Menu Review: Is Irek Piekarski Masterclass Scam? Review: Is Irek Piekarski Masterclass Scam? is an online Forex training school established by Irek Piekarski. The website is offering a trading course; they are calling the Trading Masterclass. They are saying you have never seen trading education like this.

The course contains over 80 videos, weekly live events with Irek and the team, and a community of supportive traders. Irek believes that this course is the best. He claims that the system will give you everything you need to start your journey into trading.

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Irek claims to have over 10,000 hours of chart analysis time under his belt. He claims his extensive knowledge in chart analysis is what gives his course the edge. Moreover, he says that he is passionate about teaching and openly shares the experience he has with others.

However, Irek does not talk much about his trading experience. It is unclear whether he is an active Forex trader. Markets setups are always changing. Therefore, anyone providing training should be actively involved in trading, and this will help them stay up to date with strategies and the changing market.

Thorough research is needed to determine whether a trading course is worth the price advertised. Luckily, we have gone over and researched it for you. This review will tell you whether we think deserves consideration among the best Forex trading solution in the market. Review

The website is well crafted and professional. It contains information on the owner and his qualification. Moreover, it provides information on the trading course upfront. It is a good sign. It shows that professionals run the website.

Irek Piekarski Review, Platform

Additionally, the website features a trailer video for the trading course offered. However, the video is very general and only displays the life of the founder. He talks about the freedom he has managed to have and wants you to believe you could have the same.

However, we have to say that this is not always the case. Even with the perfect trading course, trading performance remains in the hands of the trader. You still need flawless execution of trades to realize any profits.

Fortunately, Irek Piekarski informs his clients on this. He recommends that traders seek professional financial advice before making any decisions. We appreciate this level of transparency.

Many companies fail to tell their clients the risks involved in trading. Instead, they promise to change their lives. They even go ahead to promise their clients very high profits if they use their strategies.

Avoid such companies like the plague. Results are not ensured and may vary from person to person. You should always invest with legit tested and tried Forex trading in the market.

Luckily, the company gives its physical address in case of any issues. The headquarters is at 777 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 1400, Vancouver, BC V7Y1K4, Canada. It means it is easy to track him down in case of any problems.

Pricing and Features

The Trading Masterclass costs $199 per month. This course gives you access to over 100 hours of content. Additionally, the system gives you five day/swing trade strategies and three management techniques.

Moreover, you get market insights, weekly live events, and trade review videos. Additionally, you gain access to a members-only community and monthly Q&A sessions.

Overall, the package seems worth it. However, with over 80 videos and over 100 hours of content, it might be too much. You would have to put in over 40 hours a week to cover the materials before your subscription expires.

Trading Masterclass Analysis

The Trading Masterclass was first released in late August 2018. The company claims they have made constant evolution to the course. They say they are committed to providing the highest quality trading and investment education.

The Trading Masterclass focuses on technical analysis. It teaches clients how to trade various markets, including Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Additionally, it teaches clients how to use mechanical strategies and management techniques.

Students of Trading Masterclass will access over 80 video lessons. Further, they will gain access to weekly live events with Irek and the team. They will also gain access to a community of supportive individuals. The video lessons teach students the essentials of day trading, swing trading, and hybrid trading. Additionally, the classes teach clients five trading strategies and three management techniques.

Irek claims that these lessons are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The classes will teach everything from basic candlestick formations to Fibonacci to Elliott Wave Theory.

While these lessons seem helpful, we feel like there is too much to cover in very little time. With over 80 videos, you would have to spend around 40 hours a week to complete the training. That does not sound much like the freedom Irek was promising.

Trading Results

The best way a company can prove their training works is by providing an impressive trading performance. Unfortunately, Irek does not feature a verifiable trading performance. He fails to show us that the strategies he teaches work. This is common with Forex trading coaches.

However, it would be beneficial to see an impressive performance from Irek. It would make the purchasing decision more comfortable. Moreover, it takes very little time to set up an account to showcase your track record. Why wouldn’t he do it?

Most company founders showcase a successful lifestyle to promote their products. However, what clients don’t know is that most founders are not active traders. They cannot prove that their strategies work. They wholly depend on the returns from selling the courses and not trading.

Customer Support

Customers can get in touch with the company via email at [email protected]. Additionally, the platform has a social media presence. They provide links to their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. However, the company does not say how long it takes them to respond to customer queries.

It is always nicer idea to see a company give various channels for customers to contact them. This is a characteristic of legitimate companies that are concerned with customer satisfaction. We appreciate their effort to serve their customers.

Customer Reviews

Another way to tell whether a product is worth it is hearing from the people who have tried a product. That way, you can get an insider’s opinion on the customer satisfaction level. The Trading Masterclass course has received excellent reviews on Trustpilot. Some of the customers seem satisfied with the materials contained in the course.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Trading Masterclass seems stable. Many of the customers who have tried the course seem satisfied with what it taught them. However, we always want to see the trading results of the person providing the time. Irek needs to demonstrate profitability in trading using his strategies. Only then can we trust that the course is worth investing in.

Moreover, it only takes only a short time to set up an account to showcase one’s trading results. We do not understand why Irek does not just do it. It is possible that he wholly depends on selling the course and not trading.

You should always ensure you invest with companies that can demonstrate the working of their strategies. That is the only reason you can be sure that the company will deliver what they promise.

To save yourself some trouble, invest only in the best Forex trading solutions that have proven to work for a long time.

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  1. “we feel like there is too much to cover in very little time. With over 80 videos, you would have to spend around 40 hours a week to complete the training”

    This is a ridiculous statement – you’re complaining it will take over 40 hours a week to learn a skill that could change your life. Are you the kind of person who expects instant results and 100% returns in trading? If so then you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

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