INFLYX Review: Crappy Forex Scam

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INFLYX Review: Crappy Forex Scam

INFLYX ( is a crappy CFDs and Forex broker scam with an intention to steal funds from investors. With fake claims of being reliable, Inflyx is nothing but a rotten brokerage platform. Lucia Morgan is an investor who easily fell for these claims and is now ruing in pain. She had invested over $5,000 with this broker and lost it in a day. Read this details and honest INFLYX review.


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INFLYX Review:

Landing on their homepage, it’s clear why most newbie traders are signing up with this platform. With a user friendly interface and over the moon claims, most traders will fall for this broker. As a newbie, make sure to conduct a thorough investigation of a broker before signing up. This is why reviews are the next best option. Reviews help users to know what to expect with a certain broker. This review will open your eyes to the fake claims plastered all over their homepage.

INFLYX is claiming to offer liquidity services as well as risk management services. How do they do this and what’s their success rate? These are some of the questions you should ask before signing up with the broker. Other fake claims include offering a competitive advantage over other businesses. In terms of flexibility, they claim to offer no minimum deposit or volume requirements. This is another trick used to fool users into believing it’s free, it’s not.

Who Owns INFLYX?

Disclaimer at the footer of the page claims this platform is owned by ICC Intercertus Capital Limited. In this disclaimer, they claim this company is based in Cyprus. Sadly, we have information proving this is nothing but a con. This company is associated with another scam platform known as EverFXGlobal. Seems this company is behind many rotten brokerage scams and claims of being registered are lies. Believing this platform will ruin your finance standing.

With a broker with so much to sell to traders, no one in the community knows them. And another red flag with this platform is how anonymous they are. Looking at their entire website, there’s no mention of the founding members. Who is running this platform? Do they have any experience in Forex brokerage? These are some of the hard questions we seem not to get answers to. Trying to reach the platform for clarification has proven futile. Inflyx is clearly a rotten Forex scam.

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Is INFLYX Licensed or Registered?

INFLYX Broker Review

According to the disclaimer at the footer of the homepage, ICC Intercertus claims to be registered. These claims are pure lies and no one should believe them. Regulatory body mentioned has indeed registered this company but not INFLYX. These scammers have used the company’s registration details to try and legitimize their platform. Only scammers can take registration details of a valid company and post them as their own.

This means registration number listed here is for ICC Intercertus Capital and not this broker. Why have they failed to post their registration certificates and documents? A real broker will post copies of registration certificates for all to see. This helps users to personally verify whether the platform is properly regulated. Use of fake credentials is proof this broker is a scam and up to no good. Make sure to check the legitimacy of any broker before signing up with them.

Platform Used for Trading.

Claims INFLYX is offering reliable white label solutions is nothing but fake lies. Traders are asked to rely on his broker for experienced and state of the art MT4 platforms. How can traders use a fake MT4 trading platform which is unstable? These white label solutions are mere sales tactics meant to entice traders to sign up with this platform. Anyone who wants to start a brokerage firm should be aware of such scam artists. Make sure to stay away from this platform.

This broker claims to offer over 50+ currency pairs from major to exotics, RUB, CNH and other crosses. Users are also promises an advanced aggregation software with STP agency model. Moreover, this platform claims to offer orders from 0.1 to 50+ jobs. Their state of the art platform did not prevent Lucia from losing a high depository amount. This broker purports to be at the center if successful brokerage solutions, these are mere fake claims.

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Types of Clients Targeted.

Inflyx is targeting a specific audience for their scam platform and services. They mostly target brokers, Hedge funds, and professional traders. According to their claims, brokers rely on them to deliver enhanced and optimized liquidity for commodities. Their services for brokers are completely custom-made, this according to their broker page. Folks, these are sales tactics used to entice brokers and other traders to sign up with them, beware!

INFLYX is also targeting hedge funds, no matter the size or strategy. This means hedge funds managers can easily lose their business if they sign up with this platform. With claims of offering consistently low spreads, this platform can easily defraud hedge funds managers. Professional traders are also being targeted, with claims of getting access to a variety of assets. They promise traders a chance to use their algorithmic strategies for best platforms.

Are Funds Safe with INFLYX?

INFLYX Trading Review

This CFDs and Forex provider is using fake details and is riddled with anonymity. How can funds be properly secure with this type of broker? How do they expect users to trust them when their services are fake? When it comes to handling money, where do they bank money deposited by users? What we have found out is shocking to say the least. Users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account. This is a risky platform to sign up with.

When it comes to how well this broker secures the channels of funding, it’s abysmal to say the least. With a platform which is far from being secure, hackers can easily steal funds. This website is not SSL encrypted making it an easy target for hackers. Your credit card details can be harvested by hackers thanks to their unsecured platform. This is another reason why signing up with INFLYX is a disaster waiting to happen.

No Live Chat Support.

How does this platform expect users to communicate with them? This seems to be a classic scammer’s move to stay anonymous at all times. Stay away from any broker who keeps communication channels one way.

Is INFLYX a Scam?

Clearly, we are dealing with a professional scam outfit out to scam unsuspecting online investors. Thanks to their level of anonymity, this is surely another Forex scam. Make sure to warn your colleges and friends from signing up with this platform. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. This is one way of ensuring you keep these scam artists at bay.

Our Inflyx Verdict.

INFLYX Scam Review

Adding this platform to our blacklist will hopefully alert relevant authorities to investigate. Closing or shutting down this platform will help protect newbie traders from signing up. Make sure to stay away from any platform which shares same characteristics as Inflyx.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your future trading experience.

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