Invest in the Index Top 20 Traders of Forex MMCIS (From $500)

Invest in the Index Top 20 Traders of Forex MMCIS (From $500)

UPDATE:  Forex MMCIS suspends it’s work due to bankruptcy owing to fund embezzlement by the so called “Dengi Online” and other agencies. This is sad news for most of us who deal in Forex with this company but then, i still have an exciting news for you.   You can come into binary options trading. It’s more profitable than Forex and you can recover your past losses in no time with binary options trading. If you’re a complete beginner in binary options, kindly make use of any of the following binary options signal providers while you learn to trade in binary options.   Just like Forex, they will provide either free or paid signals to help you trade successfully as a beginner in binary options. If you rather prefer to stick with forex, then make sure you trade with the accurate winning signals from the private group.


Hi guys!  I’m back again with an exciting news about how you can invest with the the top 20 managing traders of the Forex MMCIS Group.

No wait! 

Don’t think this is not meant for you. Forget the big terminologies,  this article is meant for you even if you’re a total newbie and don’t know anything about Forex trading.

Now let’s begin: Forex MMCIS Group is a Forex broker regulated and located in Russia. It has been in market since 2008 and founded by Mitchel Nunis.

This broker, as part of their efforts to ensuring that Forex brokers achieve success in their trading have designed an asset management program called the Index Top 20 where anyone can invest any amount from $500 upwards into the Index top 20 traders and make monthly profits.

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 Index top 20 forex MMCIS group

What is Index Top 20 of the Forex MMCIS Group

It is a type of an asset management system where there’s a combined investment into the 20 top Forex MMCIS Group’s traders including their leaders.

The process is very easy. All Index small accounts belonging to individual investors are joined together to make big investment accounts. With this, the managing traders can buy and sell large amount of currencies in the Forex market.

This way, your investments are highly protected against unusual losses because your money is not handled by any particular trader but by the best 20 professional traders in the Forex MMCIS Group of which Konstantine Kondakov is the leader.

Therefore, investing in the Index Top 20 completely eliminates the risk of human errors because even if one or two of the professional traders fail to make you profit in a particular month, the other 18 or 19 will cover up for the losses and still make you profit.

The methods of deposits and withdrawals into the Index Top 20 are easy too and can be completed within seconds as with other Forex brokers.

How does it Work and how do I Calculate my Revenue/Profit

I have already explained how the program works, so i will focus more on how you can calculate your revenue.

Although the profit/income calculations is done automatically by the Company, we still need to know how they calculate the returns of the Index Top 20.

When you’ve invested in the Index top 20 program, your deposit is distributed proportionally among the best 20 managing traders. This means that each of them controls 1 in 20 of your account funds.

Your small index funds is now automatically joined with the large index funds that are being managed by the traders and trading activities resume.

According to the trader’s results at the end of the month, the individual traders’ returns are calculated and the average return determined.

Let’s take an instance:

Supposing you deposit $10,000 into the Index Top 20 program on August 1, your funds are automatically divided equally between the 20 accounts of the best rated traders on Forex MMCIS.

$10,000 / 20 = $ 500

Therefore, each trader will handle an amount equivalent to $500 in your account.

Assuming after 1 month, the returns of the individual managing traders are as follows:  +15%, +5%, +10%, -3%, +6%, -5%, +4%, +8%, +11%, +21%, +2%, +16%, +7%, +12%, +13%, 0%, +14%, +3%, +20%, +18%

The average return for that month would be:

(15% + 5% +10% – 3% + 6% – 5% + 4% + 8% + 11% + 21% +2% + 16% + 7% + 12% + 13% +  0% + 14% + 3% + 20% + 18%) / 20 =  +8%

Thus, you invested $10,000 and within one month, you’d receive ( 8/100) *(10,000) = $800.

Please note that 15% of your profit goes to the traders and this will be deducted automatically before the final earnings are added to your account.

Therefore, your pure profit would be: (800 – [(15/100) * (800)]) = $680

Remember that the more you invest, the more profit you’d receive. Thus, if you had invested $100,000 in the example above, your pure profit would be $6800. This is not bad for a month of no work at all with a $100k investment.

Remember that all your funds including the profits and the initial capital are available for withdrawal anytime within your account’s member area.

Also, note that the managing traders are paid only for profitable months. This would encourage competitiveness among the traders and therefore would strive to deliver outstanding results each month. It will also reduce unnecessary losses to the barest minimum.

Pros of Investing in the Index Top 20 Program

The advantages of investing in this type of program are very numerous but here are a few:

  • Simplicity and Convenience
  • Profitability
  • It saves you a lot of time
  • Total risk reduction
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Great Support/Help Service

Cons of Investing in the Index Top 20 Program

  • Requires huge amount of funds

To further increase your trust and improve your confidence about this program, let’s look at the live account of one of the Index top 20 leaders at

If you’ve not already known, is popular trading environment where traders around the world come together to discuss, interact and learn from one another. They also help to analyze the live trades of the best performing traders on their platform.

 Kondakov trading myfxbook

If you take a look at the above image, Kondakov is at position 4 with a draw-down of only 28.41%. He trades real or live accounts based on technical analysis.

Now, take a look at the graphical representation of his live trades since he joined myfxbook since 2009:

 Kondakov trading myfxbook2

From the screenshot above, he virtually has little or no draw-down with steady rising profits. You can find the full details about his live Forex trading at

This is just an instance of one of the traders at the Index Top 20. Other traders as well have similar trading profiles.

How to Register and Fund your Index Top 20 Account

1) First, you have to sign up with the broker itself here

2) Fund your account with any of the available methods with a minimum of $500. As i already explained, increasing your investment helps you achieve even higher profits.

3) You can now invest and complete the setup process at the Index Top 20.

4) As soon as you’ve invested, every other setup will be done automatically by the company and thus, you don’t need to lift your finger to divide the funds among the top 20 traders as i had mentioned earlier.

5) Just wait till the month ends to collect your own pure profit!

Yes, it is as easy as that.

Let me add a note about the funding and withdrawal process:

Deposit options for anyone includes using Visa/Master Cards, Cash U, Perfect Money, OkPay, Bank Transfer e.t.c

There are some countries that find it difficult to fund international accounts using direct bank wire transfer or Visa/Master Cards (though rare now). These countries are mostly African countries (e.g Togo, Benin, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Uganda Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Egypt, Cameroon, Gambia, Lesotho, Morrocco, Algeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Sudan e.t.c), Asia (Japan, Russia e.t.c) and some parts of North America.

By the way, for forex bonuses please Check Forex bonus site

You can now easily fund your Index Top 20 account using Perfect Money e-currency payment sysytem. You have to learn how to fund and use your Perfect Money account if you’re new to it.
Withdrawals are also done using the exact method of funding.

Your questions and Comments are always welcome!







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