Inner Trading Circle Review: The Truth Behind the Inner Trading Circle Scam

Inner Trading Circle Review: The Truth Behind the Inner Trading Circle Scam

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Inner Trading Circle

From the first minute you click on the Inner Trading Circle website, you are inundated with claims that you can make tens of thousands of dollars every month with little to no work. Simply by copying the trades made by the site’s “verified” Pro Traders, anyone can win huge amounts of money, according to the site. With promises of members becoming one of the ELITE rich kids who are constantly meeting up for private parties, it is easy to see why someone might become caught up in the excitement and apply. Unfortunately, when you get past the flashy website, it becomes obvious that Inner Trading Circle is nothing more than a scam.

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 Take a look at the following Inner Trading Circle review and decide for yourself whether or not it can be trusted.


  • Extremely Unrealistic Profits

Yes, there is the potential to make good money with binary options, but not to the extent Inner Trading Circle alleges. Making money requires learning the market, understanding trends, and making intelligent trades, not blindly following what “the trading professor, George” tells you to do. It is simply not reasonable to expect you can earn $34,751 a month (the amount posted all over the website) without doing any work.

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  • An Exclusive System

Inner Trading Circle is quick to point out that “We might not even accept you. Only serious traders that plan to make $34, 751 profit per month will qualify.” First, do you honestly believe they turn down anyone who is willing to pay the money to join? Second, this statement contradicts their entire program. If Inner Trading Circle is auto trading software, why would it matter if you are a serious trader?

  • Fake Marketing Pop Ups

Once you’re in the Inner trading circle website and reading through the page, you’ll notice this kind of pop ups in your face allegedly showing you the profits made by those who have already become a member of the system.

fake pop up inner trading circle


That is a known marketing tactic used by these scam companies and organizations including inner trading circle to try to create the urgency in you to either subscribe to them or deposit money with the product.

The William you see in the image is non-existent and it’s just a pure marketing ploy designed to convince you with utmost certainty that the product is genuine but in reality, it’s only a scam.

  • Fake Testimonials, Facebook Comments, and Account Snapshots

The Inner Trading Circle home page dedicates a large amount of space to displaying member comments. To make them appear even more authentic, many of them come directly from a Facebook page or Twitter account. This is all a crucial part of Inner Trading Circle’s marketing strategy to draw unsuspecting people in. Unfortunately, most of, if not all, of it is a ruse.

First, let’s look at some of the “members” who have left glowing comments. With a quick Google search, you can determine there is no person in the world named Bregan Trachic. As for Paul Derringer, the only person you can find with that name was a Major League Baseball player that died in 1987. Adonis Hammad, Bess Hartway, Rumer Alcantaria,and Farhad Remoglu also do not appear to be real people because there is no trace of them anywhere online except the Inner Trading Circle website.


Moving on to the Facebook comments left by excited members, with a little effort you can determine these are not real people. For example, Jonny who wrote “Great job!” is actually a photo of Justin Bieber that has been altered. Floyd, who wrote “Tasty results!” is a fake profile using a criminal’s mug shot. Searching Facebook and performing image searches quickly lets you see that these are not actual people.

Inner trading circle fake facebook comments

Finally, let’s examine the 7 master traders that are prominently named near the top of the page and have a picture accompanying them. At the top, with a 95.47% success rate is Louis Bonnet. However, when you search for him online, using both his photo and his name, he doesn’t appear to be real. In 2nd place with a 94.99% success rate is Adam Finlay, another person who, by all accounts, is not real. Andreas Nikopulus can only be found on the Inner Trading Circle website. Simon Jones is nowhere to be found online and the same holds true for the additional master traders.


If all of this information doesn’t convince you that Inner Trading Circle is nothing but a well thought out scam, nothing will.

What Now?

It is important to understand that while Inner Trading Circle is simply trying to run off with your hard earned money, there are legitimate binary options signals and automated trading systems to choose from. No, they do not claim you will earn more than $30,000 in the first month, but they do have high success rates.


If you are interested in learning more about making money trading, please check out this list of the best binary options signals services. The services can be trusted and maintain consistent monthly profits.

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One Reply to “Inner Trading Circle Review: The Truth Behind the Inner Trading Circle Scam”

  1. It does look like they are stretching the amount of money you can make too far. It looks too good to be true. You always have to do a certain amount of work in anything to make money. I don’t trust the site. The people don’t even look real.

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