iQuoto Review: Crude Forex Scam

iQuoto Review: Crude Forex Scam

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iQuoto ( is a crude Forex broker scam out to cause malice to anyone who signs up. I QUOTO is another brutal brokerage scam which is ripping off online investors. In order to get a glimpse of how this platform has destroyed people, look for posted comments. Xavier Chaubet has lost over $3,000 with this fake platform. And this is why we decided to investigate and produce this iQuoto review.

iQuoto Review

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iQuoto Review:

Xavier sent as a horrific email complaint detailing how he was scammed by this broker. Asked what happened when he contacted them, he said the broker went silent. This is what has been the case with other investors who signed up with this broker. They have been swept aside by this broker with no communication whatsoever. This is why everyone should keep away from this broker as they are nothing but scam artists. Read this detailed iQuoto review and find out more.

After landing on their homepage, we could see why users fell for this broker. Their homepage is simply and easily entices the eye. Without proper knowledge of Forex trading, anyone will easily believe this platform. And this is what these scammers are after, to grab your attention immediately with this homepage. No one can notice the flaws well hidden in this platform. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we will reveal all their dirty hidden secrets.

About iQuoto

There’s not much information we got from the website regarding who owns this platform. Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage reveals this platform is owned by Kepsworth Limited. This company is apparently based in London which we highly doubt. Checking the company’s registrar, we found no company with this name. This is a clear indication this platform is being ran by an anonymous professional outfit. The first red flag we noticed with IQUOTO.

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Why has the broker failed to mention the founding members of this platform? It’s clear we are dealing with a rotten Forex brokerage firm. Best put, iQuoto is scamming people with a pyramid scheme sort of style. There’s no way owners can be reached through communication channels. And this is another red flag we spotted with this broker. This broker is pocketing all the funds being sent to them with no shame. IQUOTO is a scam which must be exposed at once.

Is iQuoto FCA Certified?

This brokerage firm is not licensed by the FCA to conduct any Forex transactions on behalf of third parties. How can this platform be licensed or registered when they are filled with anonymity. Sadly, we believe these are offshore brokers who try to use the FCA as their license to trade. Using the regulatory commission will not work as the FCA warns users regarding iQuoto.

Where are their licensing and registration certificates? Why has this broker failed to issue any licensing details for users to verify? A real broker will easily post copies of their registration certificates and documents for all to see. There’s a reason this broker does not follow protocol; they simply don’t have the required documents. This means iQuoto is operating under false pretense which is illegal. Stay away from any broker who fails to pass FCA regulation status.

Demo Account

And this is where these scammers have outdone themselves; they have rigged their demo account. With their demo account, users get over 98% successful trades which is highly unusual. Investors open a real account thinking they will make over 98% successful trades. It’s not the case.

iQuoto Broker Review

These scammers are in league with other rogue brokers to send wrong trading signals. Investors end up using these signals to make wrong trades. This is why you should never trust results of demo accounts.  A real account will require real funds to operate.

Account Types

iQuoto offers two different account types for investors to choose from. These accounts are named Standard and ECN accounts. Standard accounts come with 1.3 spreads and no commissions. Leverage is 30:1 and minimum trade size is 0.01 lots. There’s no minimum deposit set for this account type. ECN account has raw spreads and minimum required trading volume is $2,000. Leverage and lots are the same as standard account holders. Note any difference?

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There’s no notable difference with these accounts which makes us question everything regarding them. Why would anyone sign up with an account which requires $2,000 and get advantages as investors who deposit less?  This is a mental game where these brokers target investors with loads of money as well as newbies. Ensure to check advantages of each account before signing up with a platform.

Are Funds Safe with iQuoto?

When it comes to banking terms and conditions, this broker clearly breaks them. Why have they failed to mention their banking procedure and partners? Where do they bank money deposited by investors? These are some of the hard questions we need answers to. Stay away from this broker.

When it comes to segregation of accounts, this is not the case with this broker. This means iQuoto is pooling funds in one account which is extremely dangerous. In case this broker faces bankruptcy or worse insolvency, funds will be lost. Sadly, iQuoto does not participate in any compensatory scheme as the law requires.

Platform Used

According to what their website claims, this broker prefers using MT4 trading platform. In order to test how well their trading platform works, we decided to investigate by downloading it. Immediately we started the download, we noticed an anomaly. Download stalled at 38% which is bad news for any trader. This means their platform is highly unstable which leaves users vulnerable to Cyber-attacks. Make sure to stay away from this broker and their platform.

Hackers are targeting unstable platforms for data harvesting. With an unstable platform, hackers can easily steal credit card information.  Note this website lacks SSL encryption which means we are dealing with a rogue Forex broker. Stay away from this platform and ensure to use industry backed Forex trading platforms. Trading with this platform will leave your bank account vulnerable to hackers.

Is iQuoto a Scam?

Clearly, we are dealing with a professional scam outfit hiding behind this Forex trading platform. Ensure to stay away from brokers who share same characteristics as this platform. Mark all their emails as Spam and ignore calls from their agents. These agents are getting your contact details from your sign up details. Warn your friends and family from signing up with any of their affiliate programs. You wouldn’t want to be an accessory to online fraud.

iQuoto Recommendation

iQuoto Forex Review

In order to stay away from this broker, never click on any links sent by this fraudulent broker. Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will protect our readers from falling into their trap. In addition, we hope authorities will look into this platform and shut down their website.

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Lastly, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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27 Replies to “iQuoto Review: Crude Forex Scam”

  1. Terrible slippage experience with this broker. It is like they take your money by slipping you. Me not lose any funds and this broker is designed to rip the traders off. Stay away from this one

    1. Iquoto is not scam stop this l*** , I have been with iquoto since October 2019 and they are still serving me good so why this false publication?

      1. You have not used this broker with an algorithm. Our algorithms picks up data every millisecond and sends to our database, indicating that this broker has slipped us multiple times with false pricing. I do not want to point fingers but you seem like a manual trader by clicking on the mouse. We are far beyond that and have been in the market for over 20 years, based in Australia. You have brokers that have a high speed execution with correct pricing. This broker used third party technology, if you do your research you will see.

        Many thanks,

    1. Are u sure?? Iquoto is by far one of the best brokers the world can recall, kindly do your detail scrutiny next time, am talking from my personal encounter with them

  2. Bonjour à tous! On voit bien que vous êtes un site d’hameçonnage ici car je suis client Iquoto et c’est de loin un des meilleurs courtier de la City ! Je travaille avec eux depuis le début et jamais eu un soucis , iquoto appartient à Kapwealth qui est régulé par la FCA… Ce qui n’est pas votre cas ici !

  3. The above statement is factually incorrect, misleading and malicious. Iquoto is clearly regulated by the fca and holds the permissions to conduct fx dealing. Secondly iQuoto utilises the custodian services of an fca regulated firm based in London for whom transact over 4 billion a year. Funds are held in segregated ring-fenced accounts via a tier 1 bank.
    Iquoto offers execution only services via secure MT4 and MT5 platform with servers in London, New York and Singapore.
    Contact iquoto directly for information and then conduct your own due diligence by speaking to the fca, custodians directly or regulated third parties.

  4. I have not looked to create an application with this broker. I did in-depth research based on this broker, the broker itself is regulated under another third party company, who owns both the companies. Be very cautious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. But this is completely incorrect, in the UK they have public information on companies house freely available, no third party company owns the broker! Not sure what in-depth research you did? But factually incorrect…. the information on this broker seems to be factually incorrect in the whole review!

  5. No no..stop misleading Traders please this is the best broker ever..good on
    spread accs..lowest fees on ECN acc, great customer service.I have been with them long complains whatsoever.

    1. Kkkkkk Issac yu lie too much. Kkkkk. Wen I ask if yu opn accnt wid brker yu said no? Yu r 1 of da admin in da competittion grp on telegram

  6. Great broker, the support team couldn’t be any more helpful with pretty much around the clock support, spreads are competitive. Never had any issues with withdrawing funds have been back in my account same day! Highly recommend. Above comments appear to be utter rubbish.

  7. I’ve also used this broker and I have nothing but good to day. Would def recommend. Some of the comments above are just malicious and doubt they even have an account with this broker. As a high net worth investor I did all my research and spoke to the fca and it’s clear to see this company is legit.

  8. I have been join the iquoto contest since few months ago. Its not scam and its real n paid, iquoto paid the reward that promissed ti the winner. Iquoto are doing great thing which is none of any broker in the world has done this. And iquoto has done this well. Many participant are satisfy and thanksfull to iquoto for this project. Thanks iquito

    1. L***! U invited me to da grp wid Brewster, yu r dealing wid Brewster fr da competition. He askd you to ryt in da cmments. Yu r a Scam and Sme Wid Other Cmments sync!

      Yu tld me bfre dat Brewster iz pying you to get ppl in da grp. Fantasy Forex or FF yu said da nme of competition @

  9. Iquoto is not scam , I have been with iquoto since October 2019 and they are serving me good so where from all this false publication.

  10. It lks like IQuoto is writing der own comments on this page. Dis broker is a circus, all comments hve 10-30 min gap between dem, it shws dat dey are writing der own comments.

    I was in der competition and “Brewster” give false promises. Brewster must b smeone frm IQuoto. He Paid a frnd once usingg PayPal, hes nme is Justin or smething whn pyment ws rcived. It is on telegram, an app to chat. Dis Brker is up to no gd. He evn tld ppl to ryt comments here. Dey r regulated by using an shelter undr a different COMPANY.

  11. My name is hidden, I invest before in Kapwealth strategy and the person name David told us about a system they offer client. He said it pick information from bad traders on the platform iquoto and it do opposite to trader, since then I lose money when I invest into the system. He mention it is traders from the weekly competition they do. I am from Spain and no investment ever Into kapwealth and iquoto. You lose the investor. Ciao.

  12. Brewster snt a msg to the telegram group asking ppl to ryt comments abt iquoto wid 80% of the traders no signed up wid da broker. complaints hve been made against da broker.

  13. Ik werk nu al 2 maanden met Iquoto nog nooit problemen gehad, snap niet hoe er mensen slechte ervaringen hebben met dit broker

  14. Typical retail broker. They own nothing of their own and uses technology from other parties. People invest with brokerages like this? Why? There are so many great brokers out there. ICMARKETS!!

  15. This broker had a unusual spike and hit my stop loss. No other brokers had this spike. This is very disgusting for a broker to be doing this

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