Recensione PBNCapital: Brutal Forex Scam Broker mostrato

Recensione PBNCapital: Brutal Forex Scam Broker mostrato

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PBNCapital ( is a CFDs and Forex scam broker to hit the lucrative Forex world. PBN Capital is claiming to offer low spreads, no hidden commissions and a secured currency exchange system. With these kinds of claims and promises, many people have fallen victim to this scam. Casey is one victim who lost $4000 with PBNCAPITAL. This review is meant to disclose all the dirty tricks used to scam victims.

PBNCapital Review

PBNCapital Review:

PBNCapital has used the same old tricks that scammers use to trap as many people as possible. First thing they have done is come up with an enticing website that is easy to look at. Don’t forget that a scammer’s intention is to grab attention at first sight. Folks, don’t ever sign up with a broker who has no known reputation. This broker is without a doubt a new broker who is simply out to cause malice.

Claims and promises are what makes a scam look and appear legit. These scammers know that we all want to make a quick buck or two. And that’s why they claim to have the skills needed to accomplish these goals. Scammers love to take advantage of people’s need to make easy and quick money. That’s one way of spotting a scammer, with claims and promises of making high and quick returns.

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Who Owns PBNCapital?

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage claims that this broker is owned by Capital Tech LTD. Capital Tech LTD is apparently registered with 92819 as its registration number. Disclaimer also adds that this company is in the Marshall Islands. By their own admission, they have plainly stated that they are an offshore brokerage firm. Offshore brokers are notoriously known for flaunting regulatory rules.

PBNCAPITAL also claims to have residency in Sofia, Bulgaria. What these scammers intend to do with this information is try and legitimize the brokerage firm. They claim to also have a registration number in the Metropolitan Municipality of Iskar. Question we have for them is, who is really behind all these companies? Why would anyone sign up with a brokerage firm that’s full of anonymity?

Is PBNCapital Licensed or Regulated?

PBNCapital Scam

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PBNCapital is not licensed or regulated by any authority anywhere on the face of the earth. Fact that they even claim to have registration number is a hoax. These scammers will do or say anything to get people to sign up with them. Always ensure that you sign up with Brokers who are fully licensed. PBN Capital is simply making claims that they simply can’t afford to live up to.

If they indeed have been licensed, where are their registration and licensing documents? A legit broker would have posted their registry documents in any of the pages. Fact of the matter still remains the same, we are dealing with an unlicensed broker. PBNCapital is not authorized to conduct any Forex business on behalf of any third-party. Whoever signs up with PBN Capital is in league with shady scammers.

Conto demo falso.

Notice how they entice you to try out their demo account? This is one of those tricks that the naked eye cannot see. Don’t worry, we are about to reveal why this brokerage firm is a total sham. What these scammers have done is rig the demo account in favor of users. Yes, they have made sure demo account makes over 90% successful trades. These scammers have done this to entice more users to sign up.

Once users see they are making money with demo account, they will want to sign up with a real account. And here’s where the trap is set, a real account demands that you deposit your own money. A real account with PBNCapital is not as profitable as the demo account. In fact, you will lose over 90% of trades with their real account. This is why it’s best to stay clear from this fake broker.

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Deposito e ritiro.

PBNCapital has done one thing right, they have covered how members can deposit with them. According to their deposit methods page, users can deposit money using three channels. These channels include MasterCard, Visa, and Bank wire transfer. Folks, this is not a good reason to sign up with them. Note that the processing time is automatic and there’s no withdrawal fee with any of the channels?

Problem with PBNCapital is when it comes to withdrawals. They claim that users cannot withdraw funds during the weekends or holidays. Another visible claim on their withdrawal page is that withdrawals take 5 to 8 days. Folks, this is a real problem with PBN Capital. Users have been complaining that this broker refuses to allow withdrawal transactions. And this is concrete proof PBNCapital is a scam.

Are Funds Safe with PBNCapital?

PBNCapital Fake Review

Readers, funds are never safe with offshore brokers and unauthorized brokers. This broker does not follow the simplest of rules making them a dangerous entity. For once, no one knows who their depository bank is. They have hidden this information from users. Another problem is that users maybe depositing money straight to the owner’s personal bank account. This is the biggest problem with PBNCapital.

PBNCapital does not segregate accounts which is a dangerous practice. It means that this broker is pooling funds in one account. In case the broker goes bankrupt or faces insolvency, they will bring down the whole house. Another cause for concern is that they don’t participate in a compensatory scheme. Casey would have been compensated if they had a standard compensatory scheme in place.

Nessun supporto tramite chat dal vivo.

Another problem with this broker is that they don’t offer live chat support. What this means is that users never get questions they need answers to on time. All what this broker offers is an email channel which is not reliable. During our investigation, we sent an email asking that they provide the account types on offer. We have never received any feedback from this broker which proves our point.

What this proves is that PBNCapital wants to remain anonymous as they possibly can. Why would they fail to offer users live chat support? With this day and era, one would expect every broker to be available 24/7. This also proves that the claim to be available 24/5 is purely a gimmick. As we earlier said, scammers will do or say anything to get recognition. This is why nobody should sign up with this rogue scam broker.

Is PBNCapital a Scam?

Evidence clearly proves that PBN Capital is indeed a scam that’s out to steal from unsuspecting investors. This broker will leave users high and dry. We believe their aim is to get as many people to sign up. Once they reach their target, they will close shop without any notice or warning. Make sure you warn your friends in regards to signing up with rogue Forex brokers who are not licensed.

PBNCapital Final Verdict.

PBNCapital Scam Review

From the levels of anonymity to using fake claims, we have no other option but to blacklist PBN Capital. Make sure that you trade with regulated brokers at all times. In order to avoid being scammed by this broker, mark all their emails as Spam. Ensure you never click on any links sent to you as they are harmful. Some of these links are meant to steal your personal data which is a dangerous portrait.

Sempre get authorized and recognized Forex brokers for all your Forex requirements. This will guarantee your safety when trading Forex. Go for Forex brokers that have been given the thumbs up by the trading community. Accountable and Convenient Forex brokers will help you make realistic profit margins.

Remember to stay safe and trade with only authorized brokers. We wish you all the best in your Forex trading.

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