attention? Yes of course. You need to know that they are scammers and that we are fighting for you until they go broke or end up in jail. Unfortunately, many people have now been sucked into this ponzi game with the idea that they will earn profits every hour. That’s certainly something which is far from trading. Based on what Hour Promise says on their website, we can deduce that they are a ponzi scheme looking to cash in on the ignorant investor.

Thankfully, after reading this review, many people will resolve not to be taken advantage of. These scammers cannot take your money through lies.

The first thing you need to get out of your mind is that you can make hourly profits. In any form of trading, profits can be generated but not on a pre-determined duration. But since Hour Promise is insisting that they pay out profits every hour (abnormal profits), we can only say that they are looking to persuade people to join something that will eventually turn out to be harmful, financially.

So yes, Hour Promise is a bad financial decision. We need to highlight those red flags here to make you understand why we are saying these guys probably need some jail time.

Hour Promise review

Throughout this website, you will come across misleading statements which cannot be confirmed as the truth. The reason they are misleading visitors of the page to take action that will harm them financially is because Hour Promise truly has nothing to offer. That is why they do not have trading results readily available for their audience.

On their website, they claim that their ”expert traders” are trading with the likes of Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase and many more. If this is true, then we should be able to see the records of past performance for at least 3 months.

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You see, Hour Promise says they have been around for 6 years. We have to believe that in these 6 years, they were doing something to generate revenue. Any logical person would conclude so. Now, the next question would be why Hour Promise does not have any trading results.


They also claim that their traders are using robots which can make between 100%-1000% daily profits consistently. The robot simply buys low and sells high. There is no other trading logic here. That very simple trading strategy is allegedly making this robot to yield up to 1000% daily returns.

Now you can ask yourself: If it was a matter that was as easy as buying low and selling high, everyone would be using these robots, and people would be making lots of money in a short time. Even if we took hourly returns on the lowest end which is 100%, that would be 2400% in 24 hours. Does this make any sense? No, it doesn’t. So how about 24000% in 24 hours? That’s weirdly ridiculous. We may need more explanations on how Hour Promise scam does it in order to generate such massive returns in a short period of time.

Oh, they also claim that they are Forex traders who use technical and fundamental analysis to trade the markets. They even claim that their favorite pair is EURUSD. We are glad that they mentioned the specific pair which they love to trade. But now the question is, where are these trading results? We’d like to see how they have been trading and performing for the last 3 months. Then we can use those results to decide whether or not Hour Promise has employed experienced and skilled portfolio managers.

What Hour Promise purports to offer

There are 3 plans which are even contradicting what Hour Promise had promised us earlier. These plans describe a scenario where traders will earn between 1%-10% hourly returns. Duration is quoted in terms of hours. The maximum length of time that a contract is expected to expire is 100h. So these are clearly short term contracts that have abnormal yields.

And these guys are taking anything from $15 to $100,000 as deposit. The more an investor is gullible and has a lot of money, the more they can get scammed. But there is also no need to send them any coin since evidence is already written all over the face of the website. You know that when you put in $15 into this ponzi scam, you will either end up with Bullshit or some peanuts for returns. This is to lure you so that you can increase the size of your deposit next time.

But for those who will make a huge deposit, things will definitely turn ugly because the scammers have no mercy. They will simply take it and block all forms of communication with you.

Illegal business

Hour Promise is not a registered corporation, and therefore their alleged Toronto address is a big lie. If we look at that address, we will not find them.

The other thing we have noticed is that the operators of this website are anonymous. They are acting dishonest, which is very typical of scammers who run ponzi schemes.

They call themselves a ”group of Forex and Cryptocurrency traders”. This group remains anonymous up to now. It is not professional. This definitely suggests that no group exists behind the ponzi scheme. They are just playing games to see if you will hand your wallet to them.

By the way, Hour Promise is supposed to be a licensed like any other professional portfolio manager. Do they have a license for this kind of job? No, they don’t. They are not even supposed to qualify for one given their anonymous nature. You can rest assured that scams never qualify for licenses because regulators know what to look for when applicants come to seek for this licensing. Therefore, the fact that Hour Promise does not have any license means that your funds are in trouble if you ignore this general rule of thumb and invest with them.

Our best advice for you

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