iProfit EA Review: is iProfit EA a Scam or Legit FX robot?

iProfit EA Review: is iProfit EA a Scam or Legit FX robot?

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Iprofit EA is an expert advisor powered by self-learning and contained programming language. The language in the play is unlike other strategies that depend on lag indicators.

It operates on the neural network algorithm, known as NN. The main aim of this algorithm is not to outsmart the market but just pick bits of profits while upholding minimal losses.

It seems to operate on the significant HFT trading algorithm that executes thousands of trades within a short span. It uses hugely, high voltage power and high computing speed at outrageously slashed prices.

Consequently, it makes predictions on price changes on the next H1 For its input of costs of OHLC in the past 52 hours. The algorithm possesses versatility until a success rate of 70% is attained from data obtained from previous transactions and predictions.

iProfit EA Review, Platform

In this case, when trades are made, high or lows are strictly reserved for outlying, possible, profit reaping events, but not just utilized aimlessly out of impulse.

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Expert advice comes in handy, especially if it is coming from the right source and not from some quirk, whom you just met online.

Therefore, for the best expert services, it is better to consult with the best Forex brokerages in the market. These experts are legal and have been in practice for several years; thus, they have attained maximal acquisition of prerequisite knowledge; to ensure that everything is carried out as intended.

Trade strategy

As stated earlier, these expert advisor operates on an algorithm reserving highs and lows for outlying profit reaping events. It also possesses trade pairs that have a negative correlation, and this helps yield numerous opportunities that are made available to the system ,and it boasts of a win rate of 60% with a definite risk to reward ratio, which leads to longevity of success.

It has annual gains of 1500 pips or about 170 pips per month. This system of trade enables it to make profits at all conditions. An additional backup from professionals, based at Phibase technologies, also aid in ensuring successful ventures are manifested.

The model tries to trade the regular price provided the price is within an H1 bar. The algorithm accuracy is over 70%. Then the neural network model is essential, but the core of is the determinant. It mimics the daily trader’s mind.

Essential Features

Some of the features that this expert advisor boasts of are trading logic. This trait helps it’s to adapt to high volatility. It also possesses a risk-reward ratio, which is positive in value.

The win rate is above 60%; average gain is 25 pips while the average loss is 27 pips. Some of the currency pairs included are the EURUSD, EURJPY, XAUUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD. There was encountered mean gain of 170 per month. At medium risk, the monthly equity gains ranged from 3% to 5%. Maximum drawdowns were -1000 pips and maximum equity of 20% at medium risk.

The worrying element with the system: is that it applies the Non-grid or The Martingale system. It claims to have 12 years backtests.

Unknown founders

This expert advice does not provide its owner’s credentials. Despite this, they still expect prospective traders to invest with them, and this is a very ambiguous term of operation. Neither does it give a glimpse of the board management behind the whole scheme.

Trade results

This expert advisor provides a Myfxbook chart. From the book chart, we can see that that was a monthly gain of 177.87% and a drawdown of  -25.47%.  Daily returns of 0.04%, which translated to a monthly return of 1.21%, were clearly shown. All these displays are data from as early as 2013 till current.

The fishy element with the data provided is that most of the data provided is in favor of the  sender and does not seem to be purely untampered with data

Strategy checks

This expert advisor claims that the system has been tested using tick data, the spread of 1 pip, and a commission of 0.7 dollars per lot. Dukas Copy Tick Data supposedly carried out the test. The research was done at 99% accuracy.

The external factor is that this advisor provides rare strategies. Provision of an old live-performance from the past six years an excellent thing. However, this scenario only changes if the data provided is different from the FPA. It was the case as the live-performance data provided did not match FPA’s live-performance data on the same.

False testimonials

It was noted that most of the personalities that gave testimonies were only actors and actresses. It is a very bittersweet realization since to come to the full comprehension that none of the claims made was correct, helps one avert unnecessary losses.

Claims on relationships with elite personalities and companies did not have sufficient hard data to back them up, and this prompts us to conduct severe background research before giving in.

Online reviews

This expert adviser seems to lack clientele feedback. It is an unusual trait as they claimed to have aided several personalities in making profits off their dreams. Isn’t it strange that out of all the people who got helped, none of them bothered to leave a positive review of the same? The gross trust rank was 30%, with many reporting trade lengths of 3 ½ hours.

The only platform provided by this is a service provider that enables a customer to get in touch with them: is a contact form that is filled in on the website. After filling in the contact form, one is supposed to email each directly to the vendor.

Most customers claim to have utilized the above means to try and communicate, yet nothing was got in from the end of the vendor, and this leads to agitation. Consequently, they transformed some clients’ approaches leading to low trust ranks of less than two out of five stars.

Alexa ranking and Who data

It seems that this service provider lacks on Alexa ranking, and this deems it unfit for investment as it invalidates the claims that it has attained the requested trade age required to ensure maximum profit collection, and It lacks data and does not have a domain under its name. It is a very critical loophole that might assist one in making sound judgment concerning the legit any of this expert service provider.

Final verdict

Forex trading is among the best means of passive income generation. However, due to this factor, most people have set out to make money out of amateur and unsuspecting traders. Consequently, before one gives in to the demands of these expert advisors, one should invest with these legitimate expert bits of advice.

The upper hand, it’s dealing with only legitimate experts provided, is that one is salvaged from unnecessary emotional arousal due to small glitches and dubious intentions derived from the vendor.

In a nutshell, we would not like to label this expert adviser as a total scam. Still, we would, however, like for them to provide additional data and also address the loopholes which tarnish and discredit its service providence. Therefore, it is advisable to steer clear momentarily until responsibility is taken. However, do not forget to take a look at some of the legal expert advisors.

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