Intrade Bar Review: Beware of Binary Fake Broker

Intrade Bar Review: Beware of Binary Fake Broker

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Intrade Bar ( is a brutal binary options broker scam to hit the financial market. We have been shocked by the alarming email complaints we have received from members of this platform. With all these complaints, we decided to investigate Intrade Bar. Promises of making over 84% of win trades in under a minute are what these scammers are selling to us. Read this detailed review to find out the truth.

Intrade Bar Review

Intrade Bar Review:

When you visit their homepage, you will see a message asking you to sign up with IntradeBar. They claim that this is the only brokerage firm that doesn’t have rigged quotes. Claims of having a one of a kind platform that comes with trading view chart. According to the website, members will also be getting Thomson Reuters quotes. The reason why we have to investigate this platform is that members have been losing money insanely.

Another reason why we have to investigate this binary options platform is where they claim to reside. We are sure that this binary options platform is not from Scotland as they claim. At the end of their website, you will see claims that this platform is owned by a Scottish company. Mr. Axiano LP is the mother company behind Intrade Bar which is a lie. We will expose the lies and tricks used by these scammers below. Kindly read on and find out the truth about one of the biggest scams in the binary world.

Fake Withdrawal Time.

According to Intrade Bar, members withdraw money within an hour. Folks, this is all a lie and a plot to attract more investors. You will definitely never withdraw money with this brokerage firm. Most users have had this problem of withdrawing with IntradeBar. Problem with this is that they claim to offer the fastest withdrawal time of all time. Most notable withdrawals are made between two to three days.

The reason why these scam artists have come up with an hour as a time period for withdrawal is simple. They want more people to sign up with them and thus defraud more unsuspecting binary options investors. This is why we are against anyone signing up with In Trade Bar. If you have already signed up, we urge you not to make any deposit with Intrade Bar.

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Get the best binary options service provider and start earning real profits. With a professional and regulated binary options service provider, your money is safe. You also stand a chance of winning more than using fake broker platforms. Why not sign up with a legit and trusted binary options service provider and see your fortunes change? This is the only way to make money trading with binary options signals.

Fake Block Accounts Claims.

Intrade Bar Scam

Intrade Bar claims that they are special in that they don’t block their accounts. This is far from the truth as we have seen people whose accounts have been blocked. These are members who were asking to withdraw their money from Intrade Bar. We have learned that IntradeBar has a problem with blocking accounts. Once you reach a certain milestone, they block your account.

Members who sign up with Intrade Bar and send an email asking for withdrawals are immediately shut down. Yes, if you send an email asking for withdrawal, your account is immediately blocked. One obvious reason In Trade Bar is doing this is because we are dealing with scammers. They will take your money and you have no one to blame but yourself. Scammers just want to take your hard-earned money by claiming to be binary options service providers.

Intrade Bar Fake Fixed Payment Claims.

IntradeBar claims to offer a one of a kind fixed payment process. On their website, they claim to offer 80% profits on the first three minutes. After expiration, you will start getting a fixed payment of around 77%. Don’t you think this is weird? Why then would they claim that their platform pays 84% after three minutes? Why have they gone back to their claim? It’s because we are dealing with a gang of thieves.

Frankly, you will never get paid with Intrade Bar. Their promises way exceeds the expected amount payable in the industry. Promises of making over 84% in three minutes are absurd. No platform in the world can make and meet such claims. Even binary options experts say this is way above normal. No trading robots can also make this claim. You stand a better chance of winning the lottery than getting profits of 84% in three minutes.

Always trade with reputable and professional binary options signal providers. This way, you will trade comfortably and your money is in safe hands. You also stand a chance of making some real profits, unlike the bloated fake empty promises. This is the only way to trade binary options and you should start now. Ignore all binary options providers who claim to deliver heaven.

Fake Weekend Trading.

One of the biggest red flags is Intrade Bar offers users the chance to trade during the weekend. How can they do this when all financial markets are closed? What products are their trading when all markets are closed? This is a ploy to lure investors into believing they can trade even during the weekends. Beware of such empty promises which are unheard of.

According to In Trade Bar, payments during the weekends are fixed at 97%. How can this be true if you are not even allowed to withdraw your money? We are dealing with a bogus binary options service provider. This is why we have decided to shame Intrade Bar as a worthless binary options scam.

Fake Technical Support.

Intrade Bar Fake

Another claim that’s ridiculous is that they offer world-class technical support. One they don’t have a live chat support team. Members are supposed to leave a message and hope to be contacted later. In this day and time, you expect professional live chat services. The reason we believe they don’t have a live chat is because of anonymity. Intrade Bar wants to remain anonymous and out of reach.

Only scammers would come up with so-called world-class support that doesn’t work. You have to look at some of their tricks before signing up. How do they expect newbies to trade if they can’t get one on one help?

Is Intrade Bar Registered?

We are sure IntradeBar has not registered anywhere on the face of the planet. We contacted the registrar of companies and we were shocked to learn about Intrade Bar. Their mother company is not registered anywhere on the face of the planet. No regulatory body has registered Mr. Axiano LP. We possibly cannot believe that we are dealing with the real deal. A real company has to be registered in our books to qualify as a legit binary options provider.

No Risk Management.

You should know that your money is not safe with Intrade Bar. This means you will not be compensated if your money gets lost. Fake companies don’t ensure the safety of funds and In Trade Bar is one of them. You should stay away from it completely.

Is Intrade Bar a Scam?

Intrade Bar is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. Why would you sign up with a fake company? We have provided all the reasons and tricks as to why you should not sign up with IntradeBar. From not being registered to fake profit levels, we are dealing with a scam.

Intrade Bar Final Verdict.

Intrade Bar Scam Review

We have no other option but to blacklist Intrade Bar as a binary options scam. If you want to stay safe, ignore all messages asking you to join. These scammers are sending email as Spam with a link that directs you to their homepage. Don’t click on any of their links.

Always get the best out of binary options trading by getting the best services. You can easily start making money with legit and professional binary options signals providers. This is the only proven way to earn money using Binary options.

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