The Infinity App: The most dreadful Scam!

The Infinity App: The most dreadful Scam!

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Do you dread scam systems, but had to deal with them off and on? Are you looking in for a feasible solution? To dig out the solution you will first need to identify all the scams. The latest one to hit the market is The Infinity App an auto-trading bot by Mark Stevenson. We will reveal the truth about this system right here so that you can save yourself from this scam.

 The Infinity App: Why you need to hate this app

Now this scam starts with the fact that 35 beta testers used it before it was released in the market. We are all aware of the fact that scams are not tested so you just cannot go for this system blindly. Moreover, the maker should have listed down the names of the beta testers to ensure that they are genuine. However, no such proof is available on the website of The Infinity App. This is quite a genuine reason to doubt this system.

The Infinity App Scam Review

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Now The Infinity App promises a success rate of about 90% but that is not really the case for sure. Realistically speaking it is not quite easy to predict the success rate of any app. It is surely not an easy job. We believe that when you step into trading, then you will have to face your share of losses as well. This app promises the fact that you can easily make about $15,000 to $50,000 and that is quite a huge amount. However, when we did our investigation we found out that there is no third party proof available in this regard.

Another aspect that made us suspicious is that the website of The Infinity App defines the process of account opening to be quite an easy process. However, that is not the case. The website simply states that you need to sign up with this system and create an account. The website defines the third step as the access to the account. Now here lies the trick. The Infinity App is concealing an important fact here. The maker does not reveal that you will have to make a deposit to the associated broker and this is a major catch.

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The real trouble is that you will be making the deposit to the unregulated brokers. This is what makes this system quite risky. What made us more apprehensive about The Infinity App is that the maker states that the first people who get access to this system will be able to use it for free. Now here we would like to raise a question and that is if a trading system is genuine, then there is simply no possibility that the makers will offer it for free. This is why we believe that the traders should not take the risk of opting for this system.

The biggest lie that will disappoint you is that the maker claims that this system is powered by NASA. Now this is a big red flag alert and we believe that you just cannot believe such a huge lie without any proof. We figured out yet another glitch in the video. It states that you can make all the profit completely on auto-pilot. Now this is definitely a shocking aspect for us. It is really not that easy to make massive profits using auto-pilot. First we would like to state that there is a genuine dearth of reliable auto-pilot systems. When you end up opting for a reliable app, then it will increase your learning curve. However, we are of the opinion that The Infinity App will just hinder your learning curve and will not be able to help you by any means at all.

When we looked at the website of The Infinity App we were alarmed by yet another aspect. We felt that the connection of the website is not secure. Now this is also a major alert that this website is a scam. Usually all the genuine websites offer a secure connection. We feel that this quite a valid reason to avoid this system.

The Infinity App Scam Scam Personalities behind The Infinity App

The biggest issue is that the company by the name of The Infinity App does not even exist. This means that if you decide to invest in this company, then you are bound to lose a lot of money which you will surely not want at all. If you search the name of the company you will not be able to find any reliable information online. When the maker of the system and the company is not credible, then you just cannot go for this system. There is an essential need to use your discretion to avoid trouble coming your way.

The Infinity App

Now we had an opportunity to look at the testimonials of The Infinity App but the truth is that the testimonials also look fabricated and seem to hold no truth whatsoever. Moreover, there is no way you can trace the people who gave the testimonials so this is a fair reason to avoid this system by all means. Apparently it seems that these people are paid actors and this is why you just cannot trust this system at all.

The Infinity App

Verdict: The Infinity App is a Scam

We have embarked on a very crucial endeavour and we want the traders to work in the right direction. We at Valforex intend to expose trading scams and want to introduce tried and tested services. This is why it is essential that you explore the information that we present. Smart Investments will play a crucial role in uplifting your career. This is why you need to watch your step while choosing a trading system. It is time to take the first step towards success and that is to accept the reality of trading scams.

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    1. первый признак кухни: вам начисляют бонусы, дают страховки и безрисковые сделки, настаивают на том, чтобы вы вложили деньги, торопят вас, мол места ограничены…
      P.S. – думайте головой…

  1. первый признак кухни: вам начисляют бонусы, дают страховки и безрисковые сделки, настаивают на том, чтобы вы вложили деньги, торопят вас, мол места ограничены…
    P.S. – думайте головой…

  2. Да вы что? Я два месяца назад приступил к торговле при помощи этого приложения и почему-то у меня заработать получилось. Да, конечно о сумме 1500 долларов за полчаса и речи идти не может, так как робот торгует на форекс и CFD-контрактах, но в среднем 30-40 долларов в сутки я зарабатываю. В чем мошенничество то?)

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