I2 Investments, ii Investments is A Scam! See I² Investments Review

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I2 Investments, ii Investments is A Scam! See I² Investments Review

Some estimates in the UK show that people lose nearly £1.2bn annually to investment fraud.

Sadly, only 10% of those crimes are actually reported. The rest go unnoticed — which means that these crimes are actually being committed on an unbelievable scale each year.

One such investment scheme that has come to our notice is the so-called I² Investments.

I2 Investments or ii investments is promoted as a fully-managed trading account service which deals in FX, commodity, Bitcoin and other investment classes.

The site (i2 Investments) and material found therein are well-constructed, plus the marketing is slick.

Once you land on this site, it becomes extremely difficult to anticipate what awaits you.

We actually wonder how many victims have been sucked into this cash-cow whose mission is clearly meant to benefit the owner.

The owner of ii investments (i2 Investments) sensationally claims that he holds and manages over $26million in funds.

However, there is no grain of truth in these declarations. It’s just a way of creating legitimacy on this website. But the truth is already out there.

Many investors have already gone through hell in the hands of these frauds.

I2 Investments cannot convince us otherwise because we have proof that they are not reliable.

Ii investments do not have any expert strategy, discipline or consistency. These are only marketing gimmicks.

If that was not the case, their clients could have come out in the open to confess that I² Investments is indeed a reputable brokerage firm with a track record for trading on behalf of their investors.

I2 Investments: the truth which you probably don’t know

I2 Investments aka ii investments scam appeared on Rip-off report where a certain user claimed (with proof) that this website was being operated by a fraud.

After conducting due diligence, we discovered that these claims indeed had a strong basis going by the amount of evidence presented to support each statement made against this website.

Details of the person behind I2 Investments

It’s easy to verify the details of the person behind I² Investments website. Actually, is a godsend because it highlights certain crucial information that the owner of this website is not willing to give us.

First off, we learned that I² Investments, ii investments is registered under the name Ruben King.

Still, there is no guarantee that this is his true identity since this guy is involved in running several other fraudulent sites.

He owns Global Alternatives Investments Ltd too. This website is suspicious and has already been accused of several misdeeds.

The domain hosting Global Alternatives Investments Ltd has since gone under. We wonder how many ”investors” lost money in that scheme. But we’re sure that they are lamenting over their losses now.

Ruben King’s activities on the internet

Whether or not this is a pseudo name is not important. The most important thing is to keep your money safe from schemes that have similar themes with his.

Apparently, ”Ruben King” has a forum on rip-off report which has since remained dormant for several months now.

Naturally, this forum would attract those whom he targets with his ”investment products”.

One user actually contacted him to inquire whether or not the profile belongs to him.

”Ruben King” denied and instead said that those forum activities were being conducted by another third party company.

The user reports that shortly after that inquiry, someone logged into the forum with the same profile, 57 minutes later (for the first time in several months). Don’t you think this is not an authentic case of coincidence?

What is more, the guy has also been accused of buying fake reviews to promote I2 Investments, ii Investments and other fraudulent websites under his name.

And if the evidence presented by this particular user is anything to go by, then it means this man can do anything just to get his products out there, even if they are fraudulent.

Unrealistic offers: a big red flag

In one of his offers, Ruben King was giving out a trading account loaded with 1000 euros real money, free of charge.

However, it’s unusual for someone to give out such kind of an offer for free. It’s just too good to be true. It makes the entire deal seem suspicious going by his dirty track record on the web.

One of his ”companies” was dissolved

I² Investments, ii investments scam is still live on the internet. But majority of people who investigate this website are not aware of the fact that this man was once involved with the aforementioned website — Global Alternatives Investments Ltd.

Why was this website pulled down anyway? Well, we’ve learned that Global Alternatives Investments Ltd was dissolved on 5th Jan 2017 (see the screenshot below.


Naturally, the inquisitive user is bound to find out the truth here. After an email was written to them concerning this matter, this guy denied that Global Alternatives Investments Ltd was not associated with him.

However, information at clearly indicated that this site was registered under the name Ruben King. So why was he denying something that was out there in the public domain?

The irony is that he later apologized that indeed the company belonged to ”them”. Still, he did not confess that the company was dissolved anyway.

In addition to this, our ”Mr. Ruben” is being accused of running a couple of Forex scams on the internet which include Forex Verified and Dynamic Fx Fund respectively.

Apparently, this is just the tip of the iceberg since this man also runs FX Globe among other sites.

These websites act as an outlet for targeting victims through a series of misleading campaigns which purport that he is the best trader in the world who is willing to help those who struggle with FX trading.

He also claims to have hired other experienced employees who offer 24/7 customer support to members who have subscribed to their services.

In short, any website that is affiliated with this man claims to be the go-to place for anyone who wants easy Forex money. After all, he thrives on unrealistic promises.

Once hypnotized with these promises, an investor will not think twice since struggling traders generally can’t resist these offers.

Is I² Investments, ii investments licensed?

This type of business is regulated across every jurisdiction in the US, UK, Australia and in all parts of the world.

This means that I2 Investments, ii investments has to subscribe to some form of regulation from an industry body.

However, close investigations reveal a can of worms as far as I² Investments is concerned.

This website claims that its operations are regulated by an entity called Broker Dealer Compliance.

But are you aware of the fact that Broker Dealer Compliance is just a website that was created by Ruben King himself?

This website does not have any background details. You won’t find any reviews about it. Further investigations on reveal that details of the site are hidden.

Our Best Advice for You

We are dealing with someone who clearly enjoys the act of committing fraud, hence the use of fake names and contact details.

It’s very risky for any investor to put their hard-earned money on the hands of those who run I2 Investments, ii investments website.

On the same note, it’s always beneficial to commit your investments on Forex products that we recommend here. Choose one or two of those products and you will surely make money in a realistic way.

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