Immediate Bitcoin Review: Another Crypto Scam

Immediate Bitcoin Review: Another Crypto Scam

Immediate Bitcoin is a platform that makes vast claims. Unfortunately, they cannot attest to anything that they promise investors. The platform is using a fictional character known as Edwin James. We tried checking if this individual exists on the various social media platform.

Sadly, we did not find any person with a financial background that is a founder of this company. Therefore, The entity is operating fully anonymous. The Ponzi scheme proclaims that it can generate daily profits ranging from $950 up to $2,200.

Immediate Bitcoin brags that it is the most intelligent digital currency software. Multiple scams are operating in this similar manner. They will ask for your email and name for them to start generating high returns.

The company only wants to steal funds from innocent investors. They do not have any services or products that they are offering to investors. The person behind this entity only has a fantasy that will never come to pass.

The profits of the firm project are way out of this world. Even legit crypto trading software in the market do not estimate anything close to these figures. Immediate Bitcoin has partnered with several options brokers in the market.

During our research, we realized that they are connecting investors to brokers that have been blacklisted by regulatory bodies. They promise quick riches to traders, which is not realistic. There is no shortcut when it’s come to Bitcoin trading.

Immediate Bitcoin Review

We are used to investment ventures that are operating like immediate Bitcoin. The company lacks originality. Expert traders will identify the loophole within seconds and will never deposit their money is such a firm.

Immediate Bitcoin Review, Platform

To make money in the cryptocurrency niche, it is easy. First, you need to familiarize yourself with how the market operates. By identifying the features of various currencies and the concept behind the electronic money, you will never fall victim to this Ponzi scheme.

Then you have to determine whether a platform is legit or just another scam. The promises that Immediate Bitcoin is only meant for marketing purposes. It becomes easy to lure innocent individuals into a shady company.

Most likely, novice traders are the targeted victim by the Ponzi scheme. The entity is determined to present false information trying to win over new customers. You should not be surprised when you encounter false information insinuating that this is a legit entity.

Usually, they claim to have been featured on various news outlets. Additionally, the company proclaims that investors have become rich by using their application. Do not buy the narrative as you will only end up losing funds.

Immediate Bitcoin Mode of Operation

The company does not go into detail to elaborate on the mechanism that they are using to yield high returns. Investors are left in the dark. The company is only hiding behind technology to insinuate; that is how they are generating profit.

The platform proclaims that it is the best in the market. However, the entity fails to show investors why they should settle with them and not their competitors. There is a connection between this Ponzi scheme and the others that we have reviewed in the past.

They thrive in anonymity, and there is also no trading results available. Without knowing how Immediate Bitcoin operates, settling with this entity will be an unwise decision. The company is infamously known to offer fraudulent services.

They lack a good reputation; the only thing we can get from investors is complaints. The entity makes its income by getting commission from unregulated brokers. Avoid any platform that looks like this one for the sake of your money safety.

False Endorsement

Immediate Bitcoin provide fake reviews on their website. If you pay attention to the information that is left behind, you will realize that it is untrustworthy. Usually, the Ponzi scheme steal images on the internet to make it appear they are profitable.

They will write all the good stuff, and you will not encounter even single negative feedback. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on this information to make a judgment. We always recommend investors to check for testimonials at that party websites.

Furthermore, Immediate Bitcoin uses fake news, which is another strategy to fish for victims. Kindly note that no celebrity in the world has endorsed this company. The Ponzi scheme understands that it is easy to convince naive investors using famous personalities.

Contact Details

The person behind this platform has made sure he had not left any traces. Therefore, it is going to be hard for the authority to prosecute them. They do not indicate their official address. The company is only filled with fluff text, which is not beneficial to anyone.

Why would anyone venture with a platform that does not have customer support services? The red flags are evidence that these people only care about themselves. Immediate Bitcoin is a dirty Ponzi scheme that will not fulfill their promises.

They claim that the software only trades during profitable times. The worst mistake that you can make in the market is to trust an unregulated entity. They go against the law willingly without minding their customers.

Red Flags with Immediate Bitcoin

The company has acquired unfavorable reviews from legit investors. You should not test the waters with this Ponzi scheme because you will only end up losing your initial capital.

The trading software allegedly has an accuracy of 98.9% in all their trades. Unfortunately, Immediate Bitcoin has not availed any financial report. Their claim is baseless and unverified. The software is allegedly free, and you don’t have to deposit any amount.

However, this is not correct as you have to deposit a minimal amount of $250 at the platform they partner with. Scammers have plagued the digital currency market making absurd promises which they never attain.

The company claims it has zero risk opportunities that they are offering to their customers. It is important to note that digital currency comes with multiple risks due to volatility. You should not take Immediate Bitcoin seriously.

Investors’ fund is not safe at the hands of the scammers. They use every technique to try and win your trust. However, the platform lacks transparency. We do not know the people who are responsible for their operation.

You will only invest with them and end up regretting the mistake. The greedy traders will make huge losses by chasing what does not exist. They are not regulated; hence they will do whatever they please. Additionally, no corporate oversees its operation.

Final Verdict

Investors who do not have any relevant skills in the market will end up becoming a victim of this Ponzi scheme. You need to be very keen to avoid losing money. They make it appear as though they are trading multiple assets in markets like Forex and cryptocurrency.

The platform is not credible and has characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. If you gain relevant knowledge, you will never become a victim of a Ponzi scheme. Be on the lookout for such entities are they are very tactical with the information they present.

Ensure that your venture with a trustworthy investment platform in the market. This platform will help you to generate a reasonable amount of profit without compromising your safety. However, Immediate Bitcoin only makes you lose money.

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