Inertia Trader Review: Scam Or Account Doubling Robot?

Inertia Trader Review: Scam Or Account Doubling Robot?

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Inertia Trader is an ‘account doubling’ expert advisor whose owner, Evan Goldstein, insists that he has on several occasions traded a $200 Forex account to $532,884.62 in a period of less than a year.

He also says that Inertia Trader expert advisor makes money fast while using low risk strategies that can never burn your account.

It seems that Evan Goldstein is selling pure luck here…. if indeed it’s true that he was able to multiple a Forex account several times in his ”3 years” of trading. We doubt that statement because he makes claims which have not been supported with account statements.

This website only publishes myfxbook results for the robot in question. It does not give any data that can be used to verify that indeed this man has multiplied his Forex account several times before.

So today, we will be looking into this expert advisor to determine whether or not it’s profitable as this man puts it. Not only will we review Inertia Trader expert advisor, but we will also provide you with an opportunity to write your comments and testimonials right below this review.

Inertia Trader Review: Should we buy or ignore it?

The man selling Inertia Trader expert advisor only wants to drive one point home. He wants to make his prospective buyers believe that Inertia Trader multiplies Forex accounts without taking any high risk measures.

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The other claim made by this man is that Inertia Trader is not like binary options systems which scam traders of their money. He actually dismisses binary options system, citing that these trading instruments are a scam. Is that true?

Not really. This man just dismissed a tested and proven means of making money online. The fact that he failed in binary options trading does not give him the right to make a blanket judgement on this matter. This only shows how ignorant he is.

So, how will we believe that Inertia Trader expert advisor is the real deal?

To convince the masses, Evan Goldstein says that this robot works with any broker irrespective of whether or not they are ECN.

He is also banking on the promise of no-risk money back guarantee. He says that traders will be able to recover all their money after 60 days of subscription (in the event that they are not satisfied with the performance of this robot).

The robot costs $347, which means that it’s one of the most expensive robots out there. It plays in the same league as Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0 which is by far better and more profitable. In fact, you can’t compare the two in any aspect except when talking in terms of pricing.

The long lecture

Evan Goldstein seems to be very good with his words. He has actually designed a convincing landing page which tells a typical rags-to-riches tale of a man who found a gold mine by accident.

He claims that Inertia Trader expert advisor was discovered by accident, just the same way Penicillin antibiotic was discovered by accident.

It’s the lamest explanation that we have ever heard from any vendor on the internet.

As if this is not enough, Evan Goldstein claims that the reason why you should trade Forex as opposed to Binary options is because big companies like Apple trade Forex. Really?

What does a phone and PC maker have to do with trading Forex? Honestly, only dumb individuals would believe these things. The facts are there, and if you want to prove that this guy is not getting his facts right, just check this information with Google.

The long lecture is manipulative and exploitative as is with most sales pages that offer get-rich-quick Forex opportunities on the internet.

This man obviously wants to make sales. To do so, he has to find a way of convincing you that his product is the real deal — the reason why he is no longer broke and is making thousands of dollars and living life on the first lane.

The entire lecture does not sound real. He is just a good story teller who knows how to make things up. He brings the picture of a wife and an unborn child to make you feel the gravity of his situation before he discovered the so-called Inertia Trader.

The truth is that none of those things ever happened to this guy. You have to understand that he is just using his great fiction writing skills to sell a product on the internet, nothing more.

The strategy used by Inertia Trader EA

The strategy of the Inertia Trader expert advisor is briefly explained on the website — which is a good thing. The problem is that instead of focusing on what this robot does and how it works, 90% of the content on this website focuses on how to identify a profitable Forex system.

We do not think that traders who come to this website really want to learn how to identify a good Forex trading system. There is more than enough materials on this topic out there.

The point is, when you come to this website, you want proof and evidence that Inertia Trader is the answer to what you have been looking for all this while.

He explains that Inertia Trader focuses on price inertia or momentum. When the robot detects that price is rising or dropping steeply, it enters a trade accordingly. However, it also filters any event that may lead to a false momentum. According to Even, this robot will not trade when the momentum is not powerful enough to drive price significantly.

The risk/reward model used by Inertia Trader is very strange because it is different from that which most robots use.

Also, from their myfxbook results, we can see that losses are generally limited to around 25 pips and profits aimed at 25-99 pips maximum.

It also appears that this man often lets winning positions ”breath” a little bit. You see, hard stops are set between 25-50 pips. Sometimes he aims to reach 150 pips take profit.

Thus far, we can say that these trading results are a perfect example of what you’d like to see on your trading account.

But the problem is that you can never simulate these trading results into your real account. Somehow, vendors have a way of showing a successful myfxbook account whose results cannot be mirrored into a real Forex account owned by their clients.

These results are often referred to as hypothetical performance because the vendor recons the fact that a risk of not being able to simulate those results exists.

Why we disqualified Inertia Trader expert advisor

The website uses a get-rich-quick approach to promote the robot. And in this case, their credibility must suffer because all get-rich-quick Forex opportunities have failed traders at some point in time.

inertia trader ea scam results

Also, the myfxbook results which can be seen below belong to this developer. No real user has ever said anything concerning Inertia Trader EA. So we are disadvantaged because even if we were to make a decision based on this system’s performance on other accounts, it would be a futile effort.

inertia trader myfxbook results

Our best advice for you

Inertia Trader EA does not meet our criteria. The developer may have to work around certain issues first before he can win our recommendation. In the meantime, stick to these Forex products.

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  1. Wow! I wasn’t really certain about inertia trade expert advisor, but now I am certain that I wont be choosing them.

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