IX Securities Review: Pale Forex Scam

IX Securities Review: Pale Forex Scam

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IX Securities ( is a cunning CFDs and Forex scam platform to hit the trading scene. IXSecurities is professing to be a multi asset trading specialist who offers top notch trading services. These are claims which cannot be substantiated as they are all lies. By reading this review, you will get to know the trap set by this scam platform. The whole truth is revealed in regards to IX SECURITIES.

IX Securities Review

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IX Securities Review:

After receiving a touching email from Brian who lost over $10,000, we had to investigate. Didn’t this broker offer a stop-loss avenue for Brian? According to Brian, he tried to stop making trades but he was blocked from accessing the account. This is what makes IX Securities a damning broker who is out to cause malice. After landing on their homepage, we found some major issues with their brokerage site. These are some of the well hidden tricks used by this broker.

When conducting our research, we found this broker to have some legitimate trading features. They offer spreads of 0 pips and claim to insure funds made by deposits. What this broker has done is insure 1 million USD in order to start trading. This is the requirement set by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. However, this is not a broker who we would recommend, they simply lack the require trust. Based offshore, we don’t recommend trading with IXSECURITIES.

About IX Securities

IX Securities is using Fintech technology as their core driving force; this is according to their profile page. When it comes to the ownership of this broker, they are owned by IXCG. IX Capital Group is the company behind this brokerage firm. They are authorized by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. Thanks to our investigators, there are a few flaws with this platform.

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An offshore broker has one limitation, they are never transparent. They will never reimburse traders once they lose funds.  Why did this broker fail to give Brian compensation as required by law? Offshore brokers openly flaunt set rules and regulations. This is why we don’t recommend opening an account with this broker. Stay away from any broker who shares the same traits as IXSECURITIES.

Is IX Securities Licensed and Regulated?

IX Securities Broker Review

IX Capital Group is dully registered by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. This company has a valid license as well as a registration number which is formal. Only problem we have with IX Securities is the manner in which they conduct Forex services. Their certificates do not hold the proper logos of the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. How could this be the case?

What we think is happening is these brokers are hiding behind IX Capital Group. Sadly, we could not get a hold of this company to help verify IX Securities licensing. For all we know, this is a scam broker using the name of a registered company to conduct trading services. Trading with this broker should be in small amounts as they can’t be trusted. Whoever signs up with this broker is due to make loses. And this is why we are against IX Securities, for their lies.

Demo Account

What this broker has done with their demo account is sinister to say the least. IX Securities is using their demo account to produce fake trading results. And by doing this, they are signing up members in droves. What IXSECURITIES has done is create an illusion users can make money with their platform. By rigging their demo account to make over 99% successful trades, users are led to believe this platform is lucrative.

A real trading expert will openly tell you there’s no software on earth capable of reaching these heights. There’s no broker on earth who can guarantee over 99% successful trades. Why? Trading markets are always volatile and prices change without warning. Signing up with this broker will be investing in a pyramid scheme. Only the broker is lining their pockets with profits. This insane guarantee is another trick to lure users into signing up with them. Think twice before signing up with IXSecurities.

IX Securities Forex Review

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Platforms Used

IX Securities is using two trading platforms, these are MT4 and MT5. In order to test how well their trading platforms work, we decided to download them. And this is where we faced another hurdle with their platforms. When it came for their platforms to be compatible with our devices, this proved futile. Stay away from this broker and any other who offers platforms which are not compatible with devices. This means we are dealing with an unstable platform which is risky.

Hackers looking for credit card information will find these platforms to be easy targets. Stay away from these platforms as their execution speeds are slow. With a slow platform, users will make only losses. Why deal with an unstable platform which leaves you vulnerable to hackers? Make sure to always test how the platforms work before opening an account. This will protect you from any hacks in the future.

Does IX Securities offer Security of Funds?

According to the evidence we gathered, safety of funds is not guaranteed by this broker. If this broker guaranteed safety, there wouldn’t be too many complaints. A real broker makes sure to protect the interest of members at all times. They make sure deposits are safe and secure from hackers and wrong trade moves. Why don’t they protect their own members from losing funds? IX Securities is simply causing havoc and should not be trusted with funds at any given time.

Another disturbing feature with this broker is segregation of accounts. Most brokers will openly claim they segregate accounts to protect users. IX Securities is no different as they use a single account for trading. Will this broker use their 1 million dollars to compensate users? We highly doubt this is the case, in fact, we bet they will shut down their website. After all, this is what most offshore brokers do. They run away with members funds.

Is IX Securities a Scam?

This broker may have been registered offshore but does not operate in a professional manner. No one should ever go through what Brian did with this platform. For a safe trading experience, we suggest using approved binary options signal providers. This way, you are bound to make profits which are realistic. Choose binary options in case you find trading with Forex a huge challenge.

IX Securities Verdict

is IX Securities a Scam or Real broker?

We don’t recommend opening an account with this broker. Stay away from IXSecurities.

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Finally, we wish you all the best in your Forex trading experience.

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