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Have you been victimized by trading scams in the past? Do you want an end to this? Are you willing to get hold of reliable trading bots at the earliest? Well, before this you need to fight the trading scams that have been haunting the binary option trading industry and one such scam is This is a binary options trading app that is after your hard-earned money. If you still have any doubts read our entire review to get the exclusive details about this scam. What makes it so bad?

First, we noticed the fact that does not have a video on the page. Now this was quite a disappointing revelation. The video is mandatory to give you the traders a real picture about this system but this did not turn out to be the case with Secondly, we noticed that does offer a demo but it is not certain whether you have to make a deposit or is it really free. This is one of the major flaws of this system that cannot be ignored by any means at all.

Now we also noticed that this system does offer a chat support, but it is not live chat support. We believe that if claims to be such an advanced trading system, then it needs to offer 24/7 support to the traders. This is a huge setback because this means that you cannot ask the system on the spot questions that come to your mind.

invest dot com binary scam

Investing your trust in credible binary signal services is the best approach so you have to confide in Valforex for vital information.

Now if you decide to create an account on, then first of all you will need to give your personal credentials that includes your email, password, first name, last name, country and mobile code. Now this is real personal information. Once you give in this personal information, then you are paving way for unsolicited emails to flood your inbox. This is surely something that you would not want. All these emails that will come your way are a scam.

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invest binary

Now claims that it provides you the right trading opportunity. It states that it combines ground-breaking technology with financial expertise. However, we felt that the website of does not state this ground-breaking technology in detail. This is why it is a risky venture on your part to invest in states that it offers two main services. These services are portfolio management and trading. Now here we will look at trading in detail. Apparently offers trading opportunities in stocks, indices and currencies. The offers Simple™. There is only a snapshot of this platform on the website and the features that this platform offers are hardly visible.

invest binary scam states that its trading app offers controlled risk. However, they do not elaborate the point how they are controlling the risk. This is question that does need an answer.

We had a good look at the FAQ section as well and we felt that it lacks the essential insight that needs to be there related to trading. We understand the fact that you may be having a lot of questions, but the truth is that this platform does not really have the answers to questions that might come to your mind. The questions seem to be quite generalized and this can be termed as one of the biggest setbacks of this platform. This is why you need to be quite careful with your selection.

There is no discussion about the algorithm that is used by This is what makes it a real bad choice for the traders. Now does have social media presence. They have a Facebook page. We investigated the fact when you visit the Facebook page of, then the about us page does not have any information about the owner. This is something quite alarming and this is a fair reason not to trust

invest scam

We were also disappointed by the fact that fails to state the profit figures that you can actually earn through this system so this is yet another element that seem to let you down. To have a clear picture regarding a trading system third party proof regarding the profit figures need to be available.

 Scam personalities behind

We were shocked by the fact that there was no information available about the CEO on the website of This was something quite alarming and surprising for you. The CEO is the torch bearer of any company and the information about the CEO needs to be there for the benefit of the trader. Now this is something alarming and this should be enough to put up off.

We could not find any testimonials about on its respective website and this was also something quite shocking for us. When the testimonials are there then you get a clear picture if the system is good enough or not but this did not turn out to be the case with and this is something that we did not like about the system. This also shows that this system has not been tried by experienced traders. This points in the direction that the maker of this system has got something to hide and you just cannot go for it at all.

If you genuinely want to avoid the scam binary services and want to opt in for the genuine binary services ones only, then you need to have a look at Valforex. At Valforex you will get clear insight to save yourself from scams haunting the industry. This way you will be able to save on your hard-earned money by all means. You need to educate yourself about the legitimate services available so that no one can push you into making the wrong choices.

Verdict: is a Scam!
Fake website:

If you are on a quest to find credible binary signal services, then you ultimate selection needs to be

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  1. Ism a daily trader and i can a**ure you

    thst the and are same company with diffrent name.You get bonous and this bonous is in real life only false and doesnt help in anything but let you fall and loose your money.

    i had 6000 and 2000 as bonous

    i had some trades open and once the market was against my trade my equity start to go down from 8000 (2000 is bonous).Once the equity was near the 2000 which is actualy now the bonous thst they offred me they suddenly closed my trades automaticly and my balance was 100$ only left and equity 2000..i lost my money without using my bonous…I complained to them and the acount manager agreed that that i have the right and to consider my trades still running…then no sign anymore..even the support ignored me totaly and still no life sign from their is dead

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