Investous Review: Abysmal Forex Broker Scam Unearthed

Investous Review: Abysmal Forex Broker Scam Unearthed

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Investous ( is a CFDs and Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative trading world. With claims of offering a 360-trading experience, we simply had to dig in and find out more regarding INVESTOUS. Other empty promises on display include having a simple and user-friendly platform. All said and done, what we found out during our research will shock you. Read this detailed and honest review and find the truth.

Investous Review

Investous Review:

Reviews are meant to help newbie traders know what to expect with a Forex broker. That’s why we always take time to conduct them and only reveal facts about a broker. With, this broker has gone to new lengths to hide the truth. And this is where we step in, to reveal all the dirty tricks this scam broker is using to trap investors. Here’s what we found out after digging in Investous’ website.

Claims and promises are what makes newbies sign up with brokers without a second look. That’s one of the main tricks that scammers use to trap newbie Forex investors. These scammers know for a fact that we all want to make a quick buck or two. That’s why they come up with claims of helping users make fast and quick money. A broker who promises high yields in a short period of time is usually a fraud.

In order to stay safe with Forex trading, always sign up with Recognized Forex brokers. Sign up with Forex brokers that are Reliable and Reputable in their services. Authentic and Convenient Forex brokers is all you need to start making real profits. Why not get Forex brokers that come highly recommended by the trading community? Best way to make money and stay safe is signing up with Trusted Forex brokers.

Who Owns Investous?

Disclaimer at the bottom of the homepage shows that Investous is owned by IOS INVESTMENTS Limited. This company is based in Belize and this is one red flag that we must point out. Fact that they are from Belize clearly reveals that we are dealing with an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notorious for flaunting regulation and rules. That’s why signing up with this broker is highly risky.

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Another red flag with ownership of is the fact that they fail to reveal real names. Who are the actual people behind this brokerage firm? It’s clear that the website fails to mention anyone who is a founder of this brokerage firm. Who is the CEO or CFO of this brokerage firm or mother company? They have failed to disclose this information for a reason, we will disclose it later as we continue.

Is Investous Licensed or Regulated?

Investous Scam

Note that this broker is located on the north eastern coast of Central America. This is an offshore broker and any licensing claims are fake. Regulation bodies which are relevant in the Forex industry do not license offshore brokers. What this means is that claims of being licensed and regulated by IFSC of Belize is fake. Fraudsters will do or say anything to make their products and services appear legit.

IFSC/60/511/TS/18 is apparently the licensing number they claim to have from IFSC. As we earlier said, this is surely a lie and we will prove it. Where have they posted the Certificates and documents to prove registration? A legit broker always posts their legal documents for all to see and verify. With this broker, that’s not the case as they have totally made up their license number. It’s clear we are dealing with a professional scam outfit.

Account Types.

Investous offers users four different account types to choose from. Each account comes with different spreads and minimum deposit requirement. These four accounts include Basic, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. All users should always ask which account types fits their budget and what perks they offer. Basic account holders are required to make a minimum of $250 to start trading with this broker.

Gold members deposit $5000 while platinum members must deposit $10000. VIP account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of $50,000 to start trading. Ask yourself one thing, what advantage does one account have over the other? Our investigation could not find any real advantages with these accounts. This means that Investous is simply fishing for all types of investors.

An Easier alternative to making money trading Forex can be found with Forex trading Robots. Sign up with Dependable and Genuine Forex trading Robots that have been authorized. Stay safe by getting Accountable and Affordable Forex trading robots that are Vetted by the trading community. Want to make realistic profit margins? Simply sign up with Efficient and Honest Forex trading robots today.

Fake Platform.

Another huge red flag with INVESTOUS is their trading platforms. According to their homepage, they claim to have rich trading platforms. We had to verify these claims as to whether their platform did really work. First thing we did was try and download their platform on our devices. Note that, for a platform to be considered effective, it has to be compatible with all devices.

Problem with their platform is that we could not be able to download it. Download stalled at 50% which is bad news for users. What this means is that their platform is unstable. An unstable platform is regarded as a breeding ground for hackers. Hackers will easily take over unstable platforms and steal persona data. These may include credit card information as well as identity theft. Stay clear from Investous as they are clearly exposing users to cyber-attacks.

Are Funds Safe with Investous?

Investous Fake Review

Funds are never safe with an unlicensed and unregulated Forex broker. Security of funds is not guaranteed with an offshore broker. This broker has several loopholes when it comes to securing member funds. They have failed to mention their depository bank. Where do they deposit funds sent by members? Failure to disclose this information means that we are dealing with a fraudulent broker.

Did you know that users maybe depositing money straight to the owner’s personal account? Worse is still to come, this broker does not segregate accounts. It means that they are pooling funds in one account which is quite dangerous. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, members will lose their funds. Don’t expect to be compensated by Investous, they fail to participate in a compensatory scheme.

No Live Chat Support.

Another disturbing feature with this broker is that they don’t have a live chat support. Sure, they have a support chat button that asks for your email and message you want delivered. Once you do this, they claim that all agents are busy at the moment. This is what we got after trying for hours to contact their support staff. And this is clear reason that this broker does not want to be contacted by anyone.

A classic scam move is to sign up as many people as possible, and never allow any contact. This broker is afraid to face the backlash of victims as well as authorities. That’s why it’s best to avoid this broker and ignore them. No user can be able to contact them with any type of channel. Sending emails is in vain as they will never respond to any mail sent to them. This is a classic online scam move.

Is Investous a Scam?

Evidence gathered clearly indicates that we are dealing with a scam. From the level of anonymity to fake registry details, this is surely a scam. Make sure to stay away from this broker by marking all their emails as Spam. They have a vigorous email marketing team that send links to potential investors. Don’t click on any links as they probably contain malware meant to steal personal data.

Investous Final Verdict.

Investous Scam Review

Concrete evidence we have exposed means that we only have one option. Adding Investous to our blacklist of Forex broker scams. Authorities should shut down this platform and help protect Forex investors from this fraud. Make sure to warn your friends and relatives from signing up with this rogue broker.

Always go for Forex brokers that are Open and Transparent at all times. Start making real money with Legitimate and Trustworthy Forex brokers. This is a Proven way of staying ahead of the Forex market.

Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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21 Replies to “Investous Review: Abysmal Forex Broker Scam Unearthed”

  1. Investous ist Betrug – schlimm das bekannte Persönlichkeiten dafür Werbung machen. Man wird geködert.Sobald das Geld auf dem Konto ist bekommt man keine Hilfe mehr. Sie wollten von mir nun auch noch meine Steuer-ID und Fotographie meiner Créditcard. Da habe ich nun die Reissleine gezogen. Nun will man mir noch einen Betrag in Höhe von 80abziehen, vor Überweisung. Steht angeblich in deren Geschäftsbedingungen. Das ist wirklich Betrug . Werde es auch auf Facebook weiter liken.

  2. Ich kann vor Investous nur warnen, ich habe durch die “Tradingvorschläge” eines Accountmanagers von Investous um viel Geld betrogen. Ich habe einen Anwalt eingeschaltet.

  3. Bonjour, je viens de lire vos commentaires sur “”, et je fais parti des personnes escroquées. J’ai actuellement un compte ouvert chez eux, avec une somme de 28000 € d’investissement, et depuis seulement aujourd’hui, je ne suis plus rappelé par téléphone comme ils le faisaient pour me guider dans les ouvertures et fermetures des trades. Je ne sais plus quoi faire d’autant plus que ce qui m’a le plus fait perdre de l’argent, c’est le “stop loss”, une façon de sécuriser la perte, d’après la règlementation européenne.
    Pourriez vous m’aider pour récupérer mes fonts ? Dites moi comment faire. Je vous remercie d’avance pour votre réponse rapide.
    Xavier CHAUBET
    Tél.: 06 71 47 86 72 (France)

  4. Hi i was with this terrible investous platform hope i can get the rest of my money out not a huge amount though thank goodness will not touch them again keep up the good work will try a forex robot next time thank you

  5. bin total enttäuscht und frustriert. Habe innerhalb 3 Tagen mein ganzes Kapital von 1300 euro verloren!! Da** pa**ierte über Anordnung eines Mitarbeiter von Investous, der mir beim Traden behilflich sein sollte(1. Newbie 2. kaum Zeit) und mich mit dem Spread ( Aluminium Spread damals 88.40) abzockte. Auch das Demokonto was ich anforderte funktionierte nicht. Die o.a. Spreadangabe sind weit höher als angegeben. Auf einen Live Chat können sie lange warten. Für mich ist Investous nicht zu empfehlen Spread Scammer vor allem wenn sie von einem Accountmanager betreut werden!! Hände weg.

  6. Investous is a freud company – i am ab old lady of 71 year in sweden. they took all my savings 2.7 million kr 270.000 euro in june 2019

    1. Hej Anne-Marie!
      Hur är det möjligt att de tog alla dina besparingar 2.7 miljoner?
      Har du investerat alla pengarna på en gång?

  7. De oplichers van Investous waren zojuist te zien in het programma opgelicht, niet mee in zee gaan anders ben je gewoon je geld kwijt

  8. Hej Anne-Marie!
    Hur är det möjligt att de tog alla dina besparingar 2.7 miljoner?
    Har du investerat alla pengarna på en gång?

  9. Advertirles de no operar con éstos ladrones de guante blanco.
    Deposité 500e, pero empecé a leer comentarios negativos y al día siguiente pedí la devolución, a pesar de decir en su página que si se retiran fondos sin operar se cargarán 50E por hacer «NADA» han sido 80E. De cualquier forma, me haré a la idea que fué la cena de celebración por haberme dado cuenta a tiempo y que en vez de 80E fueran miles.
    Qué poca ética y vergüenza!


  10. !!!!!!Warnung vor Investous!!!!
    Firma befindet sich in Zypern!

    Durch etliche Werbe E-Mails von verschiedenen Anbietern man könne sehr viel Geld verdienen
    bin ich über Umwege auf INVESTOS gestrandet
    Nach meiner Anmeldung bei Investous am 31.07.19 wurde ich regelrecht überhäuft von verschiedenen Nachrichten und der nachfolgenden Verifizierung der VISA Karte:
    Do 01.08.2019 10:12 Verifizierung der VISA Karte
    Do 01.08.2019 10:49 Kundenzugang abgelehnt
    Do 01.08.2019 11:18 habe ich Auszahlung – Rückbuchung meiner Einzahlung über € 500 beantragt
    da Kundenzugang abgelehnt wurde.
    Do 01.08.2019 12:30 Verifizierung der VISA Karte bezüglich Geldwäsche
    Do 01.08.2019 18:03 Nachfrage an Investous ob Verifizierung der VISA Karte erfolgt ist.
    Fr 02.08.2019 09:02 Kundenzugang geändert. Bemerkung was geändert wurde entzieht sich meiner Kenntnis.
    Fr 02.08.2019 09:53 Rückmeldung von Herrn V. wie Auszahlung auf Investous durchzuführen ist.
    Fr 02.08.2019 17:37 meine Mitteilung an Herrn V Ich habe Probleme bei der Anmeldung:

    Ich hoffe Sie haben meine Email mit meiner Visa Karte wie von Ihnen gewünscht erhalten.
    Die MT4 Plattform habe ich erstmals erreicht mit dem MT4 Client Link
    ich habe danach ohne vorher mich mit meinem Nutzername und Pa**wort anzumelden
    auf Trade geklickt, jedoch hierüber erreiche ich kein Bankkonto.
    Daher habe ich es versucht mich mit dem angegebenen Nutzernamen und Pa**wort
    anzumelden, ich erhalte dann aber die Mitteilung meine E Mail wäre falsch.
    Leider habe ich nicht mehr das Pa**wort der seinerzeitigen Anmeldung mit Namen
    Anschrift Email Geldanweisung usw. ich gehe jedoch davon aus da** dies nicht in
    Verbindung steht mit den eigentlichen Zugangsdaten von Nutzernamen und Pa**wort
    der MT4 Plattform. Wenn Sie mir hier weiterhelfen können besten Dank Im Voraus.
    Bemerkung auf diese wichtige E‐Mail habe ich keine Rückantwort erhalten.
    Da ich keinerlei Erfahrung habe mit derartigen Handelsplattformen bin ich von der
    gesamten Vorgehensweise überfordert.
    Sa 03.08.2019 16:11 Nachfrage an Herrn V bezüglich Zugangsdaten ob diese noch aktuell sind?
    Bemerkung auf diese wichtige E‐Mail habe ich ebenfalls keine Rückantwort erhalten
    Bis zum 12.11.19 habe ich keinerlei Zugang zu meinem Investous Konto erreicht.
    Am 18.11.19 waren jedoch noch weitere Verifizierungen notwendig, ich musste meine Personalausweis und eine Rechnung vorweisen ich habe beides entsprechend den Anweisungen hochgeladen. Sehr geehrter Herr V,wie Sie bei meiner Aufstellung der E-Mail Schreiben entnehmen können, hatte ich am 03.08.19 immer noch Probleme mit den mir zu Verfügung stehenden Zugangsdaten auf die Investous Plattform mit entsprechenden Pa**wörtern zu gelangen , ebenso um auf mein hinterlegtes Investous Bank Konto zu gelangen.
    Auf diese letzte E-Mail habe ich überhaupt keine Rückantwort oder entsprechende
    Hilfe seitens eines Investous Mitarbeiters erhalten, dieses Problem gemeinsam zu lösen.
    Erst als ich kurz danach mit Christian H Kontakt aufgenommen habe, konnte ich erstmals gemäß Anweisungen erst nach Kontaktaufnahme zu Christian H am 12.11 habe ich mein Investous Bankkonto erst am 14.11.19 erreichen können mit einem neuen Pa**wort.
    Am 12.11 ist mir dies nicht geglückt, da bei meinem Google Browser sich ein Virus eingenistet hatte.
    Einfaches Löschen usw. war auch nicht möglich um Abhilfe zu schaffen. Ich habe hierfür zwei Tage benötigt um das Problem zu beseitigen.
    Daher hatte ich erstmals uneingeschränkten Zugang auf der Investous Plattform erst am 14.11.19
    Als ich jedoch meinen Kontenstand feststellte war ich mehr als Enttäuscht.
    Da ich absoluter Neuling auf dem Gebiet von Währungs Plattformen gleich welcher Art auch immer bin, ich bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt keinerlei Kenntnis hatte, da** bei einer sogenannten Untätigkeit usw. nicht unerhebliche Gebühren anfallen u.a. auch dem Umstand da** ich erst am 14.11.19 einen uneingeschränkten Zugang zu Investous Plattform erlangte, bitte ich dieses Problem bei der Investous Geschäftsleitung anzusprechen. Mit der Bitte im Rückerstattung der € 320.-.
    Meines Erachtens besteht kein Anspruch von Investous wie in meinem Fall ausreichend belegt und dargestellt, derartige Gebühren über € 320 für eine Untätigkeit zu erheben, da man mir zu keinem Zeitpunkt zuvor hilfreich zur Seite gestanden hat das Problem den Zugang auf die Investous Plattform bereits im August 2019 gemeinsam zu ermöglichen. Mit der Bitte um Rückerstattung der von Ihnen ohne meine vorherige Kenntnis durchgeführte Abbuchung von meinem Investous Bankkonto.

    1.) Da** mein Mitgliedskonto nebst Bankkonto nebst sämtlicher Daten von meiner
    Person und Kontenverbindungen gelöscht wurden um auch zu meiner zu
    meiner Sicherheit zu verhindern daß gegenüber meiner Person keine weiteren
    Kosten gleich welcher Art auch immer in Anrechnung gebracht werden oder
    entstehen können.
    2.) Ob eine Rückerstattung bei Inaktivität im Einvernehmen mit der Geschäftsleitung
    besprochen stattgegeben wird.
    Auch auf diese E-Mail habe ich keine Rückantwort erhalten.

    1. Bonjour,
      j’ai aussi été victime comme vous de investous pour un montant qui a commencé avec de 5000.- et qui a continué avec 15000.- sur Investous pour finir avec 7000.- sur la platforme Ceux-ci m’ont contacter en me promettant de m’aider à récuperer mon argent.
      Je vais mandater un avocat en espérant retrouver une partie du capitale.
      Tout ce que vous décrivez je l’ai aussi vécu. J’ai l’intention de mandater un service de défense.
      Salutations ‘Saskia

  11. H***o, I am 54 years old,
    the experience with F1Markets Limited and IOS Investments Limited belong to the same group of companies and share the brand ‘INVESTOUS’. IOS Investments Limited, would sum it up for the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I will carry the consequences of their bad praxis and naivete on my part the rest of my life.

    Motivated by a press comment from a well-known newspaper, contact INVESTOUS.

    In this initial contact with Paulo Bandeira (manager / advisor) he described perfectly the type of investor I am. I have no stock market knowledge, if I decided to intervene with INVESTOUS it is because they would take care of managing my deposits. So he confirmed it to me and I decided to take the plunge.

    My first deposit was a deposit of € 400 to check the wonders and miracles I mentioned.
    The empathetic relationship, which the managers who a**ign you, know how to set up a trustworthy relationship.
    From here, you unknowingly lead to a plethora of increasing income (deposits) to recoup the losses that are constant.
    In my case they have reached € 71,859. I am currently claiming them for malpractice and deception.

    The miraculous options with which to recover everything I have deposited have ruined me. They are farcical and manipulative experts.

    It is a deceptive platform and completely ambiguous … There is nothing clear. Their managers are trained to usurp the savings of the unwary without any remorse or scruple …, pure hypocrisy and falsehood. The only pretext is to gain your confidence in order to carry out its purpose …, to plunder you.

    The strategy they follow is to believe that you can recover what you have lost, and that they have caused them, with greater contributions … It never translates into profit, despair, in my case, I am left obfuscated.
    I have been changed manager three times, for the worse.

    Paulo Bandera, was the one who caught me. After a loss of more than € 35,000 I lost track.

    The next Vladimir Gisca, whose forecasts were another disaster.

    Finally July Diaz, who seemed more wise and honest … but no, they all follow the same pattern, just change the style of embaucation.

    The [email protected] department is a panacea for filtering out the entire avalanche of complaints they receive. It never transfers complaints and complaints to departments with greater competence and decision-making. The plot is very well organized and designed.

    The promises of recovering the lost, or rather usurped …, become nothing but constant losses, accompanied by insatiable deposit requests to increase the margin, so as not to lose positions and in turn . The result is always the same lost and most lost. For its part … no remorse … no apology or explanation … let alone a solution … nothing!

    When I tried to contact, they didn’t … When they directed me to open a position with a large sum of money and high lots, with the promise that this time the forecast was safe and accurate because according to their forecasts the market tendency would allow to recover everything, has not been fulfilled in any case.

    In the essential moment of trying to rectify or to modify the inaccuracy of the bad prognosis, I have never been able to contact any of the advisers …, which leads me to the conclusion that premeditation is its usual practice.

    No one has contacted me despite my desperate persistence in seeing thousands of euros disappear and not receiving the promised support / management.

    They let your account collapse to cause you to deposit more money. They are irresponsible and inhuman naps. Their strategy is not to make you money, but rather the opposite.
    In light of the risks that are clearly warned, “82.31% of retail investor accounts lose money”, it is alarming … but their managers deny it by offering their knowledge and strategies at their disposal. The result is palpable futility transformed into ruthless ruin.

    I wish you in your life to receive the same thing that they have done to me.

    I cannot help the disgusting thing of trusting in people whose purpose is evil. They are not professional characters, as they are described on a web of opinions about fraudulent Brokers, white-glove thieves. Which would add d**** hands.


      H***o I am 54 years old, my experience with investous would summarize it in the worst thing that has happened to me in all my life. I will carry the consequences of their malpractice and naivety on my part for the rest of my life.
      Motivated by a press comment from a well-known newspaper, contact investous.
      My first deposit was a deposit of € 400 to check the wonders and miracles that I mentioned.
      The empathic relationship, which the managers a**igned to you very skilfully establish, quickly leads to establishing a deal of trust.
      From there, without realizing it, they lead you to an endless amount of income (deposits) to recover the losses that are constant.
      In my case they have reached € 71,859.

      The miraculous options with which they claim to recover everything I have been putting have led me to ruin. They are fakers and manipulative experts.
      The managers who deceived me are called Paulo Bandeira, Vladimir Gisca, Julio Díaz.

      It is a misleading and completely ambiguous platform… There is nothing clear. Its managers are trained to usurp the savings of seized people without any remorse or scruples … pure hypocrisy and falsehood. The only pretext is to earn your trust to be able to carry out its purpose … to plunder you.
      The conclusion to so much incompetence is that the more the investor loses the more this platform wins. Hence, they care very little or nothing that you earn money with their forecasts.

      The strategy they follow is to make believe that you can recover what you have lost with greater contributions … It never translates into profit, and despair, in my case, left me obfuscated.
      They have changed my manager three times … and they all follow the same pattern.

      The promises to recover what has been lost, or better said…, usurped…, do not become anything other than constant losses accompanied by requests for deposits to increase the margin and thus not lose the positions and, in turn, the account. The result is always the same losses and more losses. For his part … no remorse … no apology or explanation … let alone a solution … nothing!

      When I tried to contact, they did not do it… When they suggested that I open a position with a large sum of money with the promise that this time the forecast was safe and accurate, because according to their forecasts and the market trend would allow us to recover everything , has not been fulfilled in any case.

      At the essential moment of trying to rectify or modify the situation, when realizing the predicted mistake, I have not been able to contact any of the advisers on any of the occasions …, fact that leads me to the conclusion that premeditation is their habitual practice.
      No one has contacted me despite my desperate efforts to see how thousands of euros disappear and not receive the promised support. They allow your account to collapse, causing you to have to deposit more money. They are irresponsible and inhuman sloppies. Their strategy is not to earn money, but rather the opposite.
      When reading the risks that clearly warn “82.31% of the accounts of retail investors lose money” is alarming … but its managers deny it by offering their knowledge and strategies at your disposal. The result is palpable uselessness transformed into ruthless ruin.

      I wish that in your life you receive the same that they have done with mine.

      I acknowledge my naivety and the only person responsible for accessing such constant requests is me … But I cannot avoid how repugnant it is to trust people whose purpose is evil. They are not professional characters.

  12. Yo perdí en febrero de está año 2020 83000€ con investous , los perdí en una semana son unos ladrones sin excrupulos ojalá terminen en la todos en la cárcel es lo que se merecen por hacernos pasar esta experiencia yo animo a todos los estafados por esta gentuza a ponernos en contacto y intentar demandarlos para que no pagen lo que nos están haciendo pasar

    1. Hola Alfonso, busca un buen despacho de abogados con conocimientos de derecho internacional.
      Por otro lado, no dejes de poner en conocimiento en todos los lugares donde puedas de lo farsantes que son los de INVESTOUS y los usurpadores de sus empleados. Pon el nombre de todos ellos y no tengas escrupulos ni remordimientos. Esta gentuza tampoco la ha tenido contigo.

    Me han ofrecido una compensación de todo lo que me han usurpado. Actualmente lo tengo en manos de un despacho de abogados los cuales han tramitado una denuncia judicial. Lo que me ofrecian era una trampa para no poder retirar el dinero del lugar donde supuestamente lo depositaban y además firmar un contrato donde no podía continuar reclamandoles nada mas.
    Estoy muy agradecido a los abogados que me están asesorando en todo este proceso.
    Les aconsejo que busquen un buen abogado antes de hacer nada por su cuenta…, peró sin dejar de poner en conocimiento a la sociedad de que es INVESTOUS F1 MARKERTS LIMITED y sus empleados. Dar a conocer sus nombres! No tengais ninguna compasión… Ellos no la han tenido con nosotros.

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