Infinite Prosperity Scam: Warning Review

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Infinite Prosperity Scam: Warning Review

Do you want to learn the trading secrets of a 21-year old Forex millionaire? No problem. You can find her on Infinite-Prosperity, a Forex educational website that has curved out a niche in making young people millionaires.

Apparently, this 20-something year old ‘millionaire’ is more than willing to reveal the secrets of how you can buy your Lamborghini with easy Forex money.

The lives of Amy Sangster and her co-sales person, Lewis Mocker, are full of fantasy. To them, money is never a problem. The world is their oyster.

And their trading secrets can be learned for only $549. This fee will be your ticket to financial freedom.

But wait, something is quite suspicious here. Why are these folks advertising easy Forex money when we know that trading is not about making instant wealth the way a magician turns a loaf of bread into a Tortoise shell in the blink of an eye?

These people must be lying to the members of the public. And the aim is to steal their money.

An in-depth research has revealed that the domain was founded in 2012.

However, this website only came to our attention recently. And we thought that it was worth talking about it in this review.

infinite prosperity review

Infinite Prosperity Review

The first thing we realize is that Amy Sangster and her partner are very clever sales people. They have mastered the art of marketing. Their presentation is epic, and could convince just about anyone looking for quick money making opportunities on the internet.

In the past, we have always maintained a long list of ”trading gurus and educators”. This list helps us to sort them out according to the traffic and keywords that drive people to their websites.

We always monitor these sites on Google to determine the amount of traffic that they are possibly receiving. Once that is done, we can decided to write about a particular program (the ones that receive the most traffic) to warn people against falling for their tricks.

Now, suppose a site ranks on the first page of Google for the phrase ”FX Trading”, what you might not be aware of is that 12,000 people on average use this exact keyword to search for Forex trading opportunities each month.

And a click originating from someone using this exact keyword can cost $18. By all estimates, this is a valuable keyword, and advertisers are actually willing to compete just to pay this amount and get the right amount of exposure.

So, why is this relevant? It’s relevant because Infinite Prosperity ranks very well for some of these competitive keywords. And when we estimate the current traffic that Infinite Prosperity receives, it can be in the zone of 50,000 visitors each month.

This is quite impressive. In fact, Infinite-Prosperity website ranks better than all the websites that we have been reviewing here.

As time went by, we kept monitoring their traffic. This traffic kept growing by the day. We were actually perplexed at how these duo were able to maintain such a high number of visitors coming to their site.

So, let’s have a little conversation about their trading products.

What do they offer?

The first thing that we noticed with the Infinite Prosperity website is that they talked less about Forex trading and educational program. We had to dig deeper into the site to be able to discover that they actually had a program which they were selling for $549.

Amy Sangster of Infinite Prosperity and the products which she claims to offer

But in addition to selling this trading course for that amount, Infinite Prosperity was selling an advisory service for $60 per month.

As we continued to peruse our way in, we noticed that Infinite Prosperity was not talking of performance. On top of that, the site does not have a live trading room or anything related to Forex trading. Unlike most scams of this nature, the Infinite Prosperity website does not even talk about economics or the driving force behind the Forex market and how people can capitalize on such factors to make money.

In short, this website was devoid of actual Forex and related information — which seemed rather odd to us. Then, how come that this site was receiving such massive traffic, despite not talking about Forex?

How come that Infinite Prosperity website keeps receiving a big traffic related to Forex trading when in fact no Forex trading is going on here? One would wonder.

Then it suddenly dawned on us that these guys were not selling any Forex trading educational program. What they were selling is a ”lifestyle of Forex trading”.

The owners of Infinite Prosperity were selling imagery and fantasy. They were selling a lifestyle where a Forex trader is making millions in a short time and having the best life that a human being could have in this planet.

In fact, we noticed that these people were spending zero time and efforts to talk about market economics, events and such like things which immensely contribute to market movement. Up to now, this website has shunned talking about Forex trading.

As it currently stands, this website seems to have been designed to only appeal to the Forex newbie who thinks that becoming rich is easy as long as you’re trading Forex.

They like a certain segment of the internet population. These are people who have zero financial experience and knowledge of how the Forex market functions.

They are targeting people who are looking for get rick quick opportunities. These would be the dull-minded nitwits who are attracted to superficial stories and images of models posing for pictures while wearing bikinis and holding a glass of champagne.

In simple terms, these charlatans are good at what they do. Marketing on the internet is their bread and butter. For that reason, we are giving them credit where it’s due.

The following paragraph will help you understand what these people have done so far.

The first con job that the owners of Infinite Prosperity executed

Amy Sangster and Lewis Mocker first defrauded members of the public while selling a book called Far From It. This was part of their marketing effort to make illegal money from unsuspecting members of the public.

This e-Book was sold on the popular affiliate marketing platform, Clickbank. It was basically a story of how Amy Sangster and her partner went from being broke to being Forex millionaires in a very short time.

They told a story of how they managed to find new houses and exotic sports cars. They also narrated how they got to travel all over the world for the first time, thanks to Forex trading.

This e-book was also talked about on a YouTube video which supposedly showed Amy Sangster driving a new Lamborghini Gallardo which she claims to have bought for 200K.

Amy Sangster of Infinite Prosperity in a Youtube video

So far, this YouTube video has generated over 9,000,000 views, and part of that traffic is being directed to the Infinite Prosperity website. Think about that.

Our best advice for you

The Infinite Prosperity website is a total scam. These 20-something millionaires have not been able to prove that they are making their money through Forex trading. The trading course which they are selling was put together by people who have no verifiable track record. Please stay away from this. You can use these products instead.

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