Insured Profits Scam: The Hidden Lie

Insured Profits Scam: The Hidden Lie

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Binary options trading has become a tricky business, and it has become difficult to figure out the difference between the truth and deceit.

Are you struggling to figure out the right roadmap for trading?

Are you tempted by automated systems, but are skeptical?

Are you looking for a guideline to figure out the reality?

Tragically there is no dearth of scam systems, and the latest one is Insured Profits.  Well, in this case, this software review can turn out to be the best help for you. This review is all about revealing the reality to all those traders who are tempted by lavish offers.

Note: A good alternative to this Insured Profits scam is the binary options robot.

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Are you willing to listen to nothing, but the truth?

Well then consider yourself lucky because this review is going to save you from wasting your money.

Insured Profits will quickly snatch the cash

The major difference between seasoned and new traders is that new investors cannot relate to the scam systems and are the ones who end up losing their money whereas the seasoned traders do not make their choices in the dark.

They think, explore and then make the move. This is the reason that this review holds a lot of significance for the new traders because they are the ones who need to open their eyes and face the reality.

These scam systems clearly understand the fact that it is the money that eventually keeps the trader going and that is why Insured Profits offers $3,700 profit on a daily basis. Whether this money reaches the trader is still a question.

Insured Profits

What do traders need to know about scam systems?

Usually, all the presenters in the videos of scam systems try to convince the traders that they have done their bit of research and these money making systems are genuine. They will profit the traders by all means. On the contrary, the reality is that they rip the trader from his money. The truth is that Insured Profits system is no different.

The problem is that most binary trading systems on the market are designed for amateurs and that is why they fail to generate the results. Moreover, the people who have programmed the binary option trading systems available in the market have no idea about binary options trading.

If Insured Profits is compared with another scam binary option trading systems available in the market, then any trader will realize that Insured Profits has all the traits of a scam. Earning through binary options trading is not a child’s play. All those who have traded binary options are going to agree that it is hard work, and a trader has to strive every minute to make the money.

Sales video offering nothing new

The sales video crosses all limits of exaggeration, and the maker claim that you can earn more than $2,700 in less than 30 minutes. Unless this system is a magic wand, this scenario sounds unreal. As per the presenter of the video, the Insured Profits connects to a network that is growing at a fast pace. The presenter says that the trader can tap into this system about 200 times a day.

Now the presenter leaves the trader in the dark about what is this network?

Are they referring to certain brokers?

The video is pointless if it fails to discuss this certain network to which the Insured System connects. The system follows the same logic as that of a coin. If the trader wins he gets $20 profit and if he loses, the loss is just about $2.

Insured Profits Scam Review

Note: Please keep visiting our list of recommended binary trading softwares to pick the best one.

The video says that the trader will make 100 percent profits in auto mode.  This sounds too ridiculous and quite hard to believe because there is nothing like a 100 percent profit on binary options trading. The loss margin is always there.

Everything about this sales video is annoying. The speaker says that the risk level is zero percent. This seems to be an ideal situation. However, in real the scenario is not the same. The most unbelievable aspect is that the Insured System claims that the user does not need any knowledge of the system or technical trading skills.

This is enough to shock all the traders out there who have spent years mastering the art of trading. Insured System has been portrayed as a strange system that does not need to be configured as well. The video shows income statements, but that does not have any weight. Further, it is mentioned that the profits can be withdrawn every week.

Now whether the withdrawal is possible or not, it can only be evaluated after withdrawing from the system. Thus, the video does not hold a strong stance that will convince the user to sign up for the Insured Profits system.

Insured Profits Review

The video loses the professional touch when it discusses the house that is purchased by Dave with the money earned through Insured Profits. The video deviates from the point.

It really does not matter to the trader what the maker of the system has earned?

The user is keener to know what the system can earn him. This is the point where any trader will feel like turning off the video.

No system is free of cost

The maker of Insured Profits tries to deceive the traders that there is no payment. The simple key rule to using automated systems are that when the trader signs up, he is guided to another page where he has to make a deposit to the associated broker so there is nothing as free so the investor should not be deceived by this system at all thinking that it is free.

What the website lacks

What any trader is going to miss the most is live support. Well if the live support is present on the website, the user can easily ask questions that may come to his mind at the spur of the moment. The Frequently asked question section is also missing. This means that the system leaves the user with just one option, and that is to send an email.

This is not a responsive approach to addressing the urgent questions of the users. The website is loaded with fake income statements and video testimonials. This convinces the users that Insured Profits is a scam. If Dave offered a demo that would have been more convincing. The traders get more convinced by demos.

Trading is just not all about making money. It is about learning and refining trading skills as well so if a system cannot offer these incentives then it is useless for sure. It is actually a hurdle in the way of learning. Legitimate trading is all about learning the trading strategies. Insured Profits just ensures the trader of one significant aspect, and that is this system is going to make the growth and development of a trader stagnant. You may pick the best auto binary trading softwares from our list, here.

Now the way out is to believe in one’s own abilities and resist the urge to opt for the software scam Insured Profits. It may be difficult, but if the trader evaluates this system logically then understanding the reality of this system is not going to be a hard job.

If at all anyone is tempted to use automated trading then it is better to go for those systems that do not promise to make the trader a millionaire overnight. Insured Profits will never let the trader accomplish his dream of becoming a skilled trader, so there is no benefit of opting for this system.


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