Immediate Advantage App Review: $2,200 per Day Scam?

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Immediate Advantage App Review: $2,200 per Day Scam?

Immediate Advantage App is a cryptocurrency scam that targets novice traders in the market. The platform uses a fictional character as its founder. The person who is allegedly running this Ponzi scheme is Edwin James. The system is not new to us as it keeps re-emerging over and over again.

It is a clone website that will change their domain name after being exposed. They use the funds of new investors to pay up their old investors. The platform market itself as a crypto trading software that will make you rich within no time.

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Immediate Advantage App claims that it exploits the market, looking for better opportunities to profit their customers. The return that the project is ridiculous, which even their competitors cannot attain. Additionally, the firm state that they are the best in the market. Unfortunately, these claims are false and misleading.

The company promises daily profits ranging from $950 up to $2200. There is a huge misconception going around that cryptocurrency is an investment that can make you rich overnight. The mindset is wrong and unrealistic. Many factors are involved, and to make money, you must have the patience virtue and perform thorough research to help you determine the legit cryptocurrency companies.

Immediate Advantage App does not avail of its performance report that can help to determine how they have been doing in the market. Therefore, if they can’t validate their outcome, it only means they are bluffing.

The platform is being run by a professional con artist who knows the right word to use to entice you into giving them funds. Investors can avoid falling victim to such entities by educating themselves on how the cryptocurrency niche operates.

Immediate Advantage App Review

Apart from this website being fraudulent, they failed to avail sufficient data on how it earns such high returns for investors. Let us be realistic if anyone were able to design a website that has a high capability of earning you such profits they wouldn’t share with the public.

Immediate Advantage App Review, Platform

It is even more suspicious when Immediate Advantage App cannot certify their returns. The return will only be visible on your dashboard; however, when it comes to making the withdrawal the process, we’ll have some hitches.

There’s no much information when it comes to the amount of money that you should deposit. However, the Ponzi scheme will ask you for a $250 deposit, which you will never be able to recover. They will go ahead and refer you to scam brokerage companies.

Immediate Advantage App will get a certain commission while you will be subjected to losing your funds. They do not state the requirement that you have to meet to issue a withdrawal. Moreover, this venture does not have an FAQ  or a disclaimer page.

Hence, you will invest blindly without knowing what you are getting yourself into. There is no single advantage that comes to venturing with this Ponzi scheme.

Founder of Immediate Advantage App

The company presents its founder as Edwin James. They do not feature an image or the qualification that he possesses in the investment sector. We took it upon ourselves to research whether he has any social media presence. However, we found that he doesn’t exist; hence you will be dealing with an anonymous person.

Moreover, he only uses a voice-over video to communicate with potential investors, and this is someone that does not want to uncover his real identity because they are running an illegal business. It makes you wonder why would someone who has the capability of earning traders such a profit chooses to remain discreet. It would be better if they credit the team behind the operation, especially the developer who was able to design ‘the top-notch software.’

However, since this platform is not legit, they will ensure to cover all their traces to avoid being put behind bars. Walk away from any platform that is similar to this company.

Endorsement from shady marketers

Immediate Advantage App is one Investment company that is not left behind when it comes to using promoters to avail false information. These people will encourage you to deposit your fund with this firm for you to earn high returns.

Owe unto those who fall for this tactic as they will only end up losing money. The marketers are paid to write positive content, use adverts, and make videos praising the software. However, they will not avail of proof of payment. Hence, you should not believe a word they say.

If indeed, Immediate Advantage App is as profitable as they claim, then everyone should be depositing funds in their system. Unfortunately, this is not the case as you are dealing with scammers.

False Testimonials

In addition to all this, Immediate Advantage App also utilizes the strategy of presenting false testimonials. During our research, we encountered multiple alleged investors claiming to have made a fortune by utilizing this company.

Sadly, the platform is using stock images and bogus stories to gain your trust. They steal images online to insinuate that people are making money when, in reality, this is a losing system. No individual has received a return from this Ponzi scheme.

The company will say anything and showcase every false data so long as they appear legit. Unfortunately for them, we have seen several entities enter and exit the market within the shortest time possible. When they are exposed, their website will stop functioning.

Regulatory Status

Immediate Advantage App is operating on their own accord. Any corporate or regulatory body does not supervise the company in the market. Investing in unregulated entities is very dangerous as they don’t offer fund safety.

We closely examine their website, and unfortunately, we did not find any license certificate. We also checked with the various financial watchdog in the market to see if they are permitted to carry out its investment venture.

Sadly, the company did not appear in any of its databases. For your own safety, keep off this firm because they will refer you to unregulated brokers in the market. You will, therefore, end up risking sharing your personal info with notorious scammers.

Contact Detail

Immediate Advantage App is the bragging of earning investors a fortune, yet they don’t have enough funds to employ the customer support team. The company does not have any contact details that can help to track them down.

On their website, they don’t disclose their office location or any form of communication. Investors should ask themselves how they will be able to resolve any issues that might arise when there is no way of reaching the platform. Invest only with a transparent company. They will be more reassuring, especially when you know that your funds are in safe hands.

Final Verdict

The platform is a messy scam that lacks originality. We have seen similar companies enter and exit the market after stealing a high amount of money. Any expert trader will keep off such an entity because there is no investment taking place.

Nonetheless, despite the industry being plagued by scammers, there are legit investment entities. The companies will help you attain your financial goal without compromising your safety. Immediate Advantage App only has red flags that should serve as a warning to anyone considering to give them a chance

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