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You read the title correctly. is a scam. It claims to trade Bitcoin and offer returns of between 50% to 200% based in arbitrage trading. They are allegedly using an automated trading system that takes advantage of price differences in multiple exchanges in order to return a profit. Furthermore, they claim that the domain is the property of a company called Investurl LLC. We have searched the background of this company and found nothing other than the website where the scam is being hosted at. They also claim that this business has attracted over half a million investors. This obviously seems to be a big fat lie because even the ranking of the site can tell us how popular the site is with regard to the number of users who visit it every day.

They cite the address 6800 Westward Beach Rd, Malibu, CA 90265 but in reality, this business isn’t located in the said address. This is quite misleading and in as much as they claim to have been established in the year 2016, the domain was registered in 2018 and there is no possibility of these crooks ever existing in 2016. There are a lot of commercial information regarding this site that makes it impossible to trust them. Even the statistics which they have published on their site regarding the Bitcoins invested and those which have been paid out is actually an act of misleading unsuspecting investors. If these numbers were real, we can promise you that Investurl would be the most popular investment destination in the world. With the numbers they claim to have generated in returns, we can assure you that even the best hedge funds of the world would be wondering how the site is able to generate these amazing returns.

But obviously Investurl is a scam and that is the reason nobody cares about their operation – only the financially desperate. In case you are wondering what else to do, here is a clue; just pick these Crypto trading bots and make a deposit. When you invest, the bots will start to trade on your behalf and you will definitely start to build your savings over time. But if you end up sending the amount of money which scammers are requesting, you will be disappointed and the only thing you will be able to say is that Investurl scammed you.

Investurl review

Investurl is making it obvious that their activities are not legit. Even on the homepage of their site, they are claiming that investors can earn 50% of their investments on day 1 which is something you should not believe unless you are a believer of getting rich quick schemes. By the way, you need to understand that nobody has ever gained a penny from these get rich quick schemes despite contributing a lot of money. The best investment companies will not double your investment in one day. It takes time and even if you look at hedge funds across the world, you will find that these companies have only been able to generate returns of 20% or less in any given year. They trade billions of dollars and cannot risk chasing huge returns thereby subjecting their investors account to unnecessary risks.

On another part of the website, they promise 100% daily returns which are actually a very misleading statement. We have just seen that get rich quick schemes don’t pay out a penny. So just imagine if a scam like Investurl is promising you 50% to 100% daily returns, they are simply taking you for a ride. You will never achieve these returns in the hands of fraudsters.

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The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC and the maximum deposit is 5 BTC. They are only accepting payments in BTC,ETH and BCH. This should tell you something; that  Investurl is only accepting payments using means that are unsafe for payment. Crypto currency transactions cannot be reversed and once you send money, that will be the end. This is how most scams on the internet steal money. They insist that victims should only send funds in Crypto currencies.

Apart from this, the site is providing 3 types of investment plans. These are meant to lure unsuspecting victims into paying more in order to make more at the end of the day. By the way, this scam hopes that your greed will take the better part of you and so you will automatically go for the highest yielding plan. Of course the higher you go, the fatter the bonuses are, and this can quickly convince the financially naive to sign up for the supposedly highest paying plan.

Proof of payment

The site has opened a YouTube page where they have also uploaded a video to allegedly show proof of payment. This page is allegedly created by one of their satisfied customers but common logic dictates this video is not from one of the victims but is from the scammers themselves. You do not need any special skills or requirements to put up such a video on the internet in order to fool internet users. In other words, the video is fabricated and if the site really wants us to believe their claims of trading, they should provide us with their verified myfxbook account. From there, we will be able to analyze the equity and returns of their trading account since they claim to generate up to 100% a day. Shouldn’t it be easy to prove the claims on real paper? If this proof is not coming our way despite requesting it, then it simply means no trading is going on.

Our best advice for you

Investurl is owned and managed by a pathetic group of cowards who fear the act of revealing who they are and what their real intentions are. For the desperate investor, the only one way to escape from the trap laid by these scammers is to know how to spot the red flags. Investurl promises too good to be true returns and you already know this is a tactic used by scammers. Do yourself a favor by investing in credible tools. 

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5 Replies to “ Review: Investurl is a Scam”

  1. This is accurate. On top of all of this. The picture of the so called ceo of the company is actually of Ian Altman not David Carter.

  2. Thanks for just saving me so much BTC. I used Google earth to check their location given as *6800 westward Beach Rd* and in real fact nothing shows the structure located there is a company building. It’s lifesaving to write to enlighten the greedy naive investor to better kick offf from such highly lucrative returns

    I am blessed to have you write this on you blog. May God Bless You

  3. All thanks to you for sharing this website i’m really thankful! i invested in this site and i got so much profits in my first day!
    I encourage every beginner investor to make investments and get profits hourly and daily with

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