Pairs Index Pro EA Scam: attenzione!

Pairs Index Pro EA Scam: attenzione!

Condividi questo!

Pairs Index Pro robot has received a lot of complaints which they are not willing to address anyway. They’ve breached the rules, stole from their clients and are planning to steal some more. It is now our duty to bast it and let everyone know that Pairs Index Pro is a developer who doesn’t have your interest at heart.

The Expert Advisor has failed to prove its authenticity. It uses same tricks as other truffe. It promises big money in a short time. It cooks up stories of users who have been successful in the past as a result of subscribing, yet we know very well that these testimonials are fabricated.

What is more, there is strong evidence that they are working with scam brokers. This has prompted us to dig deeper into the matter to find out the truth. This is what we know so far:

Pairs Index Pro: a scam like any other

The sales pitch uses lots of claims with nothing to show for it. The use of vague terms such as ”unique Algo Trading software” are unacceptable. In fact, it would be safe to conclude that this product does not tell its prospective users anything to do with its algorithm.

Secondly, there is a lot of hype surrounding this product. Again, we were unable to prove that what is being talked about here is the gospel truth.

There is also allegations that Pairs Index Pro doubles Forex accounts in a short period of time. If you start with $5,000, it would be multiplied to $25,000 in less than 30 days. In other words, this EA uses aggressive scalping methods which we don’t think is practical in terms of soldi gestione.

Also, there is claim that PairsIndexPro was back-tested in the vendor’s live account, and that it yielded 48% of returns each month. However, people have to understand that these results don’t necessarily mean that Pairs Index Pro will perform as claimed by this shrewd vendor. Back-tested results can be fabricated very easily.

pairs index pro ea scam
manipulated results

Some people have even discovered ways of manipulating MyFXbook results. This particular example says that the Pairs Index Pro was back-tested for 11 years and that it has proved to be profitable in that length of time.

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If you take a look at the screenshot above, you will notice that the most important information was left out. These results are purported to have been pulled from Myfxbook platform, yet there is no proof that they were actually recorded there.

You see, rogue vendors have since mastered the art of image manipulation. Photoshop is at its best work in this case. One only needs to fetch random results on the internet before manipulation can begin. It is not rocket science.

Unless you can request to have a copy of credible performance results, there is no way of proving that Pairs Index Pro delivered those results.

Scam developer using a special arrangement to steal even more money from users

There are lots of stories going round on the internet concerning traders who lost everything with this EA because they signed up with one of their brokers just to use Pairs Index Pro for free.

The arrangement is like this: you either subscribe to a one year license for free, or you buy the robot which can set you back anywhere between $429 and $759.

Users must renew their license after every one year if they choose the first two options. However, if they choose the last option by forking out $759, it would assure them free lifetime access to this scam robot.

But you see, there is a big problem with this kind of arrangement. The first one is that you will never get to use this software for any significant length of time. No sane trader will carry on with this scam EA after realizing that it is the reason why they are losing. Most people would better cut their losses and walk away at the earliest opportunity possible.

We also checked their refund policy and realized that there was none. In other words, if you decide to purchase the ”premium” version of this scam indicatore, you will be losing money twice — your investment, plus the price of the Expert Advisor itself. It’s a very dangerous game.

Broker has been basted several times

We’ve been suspecting for a very long time that is a scam Forex broker. Thankfully, our fears were confirmed when we came across dozens of agitated users who were crying foul because this broker had mishandled them and stolen everything from them.

This raises questions as to whether Pairs Index Pro are serious about their business and overall reputation. If they were genuine, they would not have teamed up with known scam brokers to swindle their clients.

We are quite sure that this robot provider knows very well that Midasglobe is a con broker, yet they seem to encourage all their users to open an account with them in order to use Pairs Index Pro for free. Naturally, traders would follow this advice since everyone wants free things. But that is also where the trap lies.

Lies and misconceptions are a hallmark of this scam

Once you sign up with this scam, you will meet a very proficient sales person at Pairsindexpro. If they detect any skepticism from your side, they will assure you that all your money will be refunded if you fail to make a profit with Midasglobe broker.

At this point, you should realize that you’re getting into a trap since either of the parties don’t have a refund policy. They have never returned money to anyone, so we should not even dream of this happening.

This broker would then ask you to deposit another $1,000 (it’s their standard practice, and we don’t know why). If you do so, they will add you a fake bonus of nearly $4000. Now, you need to know that such deals never end well.

Try them with a request to withdraw a specific sum, and that’s where the cat and mouse games begin. You will never get money from this broker as they keep shifting blames and taking you from one department to another. Eventually, they will shut your account and you will never get to hear from them again.

So, why is Pairs Index Pro recommending such a broker to its esteemed customers? The answer is simple. They are simply a scam vendor. They don’t care about your trading endeavors either.

Testimonianze false dei clienti

When false robots pitch tent on the web, their motive is always to mislead customers. In fact, they will do everything to convince prospective users.

The use of fake testimonials is a common place in the hearts of these scams. Take a look at the screenshot below:

pairs index pro
false testimonianze dei clienti

Do you see what we mean? Glowing ”customer reviews” that tell lies rather than truth. How can you make $4,000 profit from a small Forex account?

If anything, these recensioni are the complete opposite of what real users are saying on forums such as ForexPeaceArmy. We can’t rely on these.


Basically, everything that is stated on this site is a lie. Pairs Index Pro is an Expert advisor with no reputation to cling on. Their only hope lies in propagating falsehood to make it look like it is profitable when it is not. If you’re serious with your trading, check out this list of legitimate software.

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4 Replies to “Pairs Index Pro EA Scam: Watch Out for it!”

  1. Pairsindexpro and midasglobe are partners and pickpocketing innocent traders. they are the biggest non-hearts scammers.
    I have been scammed by midasglobe. They just f*** people to deposit and deposit but they never let you withdraw your money and profits. They are good when they ask for money and you do more deposits. When you ask for your money back they are a way and creating different situations to ignoring you and your demand, nobody answering you or they can lie that they sent you the money, which is not true. This broker is a real scammer and should be shut down and stopped. What they are doing is illegal and fraudulent activities. They use double standard toward innocent traders. They say one thing and they do the opposite. 40 days I am waiting for my total withdrawal which was accepted and even congratulated me that the withdrawal has been accepted, but until now no money arrived to my banking account. Nevertheless, even by email, they claimed that the total withdrawal was paid and sent to my bank including the profits. Then Then invented different stories and hesitating to pay me. I have contacted other traders (victims) who has the same history with midasglobe. I have all my screenshots, email, chat and skype messages that I exchanged with this broker and its personals in charge.
    How long the international financial security authorities can keep silent and closing their eyes on such kind of scammers???

  2. I have an open court case against and
    It’s one group of well trained thieves, scamming gang and pickpocketing Roman Gypsies who are from Romania, have operation offines in Bulgaria and robbing traders by pa**ing their deposits through a Binary bank in Azerbaijan on the Caspian sea, but they are using some UK and Cyprus phone numbers to contact their victims through.
    I ask all worldwide traders to be vigilant and do not fall in their d**** traps. Also I ask all international police, financial security authorities and human right justice courts to arrest and sue this gang and forcing them to return people’s hard earing money.

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