InvestFX Review: A Blurry Forex Education Program

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InvestFX Review: A Blurry Forex Education Program

Another false forex mentorship program, InvestFX (, is not what you would expect. The platform does little to help investors improve their trading skills. Hundreds of clients have already lost funds after the platform failed to provide classes. The platform only sends educational material straight from other Youtube channels. And as such, we have to expose the platform and protect our readers. Please find out more in our detailed INVESTFX REVIEW.

NOTE: Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend going for proven entities. These include coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. Go for the best investment options the industry avails to all classes of investors.

About InvestFX

Surprisingly, there’s no background or history of the program anywhere on their website. Again, it points to a platform that wants to creep in unnoticed. Apart from that, the materials found on the website are also wanting.

InvestFX Pros and Cons

As a forex learner, you would want to get educational materials from a platform with pedigree. Unfortunately, FX doesn’t have the pedigree to offer expert trading education. There are several reasons why we believe the platform is out to fool learners.

First, the mystery surrounding the platform is high without the information on their background. We all want to partner with platforms that have a solid reputation. In the online forex world, your credibility matters.

From the complaints we have seen, the platform doesn’t have a sterling reputation. All we get is a platform failing to provide necessary learning materials. Even the signals the platform promises to send are way off in terms of accuracy.

Forex trading requires thorough learning materials. One-on-one learning with a professional will help guide you through trading. And this helps investors make a more rational decisions on investment and trading.

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Before you invest in any platform, we recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. That’s the best way to ensure that you invest wisely and get all the services you need.

As soon as you spot any infringement, it would be best to stay away. You can check out our crypto and forex reviews to determine which platforms matter. Make sure to share this post to protect the industry from such programs.

Advantages and cons InvestFX

You have to weigh the pros and cons of any trading platform. That gives you a better insight into what to expect with a platform. If the cons outweigh the pros, it’s best to stay away. For instance, the credibility of the platform and the results.

Members who sign up with the platform don’t get any certificates at the end of the learning process. So there’s no way of proving that you have undergone any courses with them. And that’s a scary feature considering you are paying for the classes.

Here are some of the notable pros and cons of the;


Invest FX offers three different membership accounts to choose from. There’s the free account, pro, and enterprise account. Each of these accounts comes with distinctive features. The pricing model is also different depending on the account.

Let’s take a closer look at these accounts;

Accounts InvestFX


It’s a free membership for a lifetime, with members getting access to free telegram signals. In addition, the account promises weekly market breakdowns and free setups. You also get a free weekly calendar and a technical arena.


There’s a $499 fee for lifetime access to the pro account. Members get private telegram chats and daily market breakdowns. You also get premium set-up and signals, not forgetting an introduction to fundamentals.


It has the same pricing model as the pro account. The account targets institutional investors as it has the same features as the pro account. Some of the additional features include sniper calls and one-on-one trading sessions with a pro.

Account features

From what we see with these accounts, several key features are missing. There are no video tutorials where you get to interact with a professional. These accounts also don’t highlight the necessary trading elements.

The accounts fail to mention leverage and spread in terms of trading assets. Moreover, the experts who profess to train learners are nowhere to be seen. And this points to a platform whose teachers are unavailable most of the time.

There’s no interaction which makes it a hard learning process. Newbies ought to learn while getting the chance to ask questions. With no interaction, learners don’t get as much information as needed.

Available trading assets

The platform avails five classes of trading assets for learning materials. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. In addition, the platform makes you differentiate between the various trading commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, and more.

We also get a platform that introduces digital assets to learners. The learning program shows crypto pairings with major currencies. These include BTC/USD, ETH/GBP, etc. The platform also pairs leading cryptos against each other.

Forex trading happens to be at the core of the platform’s learning. Sadly, there’s not much to learn with the platform, as crucial information is missing. The platform fails to convince investors of relevant trading materials such as leverage and spreads.

Are funds safe with NO

Indices play a huge role, especially for day traders. Several indices are available, including DAX, Dow Jones, NIKKEI, NYSE, S&P 500, etc. These indices help investors trade in the global market scene.

Lastly, we have shares of leading companies from all sectors. You get learning materials from company shares that help highlight or predict market movement. Most of this data is available free on the web.

Business holder

There’s little information to point to who owns or runs the platform. And this means we are dealing with a platform that wants to remain anonymous. So there’s no mention of who owns or runs the show.

We expect the platform to at least give us their actual physical address. That, too, is unavailable as investors are clearly signing up with an unknown entity. It would be best to stay away from anonymous platforms for security reasons.

Client testimony

Is Invest FX a licensed educational program? NO

The platform posts a client testimony section to try and convince investors to sign up. The section seems to heap praise on the entire learning process. Unfortunately, that doesn’t clear the picture of what to expect from the platform.

There’s no positive comment on the web from other independent websites. That means the platform doesn’t have any positive following. And that should show you that the platform has a poor online reputation.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact from staff members once you sign up with Invest FX. The platform doesn’t have a live chat tab, let alone a contact page. Instead, all you get is a FAQ section that tries to answer basic platform questions.

Deposit and fund safety InvestFX

Your funds are not safe as the platform doesn’t meet its obligations of offering quality services. Once you pay for the membership, the platform might decide to shut you out. You cannot get your funds back after the platform mutes you.

Is InvestFX licensed or regulated?

InvestFX is not a licensed or regulated platform. Therefore, it would be best to avoid such as there’s no security cover from regulators. Additionally, the platform is a burst as it has no valid interest in your trading or learning.

Our verdict on InvestFX

Please stay away from and get learning materials from proven sources.

PS: For first-time investors, there are easier methods of investing. Check out straightforward investing alternatives such as coin staking and Masternoding.

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