Inexx Networking Review: Mining and Trading is Not Part of Scam

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Inexx Networking Review: Mining and Trading is Not Part of Scam

Inexx Networking is a scam investment platform. Masquerading as a legit investment idea or startup that oversees the marketing activities of an entity called  INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, Inexx Network believes that they will be able to generate significant and consistent revenue for their investors mainly through trading and mining of Bitcoins.

They also claim to have a robot for trading Bitcoins. This robot was allegedly developed by their programmers who are also experienced in trading Cryptocurrencies as well. The robot in question has been named BTC Pro software. It is supposed to be highly efficient in identifying opportunities for buying and selling Cryptocurrencies for profits. It is also said to be highly efficient in the execution of trading orders. The other source of revenue for Inexx Networking is Bitcoin cloud mining where they claim that users can purchase hashing power from them so they can mine BTC on their behalf in the cloud.

Do they have data centers from which they operate their mining rigs? We will be coming to this shortly?

Inexx Networking Review

On their homepage, Inexx Networking is inviting internet users to be part of the ”vision” for what will allegedly become the biggest startup in the world. Something is wrong with this statement and promise because we do not see any real product that this website is offering.

They claim that one of the areas which they will be investing in is Bitcoin trading and mining. There are several companies that have combined the two activities. They are not the biggest startups in the world. So by telling us that Inexx Networking will be the biggest startup in the world, they are clearly taking it too far.


This website also makes reference of their activities to another platform called INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE. This exchange has been confirmed to be highly unreliable and unsafe. It is virtually a scam. It cannot be trusted, and definitely anyone who is associating their entity with this exchange is definitely a fraud.

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Inexx Networking is therefore operating something that looks more like a ponzi scheme than a trading or a cloud mining company. Although they claim that they are partaking in these two economic activities, there is no evidence that Inexx Networking owns any data centers. This raises the question of how mining of Bitcoins is supposed to happen when no data centers are present within their infrastructure.

They might have the so-called BTC pro software. But again, we need proof of performance. If this robot buys and sells from the aforementioned exchange, we need to see real proof that it makes profits from its buying and selling. We cannot get persuaded based on claims that they have a profitable robot that was developed by ”experienced programmers”. That is the worst way of trying to talk us into buying a robot or participating in one way or the other.

So far, we see that Inexx Networking is fitting the description of a HYIP scam. There is no differentiation at all.

Ownership information

Inexx Networking is not backed by any registered and legal corporation. Nothing is known about the background of this website and its activities. This robs prospective users of the confidence they would have built towards this platform. Moreover, any entity that claims to have mining facilities must be a registered corporation with proven track record of performance.

So far, nothing has been disclosed in relation to Inexx Networking and their data centers. This is an area that they have kept a secret, although they still insist that they are mining Bitcoins as well. We do not believe that this claim is true.

Basically, the operators of this website are 100% anonymous, and they love it that way. You must be thinking that this is weird because indeed it is. There is no way an entity can make these claims when their operators/directors are a top secret. It is suspicious indeed.

An illegal entity

In most parts of the world where trading happens online, there are regulations which require trust fund managers to get a license. According to the description given on the Inexx Networking website, we understand that their services constitute what you’d call investment advisory. This category of service is highly regulated, and the concerned regulators usually require that trust fund managers must seek a license before they can engage in any of these activities.

The problem now is that Inexx Networking does not have a license, yet they are hustling internet users for funds in the name of investing them in trading and mining of Cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is illegal to operate such a business in this manner. Only scammers ask for funds when they can’t show their licensing information. It is illegal and definitely a risk not worth talking. As an investor, you should ask yourself why Inexx Networking does not have a license when they know very well that they should be having one.

Is Inexx Networking a trusted entity?

The main problem with Inexx Networking is lack of transparency. This website simply does not divulge any identifying information that would lead them towards building of their credibility. There is nothing in this website that can suggest that Inexx Networking is a trustworthy operation.

That being said, we are confident that this might be a scam. They have not even revealed what investors should expect to earn on average, their track record in this industry and any other information that can answer the questions of the inquisitive prospective client.

Because of this, we can’t say that Inexx Networking is trustworthy. If anything, this platform is highly suspicious. It’s a risky you are taking if you send them your coins. So do it at your own risk if you decide to take that route.

Our best advice for you

The one thing you should know is that scams operate in a similar manner to Inexx Networking. This trend is unmistakable. You need to find something that is highly reliable and even sustainable. Inexx Networking is not one of them.

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?
    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Mychargeback consultation today:

    Fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company

  2. Ben moi je dis quand on ne connait pas et que l’on fait un article sur du on dit , on ferait mieux ne rien dire

    1. Et bien moi je peux le dire parce que j ai été abusé se sont des voleurs et d’ailleurs à l heure d aujourd hui le site à disparu

  3. Les dirigeants sont tellement anonymes que j’ai été dans leur bureau, que je leur ai serré la main, que j’ai vu leur robot de trading tourner et qu’ils m’ont payer 2 fois le resto avec mes partenaires. A voir ma petite vidéo de vacances à Lisbonne. A partir de 3:02 Au passage, la peteforme de trading n’est pas encore opérationnelle ^^ Faite aussi des recherches sur la plateforme Binance, ça vaut aussi le détour ^^

  4. Bon, pour moi, j’aime bien les boite dite de scam qui paye, continbuez, si tous les scam etait comme ça et payé, ce serait génial. Quand on ne connait pas et que l’on fait ce genre d’analyse bidon, ont ce tait

  5. Hay alguna persona activa en esta plataforma en España que pueda darme los datos fiscales de INEXX para solicitar su actividad fiscal, ya que estoy interesado en operar con ellos

          1. Soy de México y les puedo decir que lamento mucho no haber podido invertir antes en esto, aquí el tiempo es dinero, no confiaba mucho en el sistema, pero algunos conocidos y mi papá invirtieron, ya que es poca la inversión inicial y al perderla no sería mucho, tengo presentaciones donde están las fotos y nombres de los incógnitos que se mencionan en el artículo, se explica a detalle el funcionamiento, videos de el sistema funcionando, y sobre todo testimonios de gente que ha generado dinero de esta “estafa” se pueden comunicar conmigo al +521 442 177 8405 y les puedo proporcionar la información que necesiten, o darlos de alta en el sistema si les interesa…

  6. Sois muy estúpidos, frustrados, intoxicadores y difamadores
    Es fácil de acusar sin fundamentos ni pruebas….
    Tenéis miedo de la competencia porque los de INEXX son muy buenos en lo que hacen.

    Ni sois tan los demás somos tan tontos

  7. Bueno ninguna minería paga esa cantidad de dinero diaria menos por mes, no se como se financia. Los costos de ingreso son altos lo único que puede hacerse es colocar el dinero en inversiones fiables o ser un esquema piramidal que los primeros son los que ganan muchísimo dinero pero los que entran luego poco o nada. Tengo algunas dudas seguiré investigando antes de invertir

      1. Si tienes información compartela sino mejor no digas nada.
        Nos interesa saber datos reales. Y mejor si hay link. Es importante alertar, no es justo que pase algo malo a otras personas.

          1. hola como esta?quisiera información por fa hace poco me uní a inexx… pero veo tanto comentario que ya me da miedo invertir

  8. The inexx company has scammed Africans by not allowing us to make withdrawals meanwhile those in Portugal are and countries outside African continent are able to withdraw every day without limitation

  9. Всем привет!Называйте как хотите,хайп или пирамида.Хорошо бы если все мошенники такие были,я зарабатываю спокойно вывожу деньги,спасибо админам за уникальный инструмент для прибыли

  10. you guys are soooo wrong!!! they dont do mining!!!!heck those l**s are not good!!!!I have been with the company for the past three months and I have made over $6000USD with Inexx and I have been able to cash it without any issue, please check out my channel and videos specilally the new presentation 2019, or write me on my messenger :


  12. Soy de México, y tengo ya varios meses invirtiendo mi dinero en esta compañía (INEXX), y actualmente sigo generando ganancias… Queda más que claro que la información descrita en esta página solo es para desprestigiar a INEXX CLUB EXCHANGE, la información es totalmente falsa… Las ganancias son maravillosas y el pago de la compañía es puntual de lunes a viernes… Si hay alguien interesado en recibir más detalles, con toda confianza pueden enviarme mensaje a mi whatsapp
    (01 656 196 5672) y con todo gusto les doy información sobre cómo funciona y el metodo de pago que tienen

    1. Con todo mi respeto, pero no puede tachar de acusaciones falsas si usted no reside en ese país, puesto que primero fueron los africanos y ahora somos los españoles los que sufrimos el bloque de cuentas y seguramente acabarán quedándose con nuestro dinero. Esto es una cadena, a los españoles nos pagaron parte de lo invertido ccon el dinero de los africanos y a ustedes os están pagando con el nuestro

  13. Tengo ya varios meses de haber invertido mi dinero en INEXX y mis ganancias siguen siendo maravillosas… Es claro que todo esta información descrita en esta página es falsa queriendo desprestigiar a esta gran compañía INEXX que paga puntualmente de lunes a viernes… Si alguien aquí, está [email protected] en recibir información sobre cómo funciona y como son los pagos, puede escribirme con toda confianza a mi whatsapp, al
    número 01 656 196 5672 (mi nombre es Sergio) y con gusto le doy detalles…?????

  14. Entiendo el miedo a la desinformación, en lo personal, asumo un riesgo, porque es un riesgo, hay riesgos especulativos, el bitcoin es volátil, las plataformas van y vienen, inexx hoy cumple un año, si fuera otra, ya hubiera desaparecido a los meses
    de no funcionar. ¿no crees?? eso hay que saber, pero hay riesgos puros que ahí estás destinado a perder….pero bien informado, no tengas miedo, mejor infórmate bien, se que es una excelente empresa, no te impacientes, lo minimo que podras ganar en caso de que rindan cuentas mochas, será el aprendizaje, eso nadie te lo va a quitar. ánimo!!

  15. Estoy dentro y despues de casi 5 meses he recuperado lo que meti a duras penas, es un esquema ponzi, han hecho muchisimos cambios de un dia para otro, sin avisar casi de la noche a la mañana, mi consejo es que no os metais,es una estafa y sobre todo arancha de zaragoza, no hace mas que meter a gente y se esta quedando con su dinero, eres una mentirosa y una embustera, y ojala todo lo que has ganado a costa de los demas, te lo hagan tragar en monedas de centimo,

  16. Los retiros están pendientes desde el viernes. Tiene pinta de que cerrará el chiringuito pronto… Que no se le ocurra a nadie entrar…

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