iMarketsAcademy the Biggest Trading Scam

iMarketsAcademy the Biggest Trading Scam

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Trading can be fun and a worthwhile experience as long as you understand the job. However, there are some traders who step into the field of trading without having significant knowledge about the job. This is the point from where all the trouble starts for the trader.

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They make the wrong decisions. Well if you are wondering what I mean by the wrong decisions then let me clarify it for you. Wrong trading decisions means choosing the wrong trading bots and the end result is loss of money. Now there are loads of trading scams out there. One such scam is iMarketsAcademy. Yes people this trading bot has the same goals and that is to deprive the trader of money.

The unrealistic goals communicated by iMarketsAcademy

Well iMarketsAcademy pushes the trader into a dream world and the investor is made to believe that he can earn a huge amount. Well the trader is made to believe that he can quickly convert $250 into $1583 every 15 minutes. Now this sounds too good to be true. Now any trader will feel like believing this scam. However, it is essential to evaluate a trading bot before believing in this deceit.


Note: Beware of the scam trading bots and only sign up with the reliable ones.

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Now the lies do not end here. The website of iMarketsAcademy states that this system is completely safe to use and there are no hidden costs. Now these statements are hard to believe without a proof so the trader should not just give into these gimmicks without knowing the facts.

The worst part is that the website mentions that the trader does not require any trading experience to use iMarketsAcademy so this truly sounds hard to believe. Trading is tricky business and if the trader does not have knowledge about this field then he cannot excel for sure.

iMarketsAcademy Scam

Should the trader believe in the free access concept promoted by iMarketsAcademy?

The answer is no. There is nothing like free access. If the trader signs up with iMarketsAcademy then only the sign up is free. Once the investor has made the decision of trading using this system then he will have to make a deposit to the system.

Thus this is yet another lie that is being promoted by the system. The website of iMarketsAcademy is displaying huge profit figures achieved by different individuals. However, these profit figures cannot be verified. Thus there is no point in believing in these figures because the profit figures cannot be trusted.

iMarketsAcademy Scam Review

iMarketsAcademy website fails to leave an impression

The investor can only believe in a trading website that looks professionally designed. However, iMarketsAcademy fails to leave its impression. The website has no proper about us page. There is no proper contact us page as well. This is what creates the doubt. There are not offering access to the customer to contact support.

This means that the trader will be stuck with his questions and will not be able to get response in time to his questions. The platform iMarketsAcademy does not offer live chat support as well. This means that if the trader wants to ask any questions from the customer support then this facility will not be available to the trader and this is truly a big setback for the trader because he is not getting timely responses.

It is very difficult to make up your mind regarding a trading system without knowing the facts.

The sales video of iMarketsAcademy is a big disappointment

The sales video can play a crucial role in winning the trust of traders. However, the video of iMarketsAcademy fails to impress the onlooker. The video says that the trader will have access to free trading tools and e-books.

The weird part is that there is no discussion of these offerings on the website of iMarketsAcademy so this truly creates doubts in the minds of the traders. If they are offering the perks then apart from the sales video, the details of the perks should be listed on the website so that the investor knows what he gets at the end of the day after signing up with this platform.

iMarketsAcademy Scam

Secondly, the video of iMarketsAcademy is too short and they do not offer any details. For example, the trader has no idea about the algorithm that is used by this system. The investor has got no idea how the system works. It would have been good if a demo display would have been offered. However, this is not the case with this video and it fails to offer useful insight to the traders. Thus it will not be a wise decision to trust this platform.

 Why registration is a risky process?

If the investor decides to register with iMarketsAcademy then it can turn out to be a risky venture. The reason is that the trader will have to give his email address and this means that he will have to compromise with his privacy.

It is never a wise idea to give the email address to an unreliable platform. Usually what these platforms do is that they flood the inbox of the trader with unsolicited emails. This is something that no trader will want. Thus it is always better to think over the decision of signing up with this platform.

 No trial facility available

The iMarketsAcademy does not offer a trial as well. Now when a trial is available then it can turn out to be quite a blessing for the trader because he can test the features of a platform.

However, this is not the case with iMarketsAcademy. The demo facility is not available so the trader cannot identify the loopholes of this system and this is where the things go wrong for the trader. The investor should not make the mistake of signing up with this system otherwise there will be a lot on the line for him.

How the trader should judge iMarketsAcademy?

After reading the review one thing must be clear to the trader and that is this system is a scam. If the investor has any doubts then he can even judge things on his own. For example, he can look at the website and match the flaws that have been identified in this review.

The biggest flaw about this trading system is that even after going through the video and the website, the trader is clueless what this system is all about. When the trader has no clue about a trading system then it is undoubtedly a scam.

All the facts on the website are misleading. Thus the trader should not get carried away by the profits displayed. The investor should use his discretion if he is serious about trading and wants to carve his mettle in this niche. This will be the right thing to do.

Now coming to the conclusion and that is the investor should not sign up with iMarketsAcademy. This trading platform will ruin the trader’s trading career. The investor needs to make the wise trading decisions. He should explore better trading alternatives and look for those trading bots that enjoy credibility in the market.

The investor needs to understand one thing clearly and that is it is not easy to trade without having knowledge about a trading platform. If the investor makes this mistake then he will end up facing losses and will not be able to earn.

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