Immediate Edge App Review: is Scam?

Immediate Edge App Review: is Scam?

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Immediate Edge crypto trading software is a scam. The presentation is done by someone called Edwin James. As you all know, this is a pseudo which the person behind this website is using to hide their faces from the world. In other words, the developer is anonymous because they are using marketers with pseudo names to trick newbie traders with this fake trading bot. Immediate Edge crypto trading software is supposed to help us trade Crypto currencies for profits and it is free. This is quite weird because common logic states that if it is a good robot, it can’t be free. There is no way a developer can work hard to create a profitable software only to offer it for free on the internet.

The software is supposed to make crazy profits even if the trend is falling. That is indeed how people trade and there is no need to state the obvious. However, what you should know is that this software won’t make you money regardless of how you think about it. This software can allegedly make 950 USD to 2200 USD per day. That is another funny statement because for one, we don’t know where they are getting these estimates from. One has to use a trading bot in order to explore and know its capabilities. While doing so, the broker where this software is being used at will document the results which we can be shown in a trading statement. So one of the things that we will be demanding in this review is a trading statement or at least some evidence that this software has been performing well by making the people we see on the website rich.

Immediate Edge

There are many reasons as to why we believe Immediate Edge crypto trading software is just another cheap scam. Before you even think that this software can make a penny, you need to ask yourself several questions. In the meantime, we are asking that if you want to trade Crypto currencies, you should go to this page and pick the relevant software for that purpose. We have vetted the trading apps which are available on that page and you therefore have no reason to fear about anything.

Immediate Edge crypto trading software review

The sales pitch is misleading since it claims that this software makes it mathematically impossible to lose a trade. How is that possible in the first place? We are just wondering because in trading, losing is part of the game. If we are trading CFDs, we only need to ensure that our win rate is at least above 50%. In Forex trading, the story is different but one thing you have to understand is that there will be no day a professional trader will count wins without a single loss. Therefore, this sales page is quite misleading. You just don’t have time for deceptive sales pitch. If you ignore these red flags, then you will also be ignoring the fact that this sales page is misrepresenting facts and is intending to scam users who do not know anything about trading.

Immediate Edge crypto trading software is designed to use abritrage trading which essentially means that it detects price changes and quickly buys in one exchange and sells in another to make a profit. This is a very popular concept on the internet nowadays. But you have to understand that this type of trading does not guarante profits at the end of the day, let alone guaranting that not a single trade will be lost. And if this is the case, we cannot be guaranteed of anything due to the reasons that there are sometimes problems with delayed executions, lack of depth in the market and so on. These problems ensure that no specific trader can use arbitrage to make millions for themselves.

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Fake quotes

Immediate Edge Crypto software even goes ahead to write fake quotes from people like Bill Gates and the Winklewoss twins. One thing you must know is that none of these people said that making money is easy with Crypto currencies. Now, if the operator of this website can mislead you with a fake quote, do you think they will be able to deliver on the promises which they are giving on the sales page? This is not possible.

More red flags

In a bid to convince gullible internet users, this site has added fake reviews and customer testimonials which obviously did not endorse this product. They used stock photos and edited the description with their own words. So everything about this information is fake. There is no fact at all. For that reason, we are quite scared. We don’t believe this scam will make you any money.

How Immediate Edge Crypto app works

It is intended to steal your money and this is how it happens: you will sign up and deposit some money with their affiliated brokers. This is usually $250 or more. Once you have deposited this money, you will be asked to start trading where you will be presented with an automated system that trades your money at the push of a button. Because the software is not designed to do any special calculations, you can be sure that whatever it does, it keeps losing money. Maybe you can win one or two trades. But majority of the trades won’t make you any money. So in the end, you will lose all your deposit. Meanwhile, the scammer will have receieved their compensation because they tricked you into investing with a fake broker.

Our best advice for you

It is easy to spot what works from what doesn’t. In this case, there are lots of fake details pertaining to this software. We are actually afraid that this thing will even steal your credit card information and use it to commit fraud in the future. If you want to invest, think twice about the rogue software that online vendors sell to you. Instead of signing up for Immediate Edge crypto trading software, make use of the following software for trading Crypto currencies. 

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  1. IMMEDIATE EDGE , realmente es una estafa, yo vivo en Perú, y las personas que pusieron en la propaganda no son de Perú , tienen apellidos y rasgos que no corresponden. mucho cuidado.

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