Infinitum Flame Review: A Crypto Payment System

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Infinitum Flame Review: A Crypto Payment System

Infinitum Flame is a crypto mining company. According to, the mining platform has been operating since 2017. It is not only a mining scheme but also deals in online shopping and other aspects of e-commerce stores. However, the income structures and other mining techniques are associated with the affiliate membership of the company which makes it a highly suspicious platform. In this article, you will get to know about all the important aspects of this company and whether it is an authentic crypto mining platform.

What is Infinitum Flame?

Infinitum Flame is a multifaceted company that is claiming to have what it takes to bring revolution in various industries. It is primarily a crypto mining company but also claims to offer a great number of other services. Additionally, services like online payment solutions, integration with shopping stores, and participating in crypto trading are some of the many features of

Origins of Infinitum Flame does not give any information about the founder of the company. It does not provide a specific address but claims to be running out of Spain. The site states that the company is a legal entity because it is registered in the European Union. It is claiming to meet all of the tax regulations in Spain. However, there are no records to prove such claims.

The domain,, was registered in October 2016. However, it did not become much active until the end of 2017. Even though the company does not disclose the name of its owner, but it is highly likely that Salvatore D’Arco is running the company.

The website is designed by Krypto Tech and the CEO of Krypto Tech is Salvatore D’Arco. Moreover, Krypto Tech is also based in Spain. Another link between these two companies is that D’Arco was previously running Pool Miners, a Ponzi crypto company.

It is important to emphasize the fact that Pool Miners turned out to be a total scam and the affiliates lost a lot of money. Before the Pool Miners website shutdown, it displayed a clear message that the company was shifting to Therefore, it shows that the same team is behind this new company and it is possible that it will turn out to be another Ponzi crypto mining scam.

How to Join the Infinitum Flame?

Like many other crypto mining companies that only rely on affiliate memberships, Infinitum Flame does not offer any retail products or services. You must invest in its affiliate membership to earn profits through recruitment commission and other bonuses.

You can join the initial affiliate membership for free. However, you must buy one of the following memberships to earn money:

  • €125 for the Start 180 Package or Start 30 Package
  • €245 for the Basic 360 Package or Basic 30 Package
  • €500 for the Professional 360 Package or Advanced 30 Package
  • €1000 for the Super 30 Package
  • €2500 for the Power 30 Package
  • €9500 for the UltraPower 30 Package

It is asking for a very significant amount of money. You also have to consider the fact that Infinitum Flame is not a big name in the industry, so you should not invest that much money in it. Therefore, if you looking for a reliable option that has flexible account plans, invest in the crypto mining companies. Modern and efficient services of these mining companies allow you to earn maximum profits with minimum risks. 

Compensation Structure

Infinitum Flame claims to be a mining and trading Qwark crypto coins. These coins have no real value in the crypto market. Thus, to cover up this fact, the company claims to be the future of the crypto industry when it enters the main market. The company is promising the following Qwark points:

  • Members of the Start 180 Package can get 0.25 daily Qwark shares for a total of 180 days.
  • Members of the Basic 360 Package can get 0.27 daily Qwark shares for a total of 360 days.
  • Affiliates of the Professional 360 Package can get 0.55 daily Qwark shares for a total of 360 days.
  • Affiliates of the Start 30 Package can get 1.55 daily Qwark shares for a total of 30 days.
  • Members of the Basic 30 Package can get 1.57 daily Qwark shares for a total of 30 days.
  • Members of the Advanced 30 Package can get 3.20 daily Qwark shares for a total of 30 days.
  • Affiliates of the Super 30 Package can get 13.65 daily Qwark shares for a total of 30 days.
  • Affiliates of the Power 30 Package can get 35.40 daily Qwark shares for a total of 30 days.
  • Members of the UltraPower 30 Package can get 142.30 daily Qwark shares for a total of 30 days.

Features mentions the following three essential aspects of the company:

1. Payment System

The company is claiming to facilitate Qwark crypto coins for various purposes. Exchanging the coins with other crypto platforms, storing them in digital wallets, and recharging the mobile balance are some of the salient features of the payment system

2. E-Commerce Services

Infinitum Flame is claiming to have modern tools and applications that can accept payments from anywhere in the world. Such payment is done in the form of crypto coins. Moreover, special discounts are also provided with the partnership of different e-commerce stores. The company claims that large organizations, small businesses, and startups can enjoy their reliable services.

Infinitum Flame

3. Shopping

The shopping network of is said to be under construction for now. It claims that once the shopping platform is completed, the users will be able to buy all sorts of products from it using the Qwark crypto points.

Infinitum Flame Card

The company is also providing a Visa debit card at the price of €30. It claims that the affiliates can earn a significant amount of commission through this card. Around 45% of the commission is promised to the affiliates. Moreover, the website also states that the affiliate who uses the card will get 23% of the commission directly in their account. The remaining commission is distributed through the traditional income structure:

  • Members of Level 1 get 23% of the residual commissions.
  • Members of Level 2 get 4% of the residual commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 3 get 3.5% of the residual commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 4 get 3.05% of the residual commissions.
  • Members of Level 5 get 2.66% of the residual commissions.
  • Members of Level 6 get 2.35% of the residual commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 7 get 2.05% of the residual commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 8 get 1.75% of the residual commissions.
  • Members of Level 9 get 1.55% of the residual commissions.
  • Members of Level 10 get 1.35% of the residual commissions.
  • Affiliates of Level 11 get 1.2% of the residual commissions.

Final Verdict About Infinitum Flame

The entire business model of Infinitum Flame makes it evident that it is following the same path as Pool Miners, the previous company of the same founders. Pool Miners was a total scam as no affiliate was able to successfully mine crypto coins from it. Furthermore, the Qwark crypto coins are not tradeable.

The compensation structure indicates that the company is heavily relying on recruiting new members and affiliates to survive. It contradicts its claims of being a highly profitable company that generates revenue from different sources. Therefore, will collapse when its recruitment stops.

If you really want to earn profits in the crypto industry, you should consider investing in crypto mining companies. Such platforms have the modern infrastructure needed to mine crypto coins. Moreover, you can rely on these companies because they have the minimum risk involved. Optimum efficiency and reliability will allow you to earn a good amount of profits. 

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