Infinity Pi Review: Is A Legit or Scam Token Platform?

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Infinity Pi Review: Is A Legit or Scam Token Platform?

Infinity Pi is about selling non-existing tokens to unsuspecting investors including staking rewards. Our review goes to show why this platform is a high risk no reward.

Those who have invested with Infinity Pi may have us fooled by thinking the platform is legit. After all, some of them have made one or two withdrawals. But that’s just about it when it comes to this Token Ponzi scheme.

Early investors are now finding it hard to withdraw funds for a third and fourth time. This is after the vesting period lapsed with investors failing to add more deposits. With signups dwindling, there’s a plan by the owners to go underground.

Infinity Pi is a scam

Who is behind Infinity Pi? That’s the golden question that we plan to unravel in just a few. This Chinese-based token platform does have strong ties to other Chinese-based token Ponzi schemes that have been in the MLM Crypto scene.

Seemingly run by a group of Chinese scammers, the victims of this platform hail from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Some African countries such as Kenya have completely banned the platform. There’s even a manhunt for the people responsible for defrauding Kenyans.

Here’s our candid Infinity Pi review with the platform offering much more than just tokens. We dive into what exactly happens from the moment you sign up to the closing stage.

About Infinity Pi

Our thorough investigation revealed that Infinity Pi is a wash and rinse scam of another similar product, DAO. The original platform was set in Asia and the Middle East where hundreds of investors were scammed.

Equity crowdfunding is what the platform claims to offer with accountability and transparency out of the question. Investors have no means of knowing what happens from the moment they make their first withdrawal.

And this is why we have to expose the platform as it uses the same tactics as with the previous DAO Ponzi scheme. That’s why you have to stay away from this platform or risk losing it. The platform is a no-go zone.

There’s a 15 percent referral incentive for crowdfunding partners with the remaining 85 percent divided into two pairs. According to Infinity Pi, 50 percent of the pool gets injected into the pancake contract pot, with the remaining 50 percent going for marketing funds.

All this is mere talk with no actual reflection of what takes place. In a transparent staking or crowdfunding platform, investors have a chance to validate the pool’s equity. Thanks to Blockchain, crowdfunding or number of tokens can easily be verified.

There’s no link users can use to confirm the token metrics of the staked Infinity Pi tokens. And this means investors are signing up blindly not knowing what happens on the platform. That’s not the case and we won’t be welcoming such antics.

Crowdfunding token platforms need to be more accountable and transparent than any other investing platform. The scammers behind this platform rarely offer any tangible information on the products and services on offer.

The scammers expect investors to sign up without asking any questions.

How the Infinity Pi Scam works

These Chinese scammers have figured it out that investors want to get their hands in the Crypto scene. Most investors don’t have a clue of what happens during the staking of tokens or vesting period needed for earnings.

What these scammers have done is come up with false claims of helping investors make daily profit margins. And they do this by GUARANTEEING it while at the same time, giving leads to affiliates and marketers.

These marketers are used as pawns as they refer other investors to the platform. It’s what they need to keep the signups numbers high so that they can throw around funds from one account to the other.

After vesting for 10 consecutive days, the platform allows for partial withdrawals. The next withdrawal will also have a cap on the amount allowed. If an investor has signed up with $10,000, they can withdraw 20 percent of the initial deposit.

When withdrawing, the platform claims this is the daily ROI generated from the staking option. In real terms, the platform either deposits funds from new sign ups or allows investors to deposit part of their initial investment.

On the second withdrawal, the platform will congratulate you and insist you have qualified for the next plan. All you have to do is add more funds to start earning more daily ROI. This is the trap set for investors.

At this juncture, they know whether you are either in or out. If you don’t add any deposit, they immediately close your account.

Scammed by

Hundreds of early investors have come out with claims the platform blocks withdrawals. Others have even shared their account balances online hoping to get someone to help. The scammers move quickly to quell these allegations.

These accounts are immediately shut down with investors getting an email referring to violation of terms and conditions. None of these members ever get a chance to recover funds as the platform blocks all access.

Affiliates and marketers too are left in the blind as they don’t earn the commissions promised. Only a few affiliates get to earn commission depending on the number of investors who sign up. Less than 5 referrals means you won’t get a penny from the platform as commission.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials Infinity Pi ratings and reviews

Some of the customers who have interacted with the owners on Social media have started naming those behind it. These include Luigi Bruni and Faith Sloan who are pushing the products. The two are the marketing team solely responsible for pushing the product.

A few customers might come out and claim the platform is better since they made their first withdrawals. Affiliates and marketers will also try and promote the platform as a successful staking token platform.

Beware of these positive feedback as more than three quarters of the members eventually lose funds. Even if you deposit $500, the platform will only allow withdrawals of $50 and $100. Once they see you won’t deposit for the next plan, the remaining $350 goes with them.

And this after sending a brutal email claiming you have breached the said terms. Please note that there are no terms and conditions available on the platform. These scammers know the best time to kick you out of the project.

Is Infinity Pi a legit or scam Token staking platform?

Infinity Pi is a wash and rinse token platform that doesn’t have any tangible performance record. The only beneficiaries of this platform are the people running it and those promoting it to unsuspecting investors.

With only a handful of investors claiming to win, we recommend you stay away from the platform. The platform lacks accountability and transparency with the staking days less than what you would expect in a normal staking platform.

Investors need to do due diligence before investing in any of the staking options if they are not sure. One way to go about it is by asking experts some of the proven staking platforms. These platforms offer fair and realistic profit margins with minimum vesting being 3 to 4 months.

Verdict Infinity Pi

From the previous DAO Ponzi scheme and now this one, it’s clear Infinity Pi is a scam. Please stay away.

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