Recensione Elite Edge: Scam Cryptocurrency Trading App

Recensione Elite Edge: Scam Cryptocurrency Trading App

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Elite Edge is manipulating quotes from leading investors and philanthropists to sell their agenda. EliteEdge is another Crypto app that is promising heaven and delivering hell. Stay away from the platform as it a crude online trap for Crypto investors. A number of unsuspecting investors have fallen victim to this platform which is sad. Exposing the platform will help inform our readers about the dangers of using the platform. Get to know more in this FULL detailed ELITE EDGE REVIEW.

Elite Edge Review

About Elite Edge

Information regarding how the platform came to the scene remains a mystery. It is one of those robots that popped up and started causing ripples. A number of complaints have been sent to authorities following the mess the robot has caused. And this is not the end of it, celebrity names are being used to lure investors to sign up. It is a Crypto robot that has one thing set straight, to steal from investors. Read the review and find out the dangers facing anyone signing up with the platform.

A genuine tool is one that is commendable and backed by the trading community. Elite Edge is different in the sense that it is not recognized by anyone. The platform popped out from nowhere and started making noise. Their empty claims and over the moon promises is what got us interested. They claim to make daily profit margins that come guaranteed. And with their unrealistic profit margins, investors decided to sign up. They are now facing a challenge trying to get their initial deposits back.

Asset scambiati dalla piattaforma

Crypto is the main selling point that scam artists are using to lure investors. Thanks to the growing Crypto trading world, the platform is able to attract investors. Most investors want to get their cookie in the jar when it comes to trading digital currency. And scam artists know this need and claim to have the answer. The problem with Elite Edge is the fact that they don’t give users full information. What types of Crypto assets are available on their platform? It is one of the biggest challenges facing investors.


When it comes to revealing who operates and owns the platform, details remain hidden. And this is a pointer we are dealing with a rogue trading platform. The main reason why the platform fails to give users the owner is fear of retribution. These scam artists know for a fact they have pissed off a number of investors. And they fear being tracked down by authorities and victims. It is the reason why they hide their true identity. If the platform was genuine, the owners would want to gain recognition by traders.

Cloned platform

The design of the website coincides with other notable scams made round the internet. Elite Edge is a clone website of other scams including Immediate Advantage and Immediate Edge Bot. Everything on the website is the same including words and pictures. The only difference between the three websites is the color scheme. And this is why we believe this is another rotten scam. Avoid the platform at all costs and ensure you don’t sign up with any of their affiliate programs.

Feedback del cliente

The feedback regarding this platform is negative as most don’t have anything nice to say. And this is understandable as the victims expected to make a huge profit margin with the platform. It turns out that the owners are trying to hire webmasters to publish positive reviews. They want to cover their tracks and ensure investors believe their empty claims. Thanks to our investigative team, we are sure this is another bane scam. Watch out for these scam brokers who claim to have everything figured out. They are just a bunch of online scam artists.

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Come funziona la truffa

Elite Edge Scam Warning

Elite Edge is only in the business for stealing money. They claim the minimum required deposit is set at $250. Once the investor deposits the funds, they assign another unregulated broker. The broker will pester the user to deposit more funds. They claim that the more funds a member deposits, the higher the chances of winning. And this is what makes it a total scam. After depositing funds, the broker suddenly goes missing and the software breaks down. It is a classic online software trading scam.

License and Registration of Elite Edge

After trying to find out whether the software is licensed, it was clear no one has heard of it. Elite Edge is NOT REGISTERED to offer any trading products or services. They have been operating illegally and this is a huge problem. Any investor who deposits funds automatically gives it away. No recovery agent is able to get back the funds from anonymous software. And this is the reason why no one should sign up.

Most of the regulatory bodies in Europe plan to issue a warning in regards to the software. These include European regulators such as BaFIN, CySEC, and FCA. Other regulators in different regions such as ASIC and the NFA plan to prosecute the owners of Elite Edge. And this goes to show the extent at which authorities plan to handle online scam platforms. It is a huge problem as investors sign up hoping to make millions with the software. Instead, they become the victims of an elaborate and well-planned scam.

Restrictions of Elite Edge

Chiedere il prezzo

The platform is claiming to ask for $250 as the minimum depository requirement. It is not the case as the broker assigned will demand more funds. They ensure users don’t get the chance to trade as they claim the robot is automated. The asking price is not suitable as it does not bring any income. These scam products are tarnishing the good online trading world. It is best to stay away from such websites which claim to offer to get quick money schemes.

Informazioni sui contatti

As expected, the contact information is not working. After sending hundreds of emails, we did not get any response from the software. And this means they don’t want to be disturbed. Scam artists will ensure no one gets to ask questions prior to signing up. The phone number listed is a virtual number that fools investors. Making a call will cost you more as it is a subscription number. They ensure they block any attempts to speak to the real people behind the platform.

Deposito e prelievo

Depository options listed include e-wallets and wire transfer. The depositing process is fast as expected, the scam artists want to get their hands on your funds. What remains to be the biggest challenge facing members is withdrawal. The platform has no evidence of anyone ever withdrawing funds with the platform. And this is an indication of what’s wrong with the platform. Without anyone making any withdrawals, it is not trading software but a depository dummy.

False testimonianze

Scam artists have been using the names of celebrities to endorse their products. In this case, these scam artists are using the names of Bill Gates and the Winklevoss twins. Bill Gates has come out more than once to issue a warning to investors. They use celebrity names as they will help them get the attention and trust of victims. Beware of such products such as the elite edge.

Safety of funds with Elite Edge

They have no valid license which means they don’t follow industry set guidelines. The platform lacks proper security software to protect members from third party attacks. Lack of essential software for DDoS protection and SSL encryption is evident. Hackers will easily take advantage of the platform and steal vital data. Credit card information is at risk of falling into the wrong hands for those paying with cards.

Scam or Legit Elite Edge

Elite Edge is a scam, there is no denying this fact. Victims have come out supporting an investigation from authorities. Kindly warn your loved ones from signing up with any of their affiliate programs.


Adding the platform to our blacklist will enable our readers to stay away from such products

Avere un safe trading experience with a reputable broker who is backed by the trading community. It is the only way to make realistic profit margins.

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