Hyper Scalper Review – Is Scam?

Hyper Scalper Review – Is Scam?

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Have you bumped on and are wondering if these guys are real? Don’t worry. In this review, we will be discussing what we think about HyperScalper and whether or not this opportunity is good. Are you ready?

Here’s what you need to know

Hyper Scalper Review

It’s a website that claims to teach what is known as Deep Currency Trend Analytics. This is something that most Forex traders have never heard of. Therefore, it sounds like a new concept in trading. And for some reason, we strongly believe that Hyper Scalper website is trying to take advantage of this fact by making it sound like they are selling a very special service.

If you’ve heard of ”currency meters” and know for a fact that this is nonsense, then you surely won’t be pleased by the crap that Hyper Scalper website is peddling around.

First of all, the folks at Hyper Scalper deny that trading based on price movement is not the best way to trade. In essence, they are rubbishing what traders have done for so long and so successfully.

The fact that you study price movements in a trend and fail does not necessarily mean that you’re failing because of your methodology.

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Failure in trading comes from a number of factors. You may use the correct strategy but still fail to make money just because of one mistake that is entirely not related to your studying of price movements.

The point is, whoever is behind this website is making money out of selling snake oil. They claim that Hyper Scalper teaches how to study currency trends while allowing those trends to ”tell you” which pairs will be potential trade candidates.

It’s like Hyper Scalper is teaching some rocket science technique that people have never heard about until now. They claim that with their deep currency trend analysis, you can truly choose the highest probability trade opportunities.

They also claim that Hyper Scalper maintains a production server at We do not really understand what this production server is meant for. We are of the opinion that this only adds a level of complexity to what they claim to offer, thus giving the impression that Hyper Scalper offers a ”secret” trading strategy for those who will join.

This ”production site” is currently open to members of the public, although Hyper Scalper website says that they will set some parts of that website to ‘private’ so that only members can access it.

Inside is the property of Hyper Scalper. Traders land on the main website before being redirected to where they will pay a monthly subscription fee to access real time currency analytics and magical trading indicators. review

While Hyper Scalper website claims that is free, clicking that link will take you to a landing page that requires subscription to a VPS.

They claim that this is a custom VPS server which every member should maintain at a cost of $28 per month.

There is also mention of something called Bot10, which we presume to be a ”special trading system”. They claim that traders who have paid will work with 28 currency pairs and that they will all have access to Bot 10 and later on, other robots as well.

Basically, for you to use Hyper Scalper, you need to sign up to where you will be forced to purchase a ‘custom VPS’. The website states that traders cannot get the other bots if they have not acquired the so-called custom VPS.

Secondly, Hyper Scalper in conjunction with Xscaper are selling a trade copier service where a master account is connected to slave accounts so that they can trade on your behalf.

Basically, this web-page is filled up with litter, no substantial information is presented here to help you make an informed decision.

In fact, you can spend the whole day reading the contents of this website if you like. But this will not make you understand a thing. They are simply making things sounds complex when the truth is that they are selling absolutely nothing.

Trading needs to be simple, not overly complicated. No reason to spend your money on a trading system(s) that keep things complicated.

Pure hype, little content and lack of transparency

Hyper Scalper and the methodologies which they are propagating are nothing but mere garbage.

We have never heard of any successful trading school whose members make profits based on currency analytics alone.

Instead, we have heard and even reviewed so many scam trading schools which propagate this ideology with the obvious intent of making money from victims.

In this case, Hyper Scalper masquerades as a form of trading school that teaches never-heard before currency analytics stuff and even offering private consultancy services. Fees are not mentioned upfront.

This makes it a very suspicious opportunity because clearly no one can dedicate all this time teaching ”magical trading techniques using currency analytics” for the price of nothing.

So the first thing that we observed is that these quarks were not willing to mention the fees associated with learning this stuff.

They have a YouTube page

You might think that we are petty. But understand that we are trying to drive a point here.

This website (HyperScalper) occupies the following YouTube page.

As you can see, that YouTube page talks about the same stuff that is promoted via their Hyper Scalper website. They talk of order flow, currency meter (which they rubbished initially), and many other fancy techniques which we have never seen or heard anyone making money with.

Trading Performance

Now, this is the million dollar question that folks at Hyper Scalper don’t want to hear.

HyperScalper trade performance

First of all, the owner of this trading school does not give any information about themselves. It is only good practice for developers or product sellers to tell their audience who they are or even their exact business location. In fact, serious developers even publish their physical address and maybe a phone number to come across as professional.

The issue is; this trading school is simply too economic when it comes to revealing the details of people who run it. Instead, they concentrate on jargon while making it sound like the ultimate ”secret” to trading Forex.

In the real sense, they are selling nothing to traders. We’d think twice if someone recommended their consultancy service. It’s just common sense to see that these guys know so much yet their knowledge has never been turned into Forex dollars.

Back to the million dollar question: do they have a track record?

Of course not. We contacted them to inquire about proof of trading performance. We have never gotten a reply till now.

The fact of the matter is that Hyper Scalper does not have actual trading performance to demonstrate whatever they are teaching. So why would you waste your time subscribing to their service? Think again!

Our best advice for you

This is a typical case of people using fancy terms to convince naive traders that the more fancier it gets, the more Forex profits those techniques can be converted into.

Do not be fooled. Just keep it simply by signing up for these Forex products instead. You will be better off than folks who spend their time at Hyper Scalper only to burn their accounts.

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  1. I signed up for this service which first of all misleads you that it is “free” (It is not free due to having to sign up for the VPN service). The information and “techniques” provided are clearly based on common knowledge which has been dressed up to seem unique or like some kind of special secret which it definitely isn’t! I have now started using Tradenet which is clearly a much more legitimate and useful product.

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