Index Financial Group Review: An Investment Scam

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Index Financial Group Review: An Investment Scam

Index Financial Group is a platform that was launch in 2012, and they are offering financial investment services, two investors. The company brags that they have attained $5 amount of funds from the time they have been in the market.

The platform is dealing with assets like cash equivalents, bonds, and stocks. It has been managing risk relates to these financial assets. The platform state that their main focus is their client interest. Therefore the firm is ready to assist whenever you have any queries.

Index Financial Group claims that they have over five years of experience in the finance sector. Hence, they are offering evaluation and analysis of cutting-edge financial opportunities available in the market. One of their main focus is the security of their customers

The company is maximizing profit while then minimize financial risks. They dedicate their time to conduct thorough research and analyze any opportunity that they can exploit on behalf of their customers

The platform is allegedly offering a professional customer based service. Index Financial Group claim that they have attained an attractive net worth for their customers. Additionally, they help the charitable organization and other financial global institutions in achieving their objectives.

Index Financial Group Review

The company claim that they have a comprehensive governance structure that has been guiding them. According to the firm, they are transparent and accountable, and investor has nothing to worry. The platform has an investment consultancy team which have years of experience in the market.

Index Financial Group Review, Index Financial Platform

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Unfortunately, Index Financial Group fail to present its team to investors. There is no information or profile of the team they are bragging about. Moreover, they state that they observe high integrity levels by venturing and partnering with individuals and other entities who have a common interest.

The company allegedly has an excellent reputation in the market. Sadly, we did not find there Alexis’ global ranking; hence we don’t know the total amount of traffic there are getting. The company is offering several services like venturing capital, real estate, private equity, appreciable returns strategy, and mezzanine debt financing.

Index Financial Group avail detailed information regarding what they are offering. The platform claims that it has met all legal requirements, and they maintain integrity in whatever they do. The reputation that the platform is boasting about seems to be false.

The company does not have any client feedback. Investors seem not to be interested in the services the firm is offering. The platform state that they are venturing into the market that is not yet saturated. They identify strategies that will generate both long-term and short-term returns.

They guarantee that client will have a stable income. Unfortunately, we do not have much faith in this company. The platform does not provide their managerial report for an investor to see the qualification of the team.

Additionally, you cannot verify that this is a profitable venture, as there are no performance reports. You can venture with Forex trading software that you will yield return individually without entrusting your money to anyone.

How Does Index Financial Group Operate

From the look of things, the website is professionally built. Everything seems all right; however, one of the most significant drawdowns is that the company is operating illegally. You cannot suspect that they are involved in illegal activities when you visit their platform.

The people behind Index Financial Group Professional are fraudsters that you cannot suspect. They are only bragging that they are successful because of performing research and analyzing the market. The entity is using a predictive strategy to read statistical data.

The company state that the analysis and research they conduct have essential information that can help investors. They will, therefore, assist you in making a sober decision. Moreover, the platform minimizes risk by assessing the market condition and diversifying a portfolio.

Index Financial Group will manage your investment performance by planning four potential risks that may arise. They want the public to know that they are utilizing experienced professionals in various sectors.

The shady entity proclaims that they have a friendly support team and experienced financial advisers as well as business managers. One of the most significant aspects is to offer high-quality services to investors. Unfortunately, the company is only bluffing, and there is a high possibility that it is a mastermind of an individual.

There is no evidence of them having the team they are boasting about. You should not fall for its scheme without them providing any evidence.

Contact Detail

Index Financial Group is a platform that claims it has offices in Tokyo, Japan. The forum, however, is offering its financial services to investors around the world. You can contact the customer support via telephone number; +81367309489.

You can also reach them via their email address [email protected]. Sadly, the firm is operating against the law. Several financial watchdogs have issued a warning against this entity. FSMA (Financial Service and Markets Authority) has warned a member of the public to stay away from this platform.

They are not regulated to perform their financial services in Belgium. FSMA. Suspect that this is a Ponzi scheme, and they highly advise their citizens not to engage with them.

Additionally, since the platform is based in Japan, the FSA, a financial authority body, has also issued a warning. It is dangerous to venture with a platform that the government has warned you against trading with.

Safety of Funds

Your money is not safe at the hand of this platform. The company does not provide any transparency to its clients or member of the public. Investing with such an entity will only expose you to multiple risks that you never recover from.

The information of the founder is not varied. Without knowing the CEO or the team that is handling your money, create distrust. The information they present does not serve any good because it is filled with fluff text.

They do not disclose the amount that investors need to deposit for them to enjoy their services. You are subjected to calling them to know the fee. The investment platform will have a standardized amount that all the clients can deposit.

The company has been in the market for almost a decade, yet it does not have any reputation. There is no existing feedback from its customers, which raises more suspicion. Index Financial Group is a company that will not offer fund safety to their client. You should be very careful with such an entity.

We cannot find anything positive regarding this entity, and investors should be cautious with this platform because they do not have a regulation document or registration certificate from any government. Therefore, they are operating as they please without being supervised by anyone. There is a high likelihood of Index Financial Group stealing your money.

Final Verdict

Index Financial Group is not as reputable as they claim. Various regulatory bodies in the market have blacklisted the company operation. The platform is acting as if they know all the in and out in the markets. However, they only provide general information that does not amount to anything.

You do not need to venture with such an account, but instead, you can venture with legit Forex trading software in the market to gain profit. Transparency is vital in every form of investment, and you have the right to know what you are getting yourself into.

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