Huber Swiss Crypto Bot Review: Definitely A Scam

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot Review: Definitely A Scam

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Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is the creation of someone who claims that his name is Martin Huber. The anonymous Mr. Huber also claims that he is a Swiss Nano-engineer. The way we see it is that there is no correlation between his field of expertise and programming trading robots. Nevertheless, this guy ignores that fact and goes ahead to persuade the masses that he has developed a robot that can help predict the price movement of major Cryptocurrency markets. This trading system is allegedly making a lot of money for its users on autopilot. The question is, how valid are these claims? Can we really trust this guy on this matter?

Naturally, when these scammers claim that they are of Swiss origin, it attracts the attention of the trading community. That is why we had to investigate this matter to know the truth.

The truth that we have discovered concerning Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is something that won’t please many people. As you can see, this software is highly suspicious. We are afraid that it’s one of the many scams that entered the Cryptocurrency trading industry last month.

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot has nothing to do with Switzerland, and that’s one thing you should know. Two, Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is not able to provide a safe and satisfying investment experience on any cryptocurrency market. Why have we concluded so? The reason is, Mr. Huber is an anonymous internet marketer who is not willing to show us the statistics involving the operation of this software. We are therefore justified to call it a scam since the owner has declared that he is unable to provide us with a detailed record of the past performance of the software. In addition to this, we’d have appreciated some information about the working of this software. That was never issued to us either.

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot review

Although there was an attempt to explain how this system works, we never got convinced because of lack of proof to support what they are saying.

According to these internet marketers (they are not programmers), Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is able to detect the slightest fluctuation in prices across 7 different Cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also able to anticipate future price changes. However, the methods which it uses to anticipate these prices fluctuations were not discussed.

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Huber Swiss Crypto Bot review

Now, these claims can be easily made up. There is no proof to support these claims. This simple fact makes it unreasonable to sign up into this platform. The other reason why you should probably ignore these claims is that the platform is charging some fees when you sign up. The other problem is that they will make deductions from your profits (if at all you will make any profit).

In its entirety, the background and the operational process of this trading app cannot be confirmed. Equally, the reliability of this trading app cannot be verified. Because of that simple fact, we can say that Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is a scam.

Who is Huber?

Martin Huber is the name of the person claiming to be the owner of this scam robot.  Unfortunately, there is not much information about him anywhere on the internet. The only information that is available is the claim that he is very much interested in science. What area of science is he interested in? That is not clear.

But according to the information which is available on this site, Huber is a retired man who decided that he was going to share his ‘’extra ordinary’’ technology with the ordinary person who wants to make a lot of money easily. So far, that’s all we know concerning this mysterious man.

Experience has taught us that no one will make you wealthy for free. The people who claim that they want to help you better your financial future are all scammers. Their tales are made up. This fabrication is meant to persuade people to sign up for the scam software. That is the end goal, nothing else. It is because of this reason that we cannot validate the background of Huber Swiss Crypto Bot. It is simply nonsense.

An illegal trading product

The webpage where this scam is being hosted at is full of false and misleading claims. Huber is a fictitious character. He is not an engineer or a scientist. That is why there is no information about him online.

The other problem is that Huber Swiss Crypto Bot isn’t licensed yet. It should be able to appear in the FINRA’s list of registered trading products or services. But that has not happened up to now.

Instead, the owners are anonymous and they are also not providing any contact information or address. This is to make them completely anonymous on the internet. Lack of transparency is the number one factor that is making them incompatible with the requirements that regulators have put in place.

Now, the truth

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot will sign you up with a broker. This broker is called Pratconi. The aim is to make you fund your broker’s account so that they can earn a commission for your sign up.

There is no intelligence behind this software. No real trading robot can make you rich overnight. In fact, if there was one, it probably would cost a billion dollars.

Also, realize that Pratconi is not a registered Cryptocurrency broker. That is the reason you should refuse to sign up with this broker because they are clearly intending to scam people on the internet. Your money won’t be safe in their hands since it is not protected.

Our best advice for you

Huber Swiss Crypto Bot is competently ridiculous and unreasonable. Anyone who will try these scammers will get burned because they clearly don’t hesitate to scam.

Good news is that we have a couple of exciting options here. You might want to try these Cryptocurrency trading robots to see how it goes. But rest assured that your funds are protected and you’ll make profits even if it’s in the lower end. Don’t trust these scammers though.

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