Invest with the best PAMM account Managers


Invest with the best PAMM account Managers

As you may have already known, being a PAMM investor allows you to profit from a manager’s account without doing the trading yourself.

Forex PAMM system is a unique trading structure created as part of the MT4 platform. Trading operations are carried out in the Manager’s account and profit made is replicated in each of the investors’ accounts.

As an investor, you just need to invest with successful managers and let them work for you.  This type of trade structure is very similar to social trading because it allows you to benefit from the work of professional traders.

Novice traders who don’t have the time to learn or trade by themselves can now have the opportunity of gaining from the forex market without knowing a bit about the market. Just let your money work for you.

Usually, the most difficult problem we face when using the PAMM system is finding the best PAMM account managers.  I have eliminated this problem for you by fishing out the best managers.

I and many others use Liteforex broker for our PAMM services because they’ve proven to be the best in this field over the years.

You can find the managers within your Liteforex broker account.

PAMM account managers

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Actually, Liteforex broker has a unique asset investment service which includes the PAMM system and has been recognized as the best “PAMM service” by the British business edition of World Finance.

This is why most people use Liteforex for their module management services.  If you use any other broker for this same service and are not satisfied with their service, consider switching to Liteforex because you won’t regret it.

How to become an investor with Liteforex PAMM system

  • First, you need to register a PAMM investor account with Liteforex which you can do from Here.
  • Next you need to choose your PAMM account manager(s).
  • To choose your managers, simply go here. Now, trading activities will commence as soon you’ve deposited the funds. If the manager has any open trades at that moment, the same trades will be synced to your own account according to the ratio of your investment with that of the manager’s.
  • If you have any problems with your account, ask the Liteforex live support to help you out.

List of the best Liteforex PAMM account Managers

Now, i want to present to you a list of the best traders who have been performing well in the PAMM system ever since i became a member.

You can start with any of them or all of them and distribute your funds accordingly to minimize risks.

  1. Bail-Out
  2. MetaFx
  3. Inferno
  4. Robotrader39
  5. 24Scalping
  6. Progressive
  7. Offensive trading
  8. PowerTrade
  9. MAMG

Among them, Bail-out has the highest percentage of daily profits. So if you looking to make daily profits of your trades, you can start investing with manager Bail-Out.

Inferno is also a rocking trader. As at the time of writing this article, he has managed accounts for 82 days with high daily profits and has only got a huge number of investors.

Offensive trading is highly ranked within the liteforex PAMM account monitoring because of his overall good performance. You can subscribe to him if you want minimum daily profit but high return on investment after a long period of time.

For short term traders, you can subscribe to 24Scalping and benefit from his trades.

Invest with any of the traders above or all of them and start enjoying the benefits of Liteforex’s PAMM system.[/sociallocker]



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9 Replies to “Invest with the best PAMM account Managers”

  1. About the Liteforex PAMM account, how do we take profits from the account? Is it by withdrawing daily whenever there’s a profits(the difference between deposit and current balance)? And leave the deposit to gain again.

  2. Hi Joe,

    It’s up to you. Whenever your PAMM managers trade and make profits, you can decide to withdraw them or leave them for subsequent trades.
    But, it’s generally advisable to build up your profits in order to provide enough equity to follow more account managers. You may then withdraw when you’re certain you’ve accumulated enough profits in respect to your initial deposit.

    1. Hi Val,

      I ever thought of building up the profits but from what I monitor, the balance is like up and down. Eg: It can up by 10% which is profits and if I leave it then a few hours or a day after it will go down again. As such, I was thinking, how to build up the profits that way?

      1. Are you already a liteforex client? Anyway from your comment, i suspect, you’re already a registered member. If i really got your question, this is the answer: In forex trading, the floating profit or loss is neither profit nor loss until the trade is closed. This is why it may go up or down a few hours/days later until the trade is closed.

        1. Yes I am already a Liteforex client and have an investor account. My point is that when monitoring my account I noticed that the floating profits go up and down and don’t know when the trades will be closed. As such, by the end of the month I am not sure how the profits of eg 50% by the manager can be achieved. I mean it’s more like a day by day profits accumulation eg like withdrawing whenever I see some profits in the daily trades.

          1. As i said earlier, you have to wait till the trades are closed in profit before you can decide to withdraw or leave the profits available for subsequent trades.
            The decision on when to close the positions depends on your account manager.

            1. Mind if you share your way of profiting from Liteforex PAMM investments?

              If I want to earn monthly profits, is it like I invest at the beginning of the month and leave the deposit there till the end of the month and withdraw the difference(profits) and leave the initial deposit to earn again the following month?

              Is it the right thing to do?

              1. How you manage your monthly PnL depends solely on what you want to achieve with your investment. For instance, in my own case, I shared my initial deposit equally among the top performing managers. At the end of the month, i will withdraw a little of the profit leaving the initial deposit + some of the profit for subsequent trades.

                What you said is the right thing to do but again it depends on you. You can even decide to accumulate the whole of the profits over many months and then withdraw later.

  3. None of the managers you recommend are currently available. Are they all bankrupt? Or have you retired with enormous wealth?

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