Investors Underground Review: Scam Exposed!

Investors Underground Review: Scam Exposed!

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This review focuses on a stock trading educational business known as Investors Underground. This trading school is owned by someone called Nathan Michaud. Mr. Michaud is a very slick marketer. He is also very experienced at harassing the naive into ”investing” in his bogus trading products so that he can make a quick kill.

This fellow sells a trading educational DVD which costs a whooping $1,197. On top of that, he also has another trading educational DVD titled Tandem Trader. This one goes for $1,147.

Mr. Michaud is an investment hustler that hides behind the curtains of penny stock promotion. He pumps and dumps deception of the highest order as he sells worthless DVDs for a fortune.

You must avoid him at all cost. In fact, if you want to be safe with stock trading, you better trade with Tradenet by Meir Barak. It’s currently the honest and legitimate stock trading school that we have on the internet right now. Although the products are a little bit pricey, it is always worth trading with this stock trading school. You will learn a lot besides enjoying the advantage of a funded account.

Anyway, this is not a review of Tradenet. So let us stick to the topic of discussion. We basically want evidence that Investors Underground is a scam and that the owner is a fraudster. Here we go:

investors underground review

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Investors Underground Review

First of all, we’d want to state that Nathan Michaud also runs a parallel trading educational business called Investors Live.

Both the DVDs which this ”trading guru” is selling are basically made of the same exact content which is recycled and crafted to look as if it were unique.

These DVDs proclaim to teach traders the skill and talent needed to make money consistently as a stock trader. But how much is this money? Probably millions of dollars. This is what Mr. Michaud is preaching in those DVDs.

In fact, he claimed in one of his statements that subscribers were making $6,700,000, and in some instances, $226,000. Those who subscribed to his so-called elite trading advisory make $4,180,000 or even more, claims Michaud.

Those figures represent the proclaimed gains which were released by statements retrieved from a rogue website and certified as ”tamper proof”.

If you’re wondering where we got those details from, then we can tell you that those details were provided to us through a website called

This platform is actually owned and managed by someone called Mike Mosseri. This guy is ready to defend the ‘authenticity and accuracy’ of all information that is provided through his website. We have actually spoke to him concerning this multiple times.

The so-called tamper-proof gains

When you look at the equity curves for the so-called tamper-proof gains, what you see is nothing short of marvelous slope of profits. To become a millionaire in a short time out of nothing, you’d need to take a very simple step. Purchase one of the DVDs and start copying trades at Investors Underground. That will assure you financial success in a very short time.

Investors Underground supposed profits

In fact, this sounds too good to be true. Many people are even considering quitting their day jobs so that they can become independent millionaire traders just like Nathan Michaud.

What is this and why is Investors Underground teaming up with them?

You might think to yourself that since is a third-party verification platform, any results that pass through their hands must be nothing short of authentic.

You are wrong in that line of thinking. You see, is just a den of con artists who submit fake trading results for cheap publicity that would see them attracting more business.

This platform is complete BS. You cannot trust them because evidence has shown that is commanded and controlled by con investment hustlers like Nathan of Investors Underground.

Who is this Nathan of Investors Underground?

He is a skilled salesman who uses the right marketing approach to make sales on a daily basis. He also takes full advantage of platform, where he posts the so-called live trade results to fool investors.

Now, this fraudulent platform is also a massive traffic source that sends visitors back to his website — the so-called Investors Underground.

Now, if you visit Nathan’s website, you will find that it is strangely lacking in the so-called verified equity curve showing multiple millions of dollars in gains.

This is a case where a con artist is using fake third party verification to imply that his Investors Underground business is genuine. So he does not see the need to prove anything on his website. His website is actually being used as a marketing mouthpiece for making claims. If you want verification, he will send you to where he claims all results have been posted at.

Thankfully, we also recon that the internet never forgets. Although the links have since disappeared from the Investors Underground website, evidence is still lurking everywhere on the web that Nathan was using this fraudulent verification platform to proclaim profits that were never made.

If you run a background search for this domain on, what you will see is images of previous texts and pictures of the website when it had not made these changes.

Investors Underground Review and results

The screenshot above gives an accurate representation of what we discovered when we did this investigation. In fact, we were mesmerized when we learned that someone made a profit of ”$900,000” in the same day that they signed up. This site was claiming then that these profits were verified through website.

Reaching out to Nathan

Considering the above screenshot and several other claims that Nathan has made, we felt that it was expedient to engage this man is a gentleman’s conversation.

We actually reached out to him through email to seek for evidence that this man was calling out trades in his trade room and that he was keeping records of his best trades as well as his failures.

Basically, we wanted access to a spreadsheet of his trading results. We also wanted to cross-check if the results which he was proclaiming on was matching those in the spreadsheet (if he was to produce it in the first place).

We actually harassed him to produce these results. But instead, Nathan just produced trade logs that were recorded inside his ‘live chat room’.

He claimed that everything that we needed to ascertain the credibility of Investors Underground was already revealed in those logs.

First of all, what we saw in this log was not proof that Nathan was calling and trading those positions. Secondly, it was not proof that what was being reflected on was authentic.

In fact, the more we dwelt on this issue, the more clearer it became that Nathan was playing around with our intelligence.

At long last, we made it clear that we were going to write a negative review concerning the business that Nathan was running through Investors Underground website.

Our best advice for you

Nathan is clearly a deceitful fellow. He collects several hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting victims only to dupe them in something that would later turn into a massive fraudulent stock trading scheme. Avoid this website. And if you must trade stocks, find Tradenet in this list of products.

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