iProinvestor Review: Scam Copies Several Others

iProinvestor Review: Scam Copies Several Others

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IProInvestor is a trading app that is based on the concept of AI, or at least that is the claim that rogues are making to make us believe that they have real solutions to the problems faced by traders. The problem with iProInvestor is that none of the claims being made on the homepage are verified. The automate software is supposed to trade various assets like Forex, Crypto currencies and CFDs. It is a semi automated software which means that users will have to trust the decisions it makes in the Forex market place regarding which signals to take.

iProInvestors is allegedly helping everyday traders make thousands of dollars every day and they do not need any experience to start making this much. This is the kind of presentation that raises eyebrows because it exaggerates and makes us wondering whether the promises are real. Naturally, when a scammer claims that they have a software that makes thousands of dollars in profit a day, our question would be whether they have made that money themselves and why they are giving away the software for free.

By the way, iProInvestor is free for the first two months and after this, the software will cost 3k per license. We assure you that this is not going to be the case. The software will always be free because scammers really want you to start using it so they can earn their commissions. You have to remember the fact that such a promise is only a sales tactic and nobody should believe that this pathetic robot is working as claimed on the site. The price tag is meant to make you imagine that the software is a premium product and hence its worth.

If you want to make money trading, our recommendation is that you should use reliable solutions for trading the Forex and Crypto currency markets. In this case, we are guiding you to the right type of trading robot which you should be using for Crypto currency trading.

IProInvestor Review

After looking at the sales pitch, we were able to establish a number of problems with the presentation. There is also a lot of things that don’t make sense in as much as the presentation is concerned. The sales page claims that they have created a state of the art trading app that combines the use of 8x best investment strategies. The last statement does not make sense and the site does not elaborate further in order to help us understand what they are really trying to communicate here.


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The issue is that iProInvestor is making obvious lies. Do you think a system that makes thousands of dollars a day would cost nothing or 3k for a lifetime. Probably it would cost 3K to renew a license which would happen every month. That’s how expensive they can be. But for someone to tell us that they are offering a solution to traders out there for free, this sounds so unreal.

There is also the issue of using OMC markets broker. iProInvestor is not free of course because there is no way you can test it on a broker account of your choice. They are instead forcing traders to sign  up with OMC Markets broker in order to start using the software. What is more, the software can’t be activated until the trader has funded their trading account with at least $250. So that is the solid evidence that iProInvestor is not free by any means. If it were free, we would just download the algorithm and use it with any broker. But this is not the case simply because it is not free.

By the way, iProInvestor is working with a shady and unregulated broker. If you end up depositing money with this broker, you will never see your money again. In case you decide to withdraw the rest of your balance after you have realized that the app is only making losses, the shady brokerage will refuse to honor your withdrawal request because by then, they will have paid scammers their commissions. And even if you changed your mind as soon as you send your money to them, they would never accept it. They are thieves.

It is an illegal product

iProinvestor is an illegal product if you look at it with the view that all software that generate trading signals are in a way providing investment advice. The software in question is semi automated and we are sure that it is not acceptable everywhere in the world. The software cannot be legally offered in any country because it needs a license and the scammers behind it don’t have this license.

The other issue is that OMC Markets is an illegal broker since they are operating without a license. This software on the other hand is pushing you to deposit money with this brokerage. If the broker is illegal and the software in question is equally not licensed, then clearly this is an illegal product. It is a challenge that most dubious products on the internet will not let you know.

iProinvestor has a phone support in the UK, so we are trying to think that it targets UK residents. And if this is the case, traders should be aware of the fact that UK has laws governing how people should receive investment advice. Licenses should be issued accordingly. But this software does not have a license and cannot legally generate signals for public usage.

Our best advice for you

This is getting weird. iProInvestor has shown us all the red flags and we no longer have any doubts in our minds that this app is intending to scam us. The main purpose for which this app was created was to make you deposit money and lose it to scammers. There is no other function. If you want to invest, you should use reliable trading apps for the same. Some of our top recommendations can be found on this page. You can’t go wrong here.

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