Income Recipe Review: is a Scam

Income Recipe Review: is a Scam

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Income Recipe is allegedly a trading program that can automate trading and make you $10,000 per day in profit. This is supposed to be guaranteed income as long as you use Income Recipe for trading. The trading app is pitched by someone who wants us to believe that their name is Peter Anderson. Peter Anderson does not appear to be the real name of the person who does the presentation of this software. On top of that, they claim that Income Recipe was designed by professional traders and expert software developers. It is presented as a state of the art trading solution that helps traders monitor the markets and identify trading opportunities.

Currently, Income Recipe is promoted in all countries around the world with the exception of a few countries only. The countries where this software is targeting include  Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and United Kingdom. This program has become very popular which is why we decided to review it and let you know whether it can be a good trading program for your needs. They also claim that this software can be configured with the desired settings so that a trader can let it trade according to their preference.

Now, the strangest thing is that Income Recipe is free and does not cost anything to use. This is too good to be true. There is no way a software that claims to generate thousands of dollars a day can be offered for free as if the developers never worked hard and invested resources into it. Before you believe this lie, you should figure out that this already sounds weird and we should be asking questions like why this software is being offered free of charge. We already smell a rat because when the deal is too sweet, we always need to think twice. In case you need a decent trading program, this list of trading software can help you find premium trading apps that can generate real profits for you. Do not depend on free software to make profits because most of them are scams especially if their websites are characterized with so many red flags.

Income Recipe review

Income Recipe is just your regular scam that promises impossible things while at the same time targeting your wallet. The trick is so simple to pull. We will show you how this software operator plans to scam you. One question you should ask yourself is whether a random stranger on the internet can let people access such a ”good” opportunity for free. If you believe that a good software is lying somewhere on the internet for free, then you have a serious problem and you probably deserve what’s coming to you.


As for us, we don’t believe that a developer who works hard to create good trading apps can distribute copies for free. It is not making any sense. Anyone who claims to have this type of software is definitely considering scamming you and that’s the plain truth. Let’s start with this man called Peter Anderson. He is not a very trustworthy person because of the obvious reasons. This guy is giving his audience a personal guarantee that this software will generate thousands of dollars per day.

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Well, what is this personal guarantee? A personal guarantee should be backed by something tangible which unfortunately has not been provided. This is just an empty promise and secondly, who is this guy? The website claims he is a MIT graduate but in his fake bio, he claims to have not attended any college or university and that he is not even a mathematician. So who is this guy?

Based on the contradictions that are found on this website, we can say that this is just a fictitious character who has been created by scammers to help sell a bogus trading app in the name of Income Recipe. You can’t believe a fictitious character backed by a stock photo. These people will cheat you because behind that website, there is a scammer who is targeting your bank account. You need to be extremely vigilant and question their motives and lies.

The fake testimonials

This is a typical element of all scams that operate like the Income Recipe website. The sales video introduces us to strange faces of people who claim to have made a lot of money with this app. Are these people real? Is there any proof of income that can be used to back the testimonials and reviews which they are showing the world? We are afraid that these claims cannot be backed by any income evidence.

By the way, all of the people who appear on this video are strangers and there is also no evidence to ascertain that they are associated with Income Recipe software. So they are basically lying because they were paid to do so. These people were possibly hired from Fiverr for a few bucks and they were able to create false videos which the owner of this scam then uploaded on their website for purposes of deceiving internet randoms who think that making money on the web is free.

Also, if you check the internet to try ascertain the truth, you will find several reviews of the Income Recipe but they are all fake because the people who promote this app are paid to do so. Therefore, it is normal for them to mislead internet users with their fake reviews that have no verified facts.

How do they plan to scam you?

It is so simple. The Income Recipe is the regular scam, and its tricks are so simple. You are required to register with an unregulated broker. To do so, they must promise you thousands of dollars per day. The scammers will aggressively push you to deposit a minimum amount of $250 which you shall lose anyway.

Our best advice for you

You can’t be this naive. Even common sense should tell you that this thing does not feel right. Stick to proper trading tools.

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