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Income Mentor Box claims to be an alleged trading website you can use to learn about trading. The company claims both new and experienced investors can benefit from the investment firm.

The firm claims to be an opportunity to earn profits from the Forex market, yet the method they use to generate the income is not known to the investor.

Income mentor box features similar scam characteristics like the use of fake videos to attract investors.The videos are just actors who are paid to spread fake praises of possible profit returns. The investment firm showcases numerous red flags that are visible to any keen investor, and you risk losing money once you fall for the catch.

Income Mentor Box claims that the founder, Andrew, who is an experienced trader, runs the whole platform. No history of the past trade record, for the alleged founder has been given to prove his experience.

The founder of Income Mentor Box was allegedly was a day trader who claims via his methods investors are guaranteed full profit within a short period. Scam companies use to get rich claims to lure investors into depositing funds into the account.

The main beneficiaries of Income Mentor Box are the real platform owners, and the only returns you may get are losses on your hard-earned funds.The platform uses a marketing strategy of videos to attract more investors into believing their deals.

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The platform founder claims to have attracted thousands of students in his training program. No evidence, however, has been provided to back up these allegations. Not only does the founder of the company brag of having thousands of clients, but he also claims that they have made millions by applying his trading strategies.

The investment firm promise clients training videos trade calls eBooks, among other tools that you can use to learn to trade. The platform claims to offer investors trading signals for forex CFDs and stocks and indices. Review claims to use indicators such as Metatrader 4, yet this is just a lie the platform uses to attract you into their scam. The platform features the use of stock images; these images are fake people, and they do not even know of the company’s existence.

A legit Forex trading company always provides details of the employees and the educational background to boost investors’ trust. Who is operating your funds under Income Mentor Box is anonymous, and you risk losing money to scammers?

Moreover, for you to start learning to trade, you have to pay $360 as the minimum amount to access the learning material.

The amount this platform charges is extremely high, and without a backup of these allegations, you will lose your money. Review, Income mentor box. Platform

The investment firm claims to offer different trading modules to investors, yet no strong trade evidence is provided to assert these allegations.The platform founder is not a verified trader according to research, and this only proves that his methods and not work to generate the required profit.

The platform targets desperate investors looking for quick money earning strategies, and you may end up falling for the catch. You should only trust the legit platforms that are transparent the method of operation, and that truly showcase successful trading lessons.


Income Mentor Box is a definite Ponzi scheme that uses fake testimonials of happy investors who claim to have earned money from the company.

The trait is common among pyramid schemes, and you should be aware and keep off once you notice such traits. The names of these customers are just made up, and the pictures are taken randomly without the owners’ knowledge.

Legit platforms always provide legitimate trading testimonies from real customers; this boosts customers’ trust level. You may be shocked to find out that these numbers are mostly paid actors, or some of them don’t even have an idea of this company’s existence.

Funds Safety

Income Mentor Box has not showcased any banking information, and once you lose your money, getting track of who or where your money went is a hard task.

The platform has also not provided any banking location, and this outlines shadiness in their dealing. No evidence of any successful lessons has been provided to you, and this is a major warning to stay away from this site.

The platform claims to have made numerous millionaires, yet no evidence of any successful withdrawal is available to convince you into depositing money.

Once this platform has your money, they will easily delete your details and block you from reaching them. Legit trading companies are always transparent with customer funds.

Regulation and Customer Support

This Ponzi scheme is not regulated, and once they achieve their target, they easily go out of the market. Unregulated companies easily go against the set guidelines by different authorities in different countries as they are hardly traced.

The founders, once they are caught by the legal authorities and the members who spread false allegations of risk facing criminal prosecutions.It is illegal for any investment firm to generate funds from the public without regulatory details.

The legit company always provides the address to prove the genuineness; this is not the case for this platform hence making it a scam company. No contact email support provided to you, and in case you require assistance, it is hard to get the required help.

The company has fake founders to hide the details, as this is the main goal in scam companies. Nothing this platform offers you makes sense, and you should ignore all offers a platform claims to offer you.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform was registered on 2020 November, and the registration expires in 2020 the same month. The domain name is

Final Verdict is not a legit learning tool or a forex trading platform. Not only do you risk losing funds but also personal information to criminals. Who is handling your funds is not known, and the platform does not guarantee you funds Safety.

The platform provides no evidence to back up their claims, including the founders’ past trade background. The use of fake testimonials and stock images only proves murkiness in the company and that you will learn nothing from the company.

The support system this platform offers is a thumbs down and only raises more doubts. The method the platform plans to use to teach you is not known, and also no evidence of any successful millionaire the company claims to have made is provided.

The founders of the platform risk facing criminal prosecution once they are caught by the law for the illegal business and generating money from the public. Only use a legit platform for learning trading methods and get methods that work and generate profits. The company founder claims to have made millions, yet no evidence of any receipt or any true money made.

This investment may be considered as a waste of space as nothing they do or promise to offer makes perfect sense. Legit Forex companies will always provide details of the past payments to investors to assert transparency.

The learning materials this platform overview are free materials that you can access anywhere on the internet without having to pay. You should, however, only pay for materials that you cannot access anywhere, and that guarantees you pleasing results.

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13 Replies to “ Review: Is Income Mentor Box Scam?”

  1. I used to think this guy was genuine but the more I watched him the more questions I had as some of what he says is so inconsistent. What I can tell you is that if you politely ask awkward or probing questions by email he doesn’t reply. If you do the same on his youtube channel you just get blocked. I think that says enough. Also he is stil peddling loads of autotraders – with the usual affiliation sign ups. It says all I need to know…avoid

    1. I did his course and his signal channel were not his signals..Je was copying them from another group i was in,thats how i found out

  2. I watched some of his videos on youtube. I also did think about signing up to his course and to get the free telegram trade alerts. However I was watching his last video where he was using Fibonacci which in itself is not wrong, but how he was using it to justify past setups was wrong. The past setups were actually BEFORE the low that he ran the Fibonacci to, so in effect had not occurred at the fib levels he was claiming. When I posted on his youtube and asked why he was doing that and wouldn’t it be better just to use support levels where they had later turned to resistance, he deleted my post, blocked me on youtube which in fact has done me a big favour, because I don’t have to listen to his jabbering on and also made me look further into his credibility

  3. Guys this guy is a absolute scam artist. He has a degree marketing,and the scumbag is copying signals from another group and putting them on his telegram group..Money wasted..Total dirtbag. I have screenshots of his copied signals

  4. Definitely tricky scammer. Only lure you to pay the not refundable fee. Those signals have huge SL. Some of the entries are stupid if you have a little bit experience

  5. Just letting you guys know, I told Andrew that I’m deaf and is in great need of his captioned videos. Guess what? He refused to make any of his videos courses into a captioned video. I don’t understand 1 w*** in any of his courses. I paid $299 for his “d****” work doing nothing for me. Not even sending me a transcript of the courses videos. Demanding a refund.

  6. I originally paid for the $7 a month fee for ‘Mentorbox’ as well as the $89 for the one time fee for the ‘Audiobook Nuggets’ (incidentally there are only 37 total); the site proceeded to offer me the ONE TIME $20 charge for the ‘Entrepreneur Academy’ and subsequently $59 for the ONE TIME ‘Investment Academy’ of which I accepted both. I was surprised when I was charged all of the above again the next month. I contacted Mentorbox and the claimed that No, it’s a monthly subscription. I was certain that they offered me one time charges for the EA and IA Products because there’s no way I would spend over $1000 a year for brief synopsis of books when for the same amount get 70 or so full audiobooks from; so to ease my now nagging uncertainty, I offered up the question on the ‘Mentorbox Mastermind Facebook’ page of whether this experience was true for anyone else. My post was immediately removed. You’d think if it weren’t true that the Host would allow the question to be raised to prove me wrong. So I posted: “To whoever deleted my post, you have thankfully answered my question and verified my suspicions.” and was met with this: Your post goes against our Community Standards so only you can see it. I have been blocked. Blocked so as not to reveal the deceptive practices of Mentorbox.

  7. I am a member of Income Mentor Box and whether the signals are Andrew’s or somebody else’s doesn’t matter to me because they are spot on. Keep ’em coming.

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