iQuandex Review: A Fraudulent Bitcoin Trading Platform

iQuandex Review: A Fraudulent Bitcoin Trading Platform

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iQuandex is a bitcoin trading platform running from Russia. The domain of the company,, is a single login page that initially does not provide any information about the company. However, it contains a link to the official YouTube channel of the company that contains marketing videos in Russian.

This is not a traditional Bitcoin trading platform as it requires a significant amount of investment from the members. Moreover, the recruitment and residual commissions are a highly important part of the company which shows that the major source of the company’s earnings is the recruitment of the affiliates.

In this article, you will get to know about various aspects of the iQuandex so that you can make a decision about whether you should invest in this company or not.

What is iQuandex?

iQuandex was formed in March 2020. The owner of the company is Abrarov Rinat Fanozovich. The registration of shows that the company is registered in Tatarstan, Russia. The search engines do not provide any information about Fanozovich, so it is quite possible that a fake name is listed as the owner of the company.

The marketing videos of the company also shows Denis Derkach. He claims to be an international crypto expert. Derkach has a Facebook profile that shows that he is living in California but hails from Russia.

His social media profile is full of crypto offers that entice the readers to invest in BTC weekly trading offers. Moreover, he is also offering crypto instruction courses. There is no further information available about such courses and whether they have anything to do with iQuandex.

There are several other aspects of Derkach’s Facebook profile that make it quite suspicious. His profile was created in August 2020 which indicates that the profile can be fake. Moreover, profile Derkach states that he is living in Moscow, Russia while on Facebook, he is claiming to be a resident of California, so it is not clear whether the profile is real.

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Derkach has also been involved in promoting other crypto Ponzi companies like Kannaway and BitClub Network. This shows that he has been a part of several MLM crypto companies before iQuandex. According to Alexa’s analysis, Kazakhistan contributed to the highest amount of traffic to

Products and Services of iQuandex

iQuandex does not offer any retail products or services. If you want to participate in any type of earning opportunity by iQuandex, you will have to invest any amount between $25 to $5000. The company is promising ROIs once you invest in It is also enticing users to invest a massive amount in the company so that you are able to generate higher profits.

The company is asking for a significant amount of investment to provide considerable profits. Moreover, the income structure of the company is quite disappointing. Therefore, it is better if you avoid investing in this platform. Instead, use the modern crypto trading bots that have flexible account plans and trading preferences to fulfill the requirements of different crypto traders and help them in generating a good amount of profits.

Income Structure of iQuandex

The compensation structure of iQuandex involves different types of commissions and bonuses depending on recruitment and affiliates. It is quite surprising to see that the company is claiming to be a bitcoin trading platform and yet does not give any specific information about its trading plan.

Instead, gives the following breakdown of the investment and income structure:

  • Buy a $25 package to invest $250 to $1500 and earn 110% ROI.
  • Buy a $250 package to invest $250 to $1500 and earn 150% ROI.
  • Purchase a $750 package to invest $200 to $5500 and earn 150% ROI.
  • Buy a $1500 package to invest $7500 to $15,000 and earn 150% ROI.
  • Buy a $5000 package to invest $20,000 to $60,000 and earn 160% ROI.

Even this information is not enough to convince anyone to invest in the company because the website is not providing information about the fixed term of the investment in iQuandex. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the company will any kinds of profits.

Affiliate Ranks

Since profits are promised on the basis of the affiliate ranks, it is important to understand the criteria of different affiliate ranks of iQuandex:

  1. Bronze Rank at which you can earn up to $1000.
  2. Silver Rank at which you can earn up to $3000.
  3. Gold Rank at which you can earn up to $10,000.
  4. 1 Star Rank at which you can earn up to $30,000.
  5. 2 Stars Rank at which you can earn up to $80,000.
  6. 3 Stars Rank at which you can earn up to $240,000.
  7. Diamond Rank at which you can earn up to $720,000.
  8. Red Diamond Rank at which you can earn up to $2,180,000.
  9. Blue Diamond Rank at which you can earn up to $6,500,000.
  10. Grand Blue Diamond Rank at which you can earn up to $20,000,000

Recruitment Commissions

iQuandex is highlighting its plan of distributing recruitment commissions. The purpose of such commissions is to make the members of the company promote it on various platforms and attract more investment. The marketing video of the company promises the following recruitment commissions:

  • Affiliates who buy the $25 or $250 package can generate up to 8% recruitment commissions.
  • Affiliates who buy the $750 or $1500 package can generate up to 10% recruitment commissions.
  • Members who buy the $5000 package can generate up to 12% recruitment commissions.

Moreover, the company is also promising an additional bonus of $100 to the members who recruit two members on $250 or higher packages.

Residual Commissions is attracting users by promising residual commissions via a traditional binary compensation structure. Members have the option of filling the positions via both direct and indirect recruitment. Furthermore, the company has not put any limits on the maximum number of levels in a binary team.


iQuandex is promising to pay residual commissions in the form of points in the following manner:

  • Members of the $25 package can earn 10 points
  • Members of the $250 package can earn 100 points
  • Affiliates of the $750 package can earn 300 points
  • Members of the $1500 package can earn 600 points
  • Members of the $500 package can earn 1200 points


The above discussion about the business model of iQuandex points to the fact that the company is lying about being a bitcoin trading bot. Instead, it is a simple pyramid scheme that wants to attract as many people as it can before collapsing. Even though the company is claiming to have a team of highly professional and experienced individuals belonging to the crypto industry, there is no proof that such people are running the company.

The official marketing videos of the iQuandex are also mainly focusing on the recruitment commissions. The primary focus of the company is on recruiting as many members as it can so that it can pay the old affiliates. Such kind of business model is not sustainable because eventually, recruitment will stop which will lead to the collapse of the company.

Despite the company’s claims of being a reliable Bitcoin trading company, there is no evidence that it is involved in the crypto industry in any way. Therefore, it is quite evident that iQuandex is a fraudulent company. It is a pyramid scheme that is trying to attract affiliates by lying about its true nature of business.

Therefore, you should avoid investing in such platforms because they cannot provide any kinds of profits. Instead, you should check out the genuine and trustable crypto trading bots. Such bots have been operating in the crypto industry for a long time now. As a result, you can use these crypto trading bots to trade as per your own preferences and earn profits. 

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