Hpx Crypto Review: Is Scam?

Hpx Crypto Review: Is Scam?

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Hpx Crypto ( is a Crypto investment platform that claims to generate revenue consistently and on auto pilot. The site uses a lot of hype and newbies can easily fall for this trap. The investment company claims that those who have put their money into Hpx Crypto should expect up to 4% per day in returns. Many newbies might think that 4% per day is a goal that is possible to achieve on a consistent basis. But that is not the case. In fact, these numbers are impossible to sustain because that would mean all people investing in the HPx Crypto are becoming millionaires in a few month’s time. The details of the creators of this firm is also a mystery and as far as transparency goes, it is a concerning matter.

hpx crypto

Read our full review to know everything about this platform and why you need to refrain yourself from entertaining them. But if you want to get started in Crypto currency trading right away, we recommend these trading robots because they have been proven to be very effective when it comes to trading of Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others.

Hpx Crypto review

How exactly does this investment scheme work? We are sure that all interested investors have wondered and this is the explanation.

Hpx Crypto supposedly has a team of professional traders and fund managers who will carry out the control functions of the firm. The strange thing about them is the fact that, they haven’t shown any statistics of the performance of the traders. Moreover, even the names of the employees are unknown.

Trading cryptocurrency might seem interesting at first, but it surely is not an easy task. This asset class requires precision along with the ability to take quick decision to make the best out of the volatility. We searched nook and corner of their website to know their approach to market. However, we couldn’t find anything which would instill confidence. Without knowing the parameters, approach and their trading history, how can they expect us to trust them?Always stay away from any systems which only emphasizes on results and avoid talking about the methodology. After all, if something is too good to be true, then it usually is.

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In terms of investment plans, Hpx Crypto claims tells us that their firm is generating returns ranging from 2% to 4% per day. We know that many of the new traders might argue that, it is a reasonable target. However, the statistics and historic data says otherwise. Sustaining 4% per day is no joke and if anyone really could manage to do it, then they wouldn’t go around the internet asking for other people’s money.

Most of the hedge funds rarely generates 35% yearly returns and they charge hefty fees for it. If you think a stranger you meet online with no track record can beat that score, then you might want to reconsider your decision. And there is also a referral program in place. One of the easiest ways to gather huge client base without putting a lot of efforts is to host a referral program. This firm provides high cash rewards to their promoters to motivate them to refer more people to their platform. Work frame of their affiliates resemble to that of a pyramid scheme which suggests that, they will eventually meet a horrible end.

To make quick money from misleading the public, the affiliates create fake reviews and publish positive comments on open forums to create a false impression. If you encounter any of the above mentioned activity, then make sure to click away from their platform quickly. Do not get sold to the hype and always look for tangible proof regardless of how good an opportunity might sound.

Company details

The website was created on November 2018 and is supposed to expire in 2020. This kind of trend shows that the owner of the site has no long term plans with it. HPX Crypto is also quite popular in France which means that the owner is either coming from France or they have invested heavily so they can attract customers from France.

In most of the countries, strict rules have been implemented around the firms which operates in the financial markets. Since the world of online investing got popular, the number of people who lost money to fake investment programs and frauds went up.

Nowadays, considering the risks involved with unregulated companies, it is definitely not worth our time to indulge with them for any reason. This firm fails to provide the visitors with any kind of legal documents which is a huge red flag. We ran a search across all the major regulatory bodies to trace out details about their organisation.

A suspect business drives the success of Hpx Crypto

The goal of any high yield investment website is to work less and make more money by pulling unsuspecting investors with the idea that if they invest, they will make money. They create fake narratives in order to draw in customers who are made to believe that once they have invested, they will earn plenty of cash overnight. In short, this operational model is not reliable and once they are incapable of finding new customers, it will collapse. So, just because you heard someone getting payments from them does not necessarily mean that, you will also acquire the same. Moreover, this type of business is illegal in most countries as well.

Unfortunately, the results were negative and without any doubts we can say that, their entire scheme is a scam. Moreover, they haven’t put up any details about their whereabouts.

Do you really believe any legit investment firm would dare to operate in this way? Lack of transparency is the first trail of a shady business model and it should never be taken lightly.

Our best advice for you

To cut a long story short, we should just say that HPX Crypto is an illegal investment and most investors here will lose their money if they ignore this warning. It would be wise to invest in proper trading products/services.

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